• 16 is too young

    16 year old children are not mature enough to drive. While many are, many are not, and because we can't currently differentiate between the two, legal driving age should be older. 21 might be a good age for young people to begin driving, as this is when they can drink, and thus being still new to driving, might make better decisions in regards to drinking and driving. An expansion of mass transit would render a change in the driving age redundant, as the lack of transportation to meet the needs of young adults is the reason for such a low driving age. 16 is too young, but we don't have anything else for many young people.

  • Things should stay as they are.

    You can get a driver's license at 16 if you are maintaining at least Cs in your core classes. It can be revoked if your grades fall. This makes it a reward for getting good grades and gives kids the incentive to learn, as they should be doing in high school.

  • 16 is too young to the legal driving age.

    16 is too young to the legal driving age. I think the legal age for driving should at least be 18. The immaturity of teenage drivers are not developed for most of the teens that are allowed to drive on their own at the age of 16. However, there is no data to show that raising it to 18 would benefit anyone. It just depends on the maturity of the individual to be allowed to drive.

  • Experience vs. Age

    It isn't the age that matters, but the experience. If it is raised to 18, then 18 year olds would have more accidents. If it's raised to 40, 40 year olds will have more accidents. No matter what, it is the experience that counts, not the age. I need 3 more words? Really?

  • It has worked

    What age has the highest instance of fatalities in auto accidents in the US? 21. Alcohol is detected in one party 50% of the time in fatal car accidents. Notice here that, regardless, the answer is not necessarily age or experience. It has been 16 for decades with little issue.

  • Maturity is not based on age.

    I believe that some people are better prepared to drive at 16 than others. What else are driving tests meant for? If you managed to pass and get your license, it means you are good enough to drive, young or old. Plus, it takes lots of experience to be a good driver, so it doesn't really matter when you start. Even if you start driving at 30 you might still be as bad, or worse than a teenager.

  • The age of 16 is not too young to be the legal driving age.

    The age of 16 is not too young to be the legal driving age. By the age of 16, many children have been trained enough to make good decisions when they begin driving. Many young teenage drivers, while they are somewhat reckless, make good decisions behind the wheel because they're not too young.

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