India calls Pakistan a terrorist state. Is India causing problems unnecessarily?

  • The generalization that a whole country is radical breeds panic.

    Generalizations of terrorism like this, that a whole country holds the same radical beliefs, fuels racist and panic-driven remarks, and cause the unecessary condemnation of peaceful Pakistanis. Pakistan is home to many vibrant, peaceful communities that do not condone any terrorist group. This sort of thinking confuses being "Muslim" with being a terrorist and is very dangerous.

  • Yes, the world is a mess even without this childish accussations

    Yes, it seems that India is asking for problems by calling Pakistan 'a terrorist state'. Why should anyone make such an irresponsible claim? Not all people of Pakistan are terrorists and by making such generalizations India could cause anger of common people. One should start thinking: ''If they consider me a terrorist, why shouldn't I become one?''

  • They are right.

    India is just calling a spade a spade. Pakistan has nukes. They harbored Osama Bin Laden for years. India is standing up to Pakistan, like they need to be doing. There is no sense in trying to appease a bully. Trying to make a bully happy only gets your lunch money stolen. India calls it like it is.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Relations between India and Pakistan have been on edge since the New-Year attack on an Indian air force base in Punjab, near the border with Pakistan, that killed seven uniformed men. Nothing new in that. Pakistan was, is and will remain a terrorist state. There is a every chance of a serious war between India and Pakistan which will be a disastrous,unfortunate and unacceptable to all peace loving people.

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