Intelligence is better than wisdom (if you had only one choice to cultivate)

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  • Intelligence without wisdom is like having water without a glass.

    Intelligence is the acquisition of knowledge.
    Wisdom is the application of knowledge.
    If you had a person dying of dehydration and you went to the faucet (the source of knowledge) and cranked it open, you would be able to see all the water flowing out, and if you wanted to, your could tip your head in and drink till your hearts content (acquiring knowledge). The person dying would still die. This is intelligence.
    If you opened up the faucet and took a cup (applying the knowledge) you could fill it and take it to the person, and (if they chose to drink) they would live. This is wisdom.
    You could be the most intelligent person on the face of this Earth but what good is it if you can not use it?

  • I guess personally

    I would choose wisdom over sheer intellect. Of course both require a minimum level of competence, but being able to discern things, and make good judgment given a limited set of knowledge is much more practical and helpful than simply having an arsenal of weapons and bullets, that really overshadows ability to utilize all of them.

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