Indonesia's new law castrates pedophiles: Should governments be allowed to castrate their citizens?

  • 45-5-512 MCA (Montana)

    Montana law requires chemical castration for sex offenses involving children. This statue has been unsuccessfully argued in past cases. I learned that several states allow for this type of sex offender treatment but in no way negates a prison term. This has most likely been challenged in appeals court albeit without success. So, yes. This issue has been well settled.

  • Yeas. Cut 'is balls off!

    In my opinion, kiddydiddlers shoul just be thrown into a tiger pit and be mauled to death. Castration probably works better though. Say goodbye to your testes/ovaries you pieces of garbage! Word limit word limit word limit word limit word limit word limit word limit word limit word limit word

  • Castration is appropriate for such criminals

    Castration is appropriate for such criminals. This is because people who hurt children should pay a price. This guarantees they are not able to do it again. Castration also sends a powerful message to the rest of the citizenry. A little fear generally helps society stay on the straight and narrow.

  • Yes, they should.

    Pedophiles who have commited offences are certainly up for castration. The only issue with castrating pedophiles is that it does not neccessarily reduce or eliminate sexual desire. Physical castration only reduces sexual fuction. The U.S. has chemically castrated pedophiles and other sex offenders and this has been effective in some cases.

  • Yes, extreme measures should be taken

    There are certain instances of evil in this world that require extreme steps to eradicate. One such step is castration. Pedophila is a horrendous evil, and it should not be tolerated in any way. As murder calls for execution, so too should pedophilia call for an even repercussion. Castration is a suitable option.

  • Yes, Governments Should be able to do Whatever Necessary to Maintain Safety for Law Abiding Citizens

    Yes, governments of the world should be allowed to castrate citizens, if it means that others will be safer. Once a citizen breaks laws, they lose their rights, and the rights of others become more important. In this case, pedophiles lose their right to have a sex drive, in order to protect children.

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