Is a border fence the solution for the United States?

  • It's not the resolution but it is a statement.

    Putting money into a fence would be making a statement, to show that we have control. 10 billion dollars isn't anything compared to a whopping 18.6 trillion dollars that the U.S. has in debt. The problem is, there is a fence but the fence isn't saying anything. We should have a fence that is screaming "we have control over who comes into this country." Needless to say that advanced technology, and a raise in border patrol officers would be crucial in fixing the bigger problem but the fence is a start. People are abusing the fact that our borders are weak and are profiting from drugs and human trafficking. When a country lets everyone in, there are bound to be honest, good hardworking people and bad people who slowly destroy communities. Sad to say but the bad people are out weighing the good by a substantial amount, because of the speed of which these illegal businesses are growing. In the early 1900s, the good outweighed the bad, they were a different type of immigrant, the ones with open minds. A percentage of immigrants now a days have one mission which is to make easy, fast money by abusing the easily manipulated border that divides the U.S. and Mexico. A fence isn't the solution but it is a start in the right direction.

  • Yes. Fences are necessary.

    Fences at least slow them down enough to allow border patrol to catch up to them. Fences, along with high tech surveillance and a good amount of border patrol is essential for security. The cost of a fence is much lower than dealing with the costs of illegals once they get in the country. The costs in healthcare, welfare and justice system is huge. One in seven prisoners in this country are illegal aliens and cost us $11 billion annually. Why not just stop it all at the border so we our citizens can be kept safe from the gangs and violence that comes from south of the border. Safety of our citizens should be priority. I realize the great majority of illegal aliens are not criminal but we need to be kept safe from those who are violent.

  • No, a border fence is not a viable solution to illegal immigration.

    No, border fences are not viable solutions because they require excessive amounts of money and resources. The money spent on building the fence could be better spent on education and growth in communities. The law enforcement officers needed to monitor the fence could spend their time removing violent criminals from neighborhoods and investigating human trafficking rings.

  • No I do not think that,

    Will completely solve the problem because I think that the true problem is the fact that Mexico's country needs to have better solutions for it's own people and the fact that the Mexican's have to resort to coming here is just a tip of the iceberg, or the problem that needs to be fixed.

  • No, a fence won't work

    A border fence isn't a realistic solution. How can it be policed so efficiently that it will be impregnable? Besides, the idea of a fence keeping immigrants out is fundamentally un-American. No, we have to come up with a policy solution that will be fair and reasonable and consistent with American values.

  • No, it's not.

    There needs to be much more done than just adding a fence to protect our borders. They need to be stricter when catching them, they also need to have more armed guards posted around the borders. Letting people in illegally is just not fair to the people who work hard to get in legally.

  • No Fence will keep everyone out

    A fence will never keep everybody out of the United States. One thing that is great about this country is the fact of how free it truly is. We don't need to police are country with automatic weapons in cities or anything. We should not build a fence as a simple showing of who we are. People will always find a way in, we just have to police as best as we can.

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