• Higher pay!!! Yay

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  • A college degree is still worth it if you have the right motivation for obtaining one.

    The sole purpose of obtaining a college degree should not be to obtain a job. A college degree takes a great amount of time, determination and discipline to achieve. It should, therefore, be a pursuit of a passion about which you feel so strongly in becoming an expert that you are willing to make a considerable time and financial commitment.

  • Yes, a college degree is still worth it.

    I believe that a college degree is still worth it, especially in today's economy. Good jobs, jobs that are high paying and more stable, require a college degree. You can earn more money with a college degree and have a much higher standard of living. You also learn social skills, time management skills, budgeting skills, etc. at college.

  • One word, stress

    If you thought high school was stressful, then college us worse, they will force you to take classes you don't even need simply because you don't calc when you want to be a lawyer. Plus if you think college is safty net go to a homeless person if they think college is a safety net

  • No, since the younger is facing now the risk of being underemployed

    We can not anymore tell kids, that college is worth the high cost. Since college is getting more students in and technology changes rapidly. We can not continue telling to ourselves that a degree is worth the price of a house. Look, USA unemployment is like 10 million people. But the truth is that the real unemployment in the USA is 20 million people, due 10 million people working in bad positions and obviously there are like 49% of college graduates being unemployed or bad employed. There are now people graduating from college and get the fear of ending up after college graduation working in a McDonald's rather in a job where their degree fits. Due to the radical change in technology every year, colleges have to replace it every time in order to order to keep people up to date. Obviously, those equipment are expensive and not to be paid by the college, in order to own it. As well campus is increasing that the college has to build more in order to give their students shelter and most students still wait for taking the courses in order to graduate. College campuses are increasing, but won't get lower, since some Degrees can not give each major student a place in the course. We actually have a high demand of people who want to have a degree, but can not supply all graduates with a job.

    My tip of how we can control the money and hope college will become cheaper like in the 1970s or 1930s:

    1.) If someone is undecided, don't go to college immediately. Just take a job after High School and look at the circumstances of the economy and college!
    2.) Don't take different classes that you don't need for your major! Take a year off (but take a job meanwhile) so that you can save money and help the college reduce the demand for more facilities and infrastructure.
    3.) Know when the time is right.
    4.) Don't go to college, because of fun time and partying. Anyways some colleges are partying only Friday nights and Saturday. For party people, bad idea to go college. Best way is to take a job and then partying so much in the spare time; you don't need to study anything new, earn money which can be financed for a party and the way is economic. Because you don't need to worry about anything the next day when you go to work.
    5.) Wait until the time is right. Because our economy advanced too rapidly, that we were not ready even to adapt to the new environment. The world is still overpopulated that even something new in the technology, will screw up a lot of people, since their young and have more things to do in life.
    6.) Don't feel being controlled/forced to go college, because you want to be that person, who lives in the 21st century, where things are getting better and every individual is feeling more safe.

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