Indian State Grants Jews Minority Statues: Should Jews be recognized as a minority in India?

  • Yes, Jews should be recognized as a minority in India.

    The Jewish population in India has long faced discrimination. India is right to grant Jewish people minority status. Hopefully, this status will provide for more protections for Jews living in India; reducing the numbers moving out of the country. In short, it was necessary for the government to grant minority status to protect its Jewish population.

  • Yes, they should.

    It was right for India to grant Jews the minority statues. Looking at the population compared to the countries total population of of over a billion people, it was in order. Again, the Jews have contributed immensely in agri-economics and other technological advancement in that country. It also improves the diplomatic relationship between New Delhi and Jerusalem.

  • Yes, minority status reflects reality.

    Jewish people should certainly be recognized as a minority in India. In a country of over a billion people, only 5,000 of Jewish faith remain. That's a minority by anyone's definition. It's unclear whether granting minority status will change the decrease in the Indian Jewish population, but those people deserve the protections that minority status is intended to bestow.

  • Minority status justified

    The official recognition of Jews as having a minority status in India is an important first step and significant sign of future integration and the safeguarding of religious rights for this group of people. Further steps will be neccessary but this is a useful and optimistic sign for the future.

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