• It's how you keep the poor defended.

    If you had no tax, the government wouldn't have NEARLY enough funding to keep the country's healthcare ok without giving it to greedy businessesmen who are solely interested in profit. Same for education and various other services.

    I needed to type thirteen more words so these are the words. Yay?

  • We are helpless

    The money people make is ours, and made for our hard work. If we can't use half the money we made, what is the use of working that long to earn the small salary you get? On the other hand, people paying too much for taxes are not being able to pay for family needs

  • It has screwed us over

    The area of where we live in is billions of dollars in debt and some people need more cash. What if the poor or homeless gets a job and they cant keep it because of tax. The only way to abolish these kind of things is to get rid of it.

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