Is a person "born gay" (yes) or is this a learned behavior (no)?

  • Sexuality begins at conception... Including your sexual orientation.

    WHY WOULD ANYONE choose to be not accepted by the cultural norm? I know you can not convince me to change whom I am attracted to, how could they? (unless they were bisexual?) I have seen many people pained from not being able to express their feelings, they want to be happy too. There may be some that choose to act homosexual or are experimenting, and some that want the attention of being different. However they can not be the formula that gives you your only opinions. It is fact that for most it is VERY CLEAR that the same gender is what they are are attracted to.

  • Our Sexual Preferences are Innate

    One only need to look at households from which gay individuals emerge to see that there is no common nurturing element that results in homosexuality. Parents may have 2 straight children and one gay child, all of them grow up in the same environment and still one turns out differently. Clearly, there is an inborn disposition that determines attraction to members of the same or opposite sex.

  • Yes, sexual orientation is something you are born with.

    Yes, people are born gay. Sexual orientation is not something that is a learned behavior or a choice. Most homosexual individuals come from homes with heterosexual parents, so they know that being gay is not the norm. Most gay individuals also state that they've always known they were gay, and it was not something that they learned or decided on later in life.

  • What They Say

    From my understanding and the explanation I've heard from several different homosexual people is that they are born homosexual. I think it is best to get this information directly from them, since they are the people most likely to understand how this process works. It would seem the medical field is a little behind on this one.

  • Identical Twins Not All The Same

    There must be some environmental/learned behavior. Otherwise, all identical twins would have the same sexuality. But they don't. Identical twins are always genetically identical but some twins have different sexual preferences. There are scientific studies that prove that homosexuality is not genetic. We have to go with the medical research.

  • No, being gay is not a choice.

    The phrase "learned behavior" is a difficult one, because it implies (but does not come out and say) that being gay is a choice. Is being straight a learned behavior? Do we learn from our parents and society that we should be attracted to the opposite sex? If a person was raised in isolation by robots until he age of 20 and then saw a human of the opposite sex, would they be attracted to them? At the moment, there is little evidence that people choose their sexuality. It is an innate part of who they are.

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