India's military mistook Venus and Jupiter for Chinese spy drones: does military technology need to be improved?

  • Yes, military technology should be able to tell the difference between planets and drones.

    We have aspiring teenage astronomers with telescopes that are capable of telling the difference between a planet and a spy drone; military technology should have capabilities far beyond that of a telescope in someone's bedroom. If it wasn't an error on the part of the technology, it was definitely an error on the part of the operator, and at the very least, they need better training.

  • Yes, military technology needs to be improved.

    Many developing countries need to improve their military technology; especially technology related to detection systems. The Indian military mistook the planets Venus and Jupiter for Chinese spy drones. Mistakes like this could have deadly consequences if it provoked a nation to attack another because of a perceived hostile threat. India needs to update its radar and detection systems to ensure that mistakes like this do not lead to war in the future.

  • If celestial bodies are being confused for drones, it's time to update the technology

    Considering that India confused the planets for drones this shows that their technology needs an update. This would definitely include military technology, but could also include space technology. Looking into a basic telescope should allow one to clearly discern the difference between a drone and a planet. Perhaps the country is so worried about external threats that they need to get things back to basics and do some basic retraining in general technology.

  • Military tech doesn't need improvement

    Although governments around the world spend huge amounts of their budget on military technology I believe that in many cases, India's included, a more than proportionate amount is spent on military technology. Isolated incidents such as mistaking celestial bodies for spy drones attract attention but are far from the normal state of affairs.

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