• Yes, a career is more important than a job.

    The way I perceive it, a career is something that has a set path, whereas a job is something someone can have temporarily that likely is not something one can advance much with. As an example, being a teacher is a career (one can get a raise), whereas working at a fast food joint over the summer is a summer job. That being said, everything builds experience, so having jobs along the way, before choosing a career, is important.

  • Yes, if one finds a career.

    A job is something one does to earn money to support oneself and one's family. That means it is important in itself. However, a career is a path that has a trajectory and that utilizes one's talents and gifts. Hopefully, one has a passion for a career so that makes it even more important.

  • Yes,a career is more imortant than a job.

    A career is more important than a job for several very important reasons.First of all a career normally pays better than a job.Second of all a career normally lasts longer than a job.Lastly,a career connotes something you like instead of just something you have to do to make some money.

  • Careers Are More Important than Jobs

    Yes, a career is more important than a job as a career is how one chooses to define oneself professionally. A job is a way to make ends meet and is often very unsatisfying, while a career is a professional definition someone gives to himself or herself. That does not mean that a traditional "job" occupation cannot be a career, so long as it brings one fulfillment.

  • Career Means Long-Term Commitment

    A career shows a long-term commitment to one principle or another in one's life. It's far better to advance in a career as it shows someone has steadily grown better in one's field of work. That being said, a career doesn't have to have an educational background. Factory workers can have careers by working up the ladder from an entry-level job to a plant manager over the course of a lifetime.

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