Is a border fence between Mexico and the U.S. necessary?

  • Yes, because we need to stop the immigrants from entering illegally.

    We need to stop immigrants from entering the country somehow. It seems to be getting worse and worse these days. Immigrants are coming into our country and taking advantage of our welfare and government assistance programs. I'm all for immigrants to come and better themselves in the U.S. I know we have a lot more to offer than most countries. Just come here legally.

    Posted by: AssortedWilson37
  • It will prevent them

    Statistics show that since building a fence in San Diego county, the illegal aliens, drug smuggling, and crime rates have gone down drastically. If we apply this fence to the US-Mexico border, it will decrease immigration and make the US better. It will also create more jobs for us if we build a fence.

  • Keep them out, Kick them out, encourage legal immigration

    We have immigration laws for good reasons. Good people creating and enforcing good laws for the American public. All nations have these laws with the same expectations. Our laws and enforcement don't harm these people. Choosing to break our laws may be the lesser evil. However they have still chosen to break our laws.

  • Yes, because we need to stop the immigrants from entering illegally.

    We need to stop immigrants from entering the country somehow. It seems to be getting worse and worse these days. Immigrants are coming into our country and taking advantage of our welfare and government assistance programs. I'm all for immigrants to come and better themselves in the U.S. I know we have a lot more to offer than most countries. Just come here legally.

  • I agree that a border fence between Mexico and the U.S. is necessary.

    The reason I think a fence between Mexico and the U.S is necessary is because we have a big problem with illegal immigrants taking jobs and invading cities. America needs stricter laws to prevent these things from happening and a fence would enforce the law that has been broken countless times.

    Posted by: lacosa
  • I agree there should be a fence between U.S. and Mexico, because illegal immigration is a huge problem.

    Many Mexican immigrants walk across the U.S. border and come to this country illegally every day. A fence the length of the border would deter people from just walking across. A fence would be easier to patrol as well, because there would be clear definition, instead of shady gray area.

    Posted by: JoslynP
  • Yes, because, unfortunately, a border fence between Mexico and the U.S. is the cheapest way to enforce illegal immigration.

    This country was founded upon immigration, so by no means do I agree with many of the laws that make it hard for immigrants to become citizens. However, I am fully aware of the economic costs to legal citizens by allowing too many illegal immigrants to live and work in the United States. So, with that in mind, a border fence is the cheapest and most cost-effective way of keeping out illegal immigrants from Mexico.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • All the immigrants bring in is danger

    They come to this country because they ruined their own and niw they are looking for a new place to call their home, terrorize, and destroy just like mexico and its not just them but its also salvadorians they want to escape but the truth that society has set out for them is that you can not escape your problems no matter how difficult they are sooner or later the issues will catch up to them as well even if they come all the way to this country either the problem will eat them up inside the agony of leaving friends and family to rot in a horrible city or just the simple pain of them not being able to maintain a family in the united states- fellow mexican

  • For those concerned over the well being of people illegally in the country.

    Ask yourselves this question. If I only had enough food to feed one other person, whom do I feed? Do you feed a poor person from another neighborhood that has gang violence or do you feed a relative such as a mother, brother, cousin or aunt? Your answer is the same as mine, you feed the friend or relative! Why would you expect America to do any different?
    We have limited jobs and a lot of Americans out of work. Increasing the minimum wage only worsen everyone's financial situation. First prices go up for all. Second, the wage increase will never be enough. Thirdly, if you had worked during school, that would have helped improve your chances for a better life. Finally even many with skills can't find work to feed and support their families. The jobs these illegals would be taking may not be great but at least American Children would be getting food! Liberals and uneducated for once put Americans first!!!!!

  • Build the wall

    Americans lives are being threaten because illegals from all over the world are crossing currently unimpeded. A vast number of which bring in disease, drugs and/or a desire to change or harm America. I agree that some are coming for a better life but why should they have to leave their homes to find work so that they can feed their families back home. Let's help clear Mexico of the drug dealers and then work with other countries to clean up their nations.

  • I am against the construction of a border fence between Mexico and the U.S., as it is a waste of government resources.

    The construction of a border fence between the U.S. and Mexico would not only be an ineffective tool for controlling immigration, it would be an utter waste of government resources. A fence is no deterrent for a family or group determined to get into the United States. They can simply climb over it. If it were manned and monitored closely enough to be effective, it would cost a ridiculous amount of public tax money to employ the border guards required. This cost comes as an addition to the initial construction cost, which for a fence that extensive, would be a high amount as well.

    Posted by: MightyAmado43
  • No, because a border fence between Mexico and U.S. is not going to solve any problems.

    Putting up a fence between the U.S. and Mexico is not going to stop the influx of illegals coming into the country. They have many underground tunnels that run from Mexico to the U.S. where they bring people across. Putting up a fence is not going to stop underground tunnels, where most of the illegals come across from. There is no way that the U.S. can guard every square mile of this fence, so they will still find ways to climb over and get into the country.

    Posted by: babydollxix
  • Everybody should have an opportunity to work towards a better future.

    I myself am Hispanic, born and raised in the U.S . I love my country and i feel tremendously blessed to live in a country where I am free. Others aren't so fortunate. My Dad entered the U.S illegally and had to do so in order to work for his citizenship. I believe that there should be a more effective way to control immigration ,but not do away with it. Because of my dad's hard work, I am ow able to purse a career and a better future for my family and to benefit my country. I think that anybody who wants a better future should have the chance to WORK for it. What my family has wasn't given to them, it was worked for.

  • I don't think it is necessary because we are all people and we all want to have a better life.

    Yes they might bring drugs over, but how many americans go over there to get drugs. If you think about it we are all wanting a better life for our families and mexico is in poverty and we don't need the border because that just kills people for wanting to have a better life.

  • All men are created equal! And that does not end at the border!

    They deserve just a good chance as we did! In the years between 1910-1920 more than 26 million italians immigrated to america! If we allowed imragents to come freely then, why not now! We allow them green cards, but that means education they mostlickly dont have! It is a waste of time, and a waste of resources!

  • The fence will not stop immigrants from coming in to the country at all.

    First of it does not even cover the whole border between the US and Mexico. It has many gaps and immigrants can honestly just walk around it. They dig tunnels under it and climb it. Plus it is a huge waste of money, one part of the fence was built, taken down, relocated, then built again. Also it destroys our wild life. Animals are not able to go find food or water resources due to the fact that there is a big fence in their way. It is truly unnecessary! It hasn't served it purpose ever since it was built.

  • The fence is ineffective

    It kills animals and nature. It also doesn't keep drug smugglers and terrorists away from america. It is not necessary. It also hurts and kills people. I don't think that people are stopping terrorist attacks. They hurt animals. They take them away from there natural habitat. They rarely get nutritious food, so they die.

  • It is expensive and impractical

    The barrier uses too much money with too little benefit. Simple. There will always be "illegal aliens" crossing into the United States; utilizing effective preventative measures (i.E. Stopping underground and sea immigration/smuggling) would be expensive and impractical. Instead of funding the barrier (which is hardly a "secure" solution), we should support offering practical assimilation programs (e.G. Providing English handbooks to families and other aliens) for people who desire a better life in America (so they are legally legible for jobs and benefits). Drug smugglers and aliens who abuse our laws will be prosecuted as they are currently, however assimilation should be an available option for the honest and eager immigrants. Millions are disadvantaged and simply wanting a better life. We can help them without having to donate or increase tax; transfer investment from this unnecessary wall to helping these people become Americans.

  • They help our economy and deserve more

    Why are we keeping them out, just because their Mexican? They work at 52% of our jobs, so they help out our economy. And, The Declaration of Independence clearly states that all men are created EQUAL, and our endowed to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Why are we denying them those rights we have ourselves? They should live their dreams, (Ex. Get a good job, explore or visit another country, or simply to live in a democracy where freedom rings.) A fence just gives us a poor,discriminating impression. And other countries probably wouldn't view it very lightly either.

  • More freedom now!

    Us humas should al be equal no matter what are skin tone is. The border is just not right. People shoul be able to follow heir dreams even if it means goingto a country with more job opptunities. Together we can unite and become a stronger more dependent natition together.

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