• Yes, Every minute in a new life

    The older person have a great wisdom and this let him able to benefit others using his experiences as well as the old age person is a source of pride for his family and his grandchildren, they learn from him the values, morals and ethics plus old person try always to let his society beautiful as he see it

  • Dead on the living

    Pain is hard to bear, if there is.
    More the pain, more the ways emerge
    to bear it on the living.
    Glory it would be
    to be blinking still.
    Am I talking nonsense, because
    pain is hard to bear, if there is.
    More the pain, do more the ways emerge
    glory would be beautiful.
    Trees would be more meaningful.

    I can't even control my organs
    ye, it isn't a matter of choice to live or not.
    Yeeh, sometimes there is a choice to not to.


  • Yes, 117 is a good age to live to.

    If you are healthy or at least still enjoying life, 117 is a great age to live to. You can spend time with the people that you love and still do some of the things that you enjoy. Life is worth living at any age, and most 117 enjoy the life they have had.

  • This is actually the wrong question to ask

    There is a world of a difference between living to 117 in perfect health vs the last 20years being deaf, blind, on dialysis, receiving chemotherapy and being bed ridden.

    Even if you live in perfect health, I would think this is a very lonely age to live till. I've known plenty of elderly people, who have had to deal with the death of their spouses and children because they have outlived them all.

    Frankly, it's very sad.

  • No, too much of a good thing...

    I would rather have a happy and healthy life than a long life. I want to spend my days doing the things I love, I don't want to live for years in poor health. Imagine watching all your closest loved ones and children dying before you do. If someone would find a way to reverse the ageing process I might change my mind.

  • Living till one is 117.

    Living till one is 117 might not be very easy. In the human life cycle stage old age being the last stage, the human body is in a process of degeneration and the accompanying physical, emotional, mental and social changes are not very easy to cope with. Quality of life is more important than the number of years one lives.

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