• Yes i do think their should be a six day weekend

    They need to take a break to relax. They need to have good rest and they need free time. They also get at least 5 days to learn. Instead of a 2 day weekend they actually need a six day weekend. What if you did not have a weekend would you be tired of course

  • Education is important!!!!!!!!

    Going to school 6 days is good because it gives students falling behind a chance to catch up by asking questions. Also some students love school so much an might want to go to school for more than 5 days. Finally the 6th day of school could be an option for all students but not all will have to do the 6th day, just those that need and want it.

  • Yes it is........

    More days of school means that you would increase more education. The more education you get, the better scholarship you get. Good scholarship leads to a successful life. You might get huge promotions that may earn money for your family. 6 days of school would make you really knowledgeable and learn interesting information that can be used when you grow up.

  • Education is good!!!

    If we had 6 days of school in a week people would gain more education which helps you get a better scholarship and if you have a better scholarship you would get a better career. You would also beome more interactive because most kids today play video games and watch videos during their free time making them not get much sunlight.

  • Education is good!!!

    If we had 6 days of school in a week people would gain more education which helps you get a better scholarship and if you have a better scholarship you would get a better career. You would also beome more interactive because most kids today play video games and watch videos during their free time making them not get much sunlight.

  • Nooo nooo nooo!!!

    The only reason kids go to school is because that they need knowledge and to have fun. They dont want stress in their lives after 5/7 days a week for school. Kids need two days to finish homework, study for tests, etc.
    We kids need saturday to not be a school week.

  • 6 day school week 10 hour school days are a go

    By increasing the school day to 10 hours a day will allow for more instruction in the common core subjects that students in the USA are always so far behind. Reading, science, and math are among the common core subjects that most students in most european and asian countries get more teaching hours spent on than here in the US. Most asian countries have implements a 6 day school week schedule its time for the US to start doing the same.

  • Yes, a six-day school week is a good idea.

    A six week school week is an outstanding idea. It will give parents one day a week to be off of work and without their children. This will allow them to recharge. It will also make teachers finally earn their salary. They get three months off a year, the least they can do is work six days a week.

  • Prepares children for adulthood

    You see homeless people on the street. You see people struggling to just raise enough money to support themselves. You see people trading their last possessions away for a loaf of bread. On the other side, you see people becoming great scientists. You see people help the world. People who are homeless didn't take full advantage of learning. During childhood, if you work hard, the more skills you have within you. Too work hard, you have to pride yourself with more difficult things. The more you challenge yourself, the more you want to learn. It's hard to change once you're in sixth grade or higher, so people give themselves homeschool if they would like to see themselves making contributions to the world. Six day schooling doesn't force hardworking people to force themselves to learn It helps them. Hope you agree with me.

  • This is a good idea

    A six day school week sounds like a great idea. Also the school year needs to be extended over summer as well. But this kind of school year will be tiresome so it will only be for k-8 kids. With the longer school years kids will get a better education faster therefore bringing down the amount of time in each grade. By the time kids do get into high school they already have a high school education. Now that they are in high school and already have a high school education they can choose courses they want to take or in the field they are interested in. Then once those kids are out of high school they have a light on a lot of job choices or have a heavy education on just one job that they really want. Then when going to college kids can be apprenticed to someone of that job and learn the tricks of the trade from them.

  • School is not so great as its cut out to be.

    A truly good education isn't something that people only learn in the classroom. It comes from learning about the world and the things around us. Understanding others viewpoints so that we may make our own. Too many people think that its simple in that more school equals a better life but school's only teach kids the basics. The true life lessons are done so in the home before they are done so at a school and they are done by the people not the system.
    What I mean by this is that a good teacher is one that not only teaches the material but makes it relevant to the world.
    A bad teacher is one that teaches things and creates this barrier of "its only useful in school"
    Parents do it too sometimes when they push kids into doing something only because the "School" told them too
    As a college student myself, I learn more by understanding the reasoning behind something. Why it works and how it relates. No one wants to learn something that they think is useless, but thats the thing, everything is relevant.
    For example, something like math. There comes a time when most everyone thinks "whats the point" and when asked, the common answer you get is "just because" or "you have to learn it" without any other reason other than to score well on a test.
    If this question is asked because of a worry in a children's education then rather than rely on the school get involved. College students have it easier because we can choose our teachers since were paying and all but in most public schools, thats not much of an option. If you can't change the system than at least try to improve it by getting involved.

    Remember, its not about the quantity but the quality because learning is done when we truly begin to understand not by how much you know

  • Heck no !

    Kids barely have enough time to enjoy life and hang out on the weekends with the immense amount of homework given by teachers. The only time they have is in the summer and that's taken up already by courses they can't fit into the next years schedule. And frankly teachers just don't want to spend more time at school with a ton of teacher hungry kids that are just waiting for the teacher to screw up on the black board so they can pounce on them and make them look like fools.

  • Bad on children's lives.

    Children need school to learn, get and education and fit in with life. A six-day school week with prevent children from doing what children do, PLAY! You can't forget all the stress school can cause with assignments, studying, exams and other school learning stuff. If students are struggling or being bullied at school, this would make the problem worse.

  • Takeaway Summer not Saturday

    If you want to improve schooling by adding more days it would be better to take away days from the summer. I am not saying that is what we should do I don't know but it would be better than a six day week. The summer is very damaging to children's learning they often forget much of what they learned. This is particularly true for poor children with uneducated parents. It can also be very costly for parents to care for children during the summer. Since many people are off during the weekend it makes sense for children to be off as well.

  • Time for relaxation

    I strongly oppose the idea of six-day school week because I do think that weekends are the time for students to relax and possibly do some revision if they need to catch up on certain subjects. However, it might be acceptable and reasonable for K-12 students to have six-day school week since the workload of K-12 students is a lot lighter than the college and university students. As a college student, I find that with the enormous amount of homework, project work and research to be done, it is almost impossible to do a revision or run-through of the lessons learned for the day. Thus, six-day school week is, in my opinion, appropriate to specific groups of students.

  • 6 is not enough

    6 school days is just a terrible friggin idea. We need 7 school days a week. U all stupid cuz u never went to school unlike me who was grindin out 8 days a week at school i mean 7 days a week at school BOONK GANG IM OUT PEACE

  • No six days of school per week

    Kids would get less time to spend with their family and friends and less time to enjoy a break. Kids like to be able to have some fun time with their working parents on most of that time is spent on the weekends to go out and maybe get an ice cream and chat.

  • Oh hell nah

    School will be boring if it lasts 6 days
    Students must have some time for themselves to take a break from everyday's duties
    Teachers need a break too they will be angry or they gonna neglect students
    Students have a personal life and they HAVE TO spend time with friends play games etc

  • Yes it is a good idea to spend 6 days at school

    Because the six days we spend at school we can improve our knowledge and we can gain more education at school
    if there is 5 day schools it is not good why because the teachers think in this five days i should complete teaching of this lesson when teacher is saying fast the students cant remember about all topics but if there is one more day teacher can complete lesson slowly as soon as students also remember

  • Kids need time to relax

    Since school starts so fucking early sometimes the weekend is important to give them some room to relax and recap
    it might lead to pissed off students and will make them mad and sad give kids a break they are humans not numbers if they had a 6 day week with no summer there most likely will be more school shootings and nobody will like school I think there should be a 5 day week with off twice a month also summer vacations should stay
    kids are humans we do not want them to be perfect who kill themselves if they get a c+

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