Indian hospitals buying organs from poor villagers to give to rich patients: should organs be available for sale?

  • The sale of organs may be acceptable in some cases.

    If someone is willing to sell an organ that they can do without, it can be a win-win situation for everyone. The poor person selling the organ would have enough money to provide for themselves and better the lives of their family. The rich person would benefit by getting a needed organ. As long as everyone is treated fairly it should not be an issue.

  • This is unethical

    This is appalling on so many levels. Everyone is entitled to life and a good quality of life. Being poor does not mean someone should give up their organs or body parts to someone else simply because they have money, this is unethical and the government needs to step in and stop turning a blind eye to this.

  • Bodily Oergans Should Not Be a Commodity

    In my opinion, bodily organs should not be for sale or trade. The only time an internal organ should ever leave a body is if the person is an organ donor, and they are dead. It's far too risky for a person to live with one kidney, or part of a liver. I believe that doctors should lose their licenses if they knowingly transplant an organ that was purchased from the black market.

  • It doesn't seem right

    I don't think organs should be for sale. It doesn't seem right that organs and other life saving medicine should be only for the rich. Creating such an imbalance in terms of the health of a country can't be a good thing in the long run. We should encourage organ donation, but not organs for sale.

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