• Democracy Is, But This Isn't A Democracy

    It's unfortunate that kids in America grow up believing we live in a democracy. AT BEST it's a Constitutional republic, and since Obama and the Democrats have shredded the Constitution we live in something much closer to dictatorship that democracy. Executive Order IS dictatorship. Over-ruling the votes of the American people in court is not democracy. The electoral college is something, but it's certainly not democracy.

  • I believe people deserve freedom.

    Perhaps i'm ignorantly biased by living in North America but I believe that to preserve human dignity we should have the ability to make choices about our lives. A democratic system has room for modification and functions based on the ideas of many rather than completely ignoring or violently rejecting the fact that people have conflicting ideology. Democracy tries to make negotiations and allows for debates over topics and choices. A totalitarian dictatorship removes the human element of living and causes it to just become existing. I want to live and make choices to create my path, not have a single flawed human being make choices for me and my nation in which I live.

  • Democracy gives chance of change

    Under a dictatorship there is no room for change, under a dictatorship people have no rights to fight for, under a dictatorship this site would not even exist. Under a dictatorship there is no hope nor strength to fight against the oppression. A Democracy gives the people change to overthrow or impeach any legal power on the government

  • You wonder why would war 2 started

    Everyone thought Hittler was great but them he became a thing you call a problem and started killing everyone he killed 10 million people I think thats enough for me to prove that it is better then a dictator running a country and starting war against everyone. Thank you bye

  • In a democracy it is fairer

    People get a say in what they believe should happen and it is not ruled by one person. In a dictatorship people have no freedom and that makes people angry so in a dictatorship people sometimes revolt against a leader but in a democracy nobody does stuff like that because it is fairly organised.

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  • Democracy is better in my opinion

    Democracy in my opinion is better because a dictator will tell people what to do and if you don't there will be consequences which is not very good and we people cant choose our ruler in a dictatorship, with a democracy it is better because everyone has equal rights and both rich and poor can choose they're ruler which they think it will make theyre country way better

  • Democracy is better

    Democracy provides people to share thier opinion. It gives chance to express the feelings of both rich and poor. The ruler is elected by the people and if any corruption is done he or she gets a chance to change. One vote one value no matter whether they are rich or poor. It protects and gives rights to every citizen.

  • Dictatorship is 1000000x worse than democracy

    You are free to do what ever when ever but there are a few ground rules that we need to follow in order to have this democracy. Dictatorship would mean us not having the rights we have today in this country. USA and Canada are lucky to have the democracies.

  • Freedom and responsibilty

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  • Turns out its the same thing

    For example look at the United States and the way in which is heading, do you not think is heading towards a dictatorship, a police state? When in history has the government ever not abused of its power? We got the FBI an CIA monitoring our phone calls and emails training and supplying sSyrian rebels taking away our rights such as the second amendment, freedom of the press. Lying to the public targeting conservative groups.

  • Freedom and responsibilty

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  • This question needs to be handled delicately, but I believe both have their negatives and positives.

    A dictatorship can be good, but it all depends on who the dictator is and more importantly if he's a good leader who cares about his country and people. A dictatorship also allows for quicker decision making and a better military. But it's also important to realize that the minute you get a bad dictator, then the whole system falls apart. At the same time I personally do not believe that democracy is not a very good system due to poor choices by the people, oppression of minorities, and slow decision making. Another important thing to realize is that the US is not a democracy, but is instead a Constitutional Republic where people make decisions, but these decisions must align with the national laws and constitution. Thank you for hearing me out and may God bless you all.

  • Democracy is only the name of Corruption

    Hummmm Democracy! I think this name is saying itself that people are choses me only for corruption. Dictatorship is mean a person who controls all the country with has own mind, if he dose corrupt or eats lots but its not big problem because only he is eating but in democracy 1000s of leaders have this habit. See in democracy when someone become president of the country then after his time finish he will no more in his own country because he did, he have is own property by being corrupted his time of president. Democracy is not for poor people or not for honest people, in democracy if you do anything good or do honest, you will have all country your enemy. If you give justices any poor and defeats a leader who did bad with poor it means your making enemy as well

  • Depends on what you consider better.

    If you are looking at efficiency then a dictatorship would be the better option due to there being no conflict within the government itself. Whereas if you are looking at it being moral correct and people getting their own say then democracy would be better. The answer in my opinion is completely depending on where the county is in its stage of development whether it needs a quick fix or whether it is already in a good place and trying to keep it stable then democracy would be the better option.

  • No, republic is not better than democarcy

    Republic allows people to vote regardless of whether their voice were heard or not. On the other hand, democracy not only allows people to vote, but also hear public voices and individual voices. When bill is proposed, republic get this done really fast because all the have to do is count the votes. But in democracy, the bills are discussed and voted by the people and the government considering from all kinds of perspectives. What the people wants is the guarantee of their human rights and time have proven that democracy supports human rights better than republic does. Therefore, republic is not better than democracy.

  • Not if the public is severely backwards

    And what if the public wants bigotry? What if the public wants to ban minority religions? What if they want to execute people for being gay? What if there is genocidal public sentiments towards minorities?

    And what if these attitudes are so entrenched and the public so unopen to new ideas that "change" in a democracy is not possible.

    And what if there is an able clique of intellectuals who have potential access to power in some way who would oppose those tendencies and change the backwards society?

    The point being the characteristics of a society determine the best regime. Democracy is not automatically the best.

  • They are both corrupt

    All things said some dictatorships are required to reform a nation but democracy allows people to believe and fight for they're own reforms but none the less the prime minister and the president will always call shots. Therefore democracy or dictatorships wont change the fact that the leaders are all corrupt power hungry men and women!

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Anonymous says2013-07-02T06:38:46.413
I just want to say that a dictatorship doesn't always have to be a bad one. What if there was a dictator really in for the rights of his people and survival of this planet and his inhabitants that would be a great one, no one will have the power to disrupt him/her in its work, no one will be there to disagree in the name of power and wealth. I wish there was a dictator like that and that he/she would take over the world and set everybody free from this power hungry chains where all trapped in. ,\/,,