• It is selfish

    Women think it's the only way out but there are many options available. You are neglecting responsibility by not providing the child with a family for adoption. Women say well it's my choice but no it's not. They say if you're not pregnant you shouldn't have a say but that fucks up the whole freedom of speech we have

  • It is selfish

    Women think it's the only way out but there are many options available. You are neglecting responsibility by not providing the child with a family for adoption. Women say well it's my choice but no it's not. They say if you're not pregnant you shouldn't have a say but that fucks up the whole freedom of speech we have

  • Yes and Always

    Abortion is a selfish act. Abortion is a selfish act because it ends a new life before it has even begun. In some and many circumstances it is to benefit the woman's life in some way. Essentially this is no different than killing a store owner and robbing him or her.

  • Statistics from 1987 to 2016 say MOST Abortions are a Selfish Act

    Multiple sources cite that a vast majority of abortions are done for convenience. Your stories are not typical of the average woman who seeks an abortion. Scroll down in the following survey and see how many of the women meet your description. Additionally, the following archive has information from 1987 to 2016 on why women choose to abort. When looking at the numbers your stories and opinion do not hold up in comparison to my position. Have your opinion. You are entitled to it, but know that it is not based in fact. I stand by what I said because it is true. MOST women have abortions because it is inconvenient for them to carry the child to term, even though they could give the child up for adoption. Adoption is the loving and caring choice. Abortion in most cases is selfish.

  • Abortion is the most selfish act on earth.

    Deciding to have another human being KILLED because your life would be more convenient without it is the most selfish thing anyone can ever do. It is legalized murder whose cowardly proponents hide behind euphemisms because they lack the guts to call it what it is. Oh, it's a "medical procedure" they say, you're not killing an unborn human being, no, you're "terminating a fetus".

    They use the "my body, my choice" slogan but someone would have to have crap for brains to think that an unborn human is a part of a woman's body. Here are some reasons proving very clearly that it is not:
    1. If it was a part of a woman's body it would move when her brain tells it to move, like a woman's arm or leg; it does not, it moves when it wants to move as soon as it is able to.
    2. If it was a part of a woman's body it would have her DNA and nothing else. Nope, sorry, it has a combination of her DNA and her partner's. Hence it's not "part of a woman's body".
    3. It would have to have the same blood type as the woman every time and this is not always the case, sometimes the unborn baby has a different blood type, meaning it's not "part of a woman's body"
    4. If it was a part of her body the embryo would not have to emit chemical signals that deactivate the mother's immune system on a local level to prevent her antibodies from attacking it as a foreign body. If it was just "part of her body" this would be unnecessary and would not occur. But it does, hence it is its own being, not a part of her body.

    Nobody has any more of a moral right to use "my body, my choice" as an excuse for abortion than they would to say "my body, my choice" and throw the neighbor's toddler out a window because keeping them awake at night. Your bodily autonomy only covers your OWN human body, not anyone else's. And an unborn baby is its own human being, this should be common sense.

    Think about it: If someone says "Well, I enjoyed the sex but I'm not ready to be a mommy! I like my childless life too much for that, I'm still young, I want to be able to go out and party and go clubbing whenever I want, I don't want the responsibility of caring for some baby I don't even want! I'm going to the abortion clinic and have this human being sucked out of my uterus and I don't care that it is literally KILLING another person for the sake of my own convenience, I want what I want and that's all there is to it!", I mean what on earth could possibly be more selfish than that??

  • Abortion as the ultimate rejection of personal responsibility

    I would post the whole argument here but its too large, so I'm just going to leave a link. I'm sure the opposite position would out right disagree, I don't blame them, our cutler morals are becoming... Backwards. I can't even tell what moral dictionary we are reading anymore.
    But to be clear I follow this definition of selfishness the original definition.
    Simple Definition
    having or showing concern only for yourself and not for the needs or feelings of other people

    Full Definition
    1.Concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others.

    Now on the argument. Here is the link

  • Yes, it is selfish

    Yes, having an abortion is selfish. It is morally wrong. There in NO excuse to have an abortion and the least a pregnant mother could do would be to give up her child for adoption and she wouldn't have to have anything to do with the child's life. Most women who do have an abortion end up regretting it later which just wastes money and a child's life.

  • Abortion totally selfish act

    If a child is born, almost no one would support killing the newborn even if it had been conceived in rape. But many of those same people support killing that same child before it will make his/her entrance into the world. All because there is no clear window into the womb.

  • You are killing a child

    Abortion is killing your own child because you dont want it and you dont want to go through the pregnancy and give birth to the child. THere are other options if you dont want to keep the baby such as adopion it is so so selfish to get an abortion

  • It is completely selfish

    Abortion is never, ever, anything but an act of pure selfishness and greed, even in cases like abortion. Abortion is when a mother decides that she doesn't want a child and that the best solution is to kill it, even with adoption and foster services available. If a woman doesn't want a baby, she shouldn't have sex.
    Abortion hurts love, and hurts families, and it needs to end.

  • Having a baby you can't afford without a lot of help from family and state is SELFISH

    I think it' selfish to bring a human being into the world if you're not even supporting yourself. I think it's selfish to burden grandparents with the cost in time, money and worry to help look after a baby you're not ready for. The kid is going to be around for 30 years! I'm sorry, but if you haven't moved out of home and gotten a job it is incredibly selfish to have a baby. In that circumstance, please get an abortion instead of ruining your own life and everyone's around you. Especially if you're so young. What is the rush?

  • It isn't selfish.

    Let's consider this question. What's worse? Having a simple operation to remove a fetus before it can be born and suffer (not always the case but it happens) or to have the baby born into a family that doesn't want it, born into poverty where it cannot be provided for, left to rot in an adoption centre until they turn eighteen and are thrown out onto the streets to make room for more babies (more likely with babies of a certain race or if they have a disability)? I know which one is worse.

    If anything, aborting an unwanted baby is anything but selfish. Adoption centres are overcrowded, many children don't find homes, many children are born in circumstances that are not ideal, people make mistakes. Abortion is taking responsibility for an action.

    People should not be punished for having sex, or forced to undergo further trauma and pain in the case of rape or incest.

    Abortion is not killing a life; there is a difference between a potential life, and actual life (e.G. When the baby is born and it can survive independently from the mother, so not in the womb and not connected to her.) It's stopping this potential life from being a bad one, filled with suffering. Why force an unwanted baby into peoples' lives?

    If someone is that against abortion, why don't they go and adopt one of the children in an overcrowded orphanage? I'm sure they would really appreciate it.

  • Not if performed early enough.

    I don't believe abortion is selfish if performed early enough, which is the best case for abortion in general. If the abortion actually involves the termination of a human life, as it would late in pregnancy, then it is a selfish (if sometimes necessary) act. However, there is a big difference between a developed fetus and a clump of embryonic cells that is not even close to anything human. Terminating that is not selfish because there is not really any other "person" that exists yet.

  • No abortion is not a selfish act neccessarily

    It really depends on why it is being done. If you are aborting purely out of birth control, and not wanting to deal with the consequences of a choice you personally made to have sex, then yes I think it is selfish. BUT, if it is a situation where you got raped and could not consent to the impregnation, or if having the baby would put your life at risk, I don't think it is selfish at all to abort in those circumstances. In the case of the rape, you are saving yourself lots of mental anguish, being reminded of the rape through your child, not to mention going through a pregnancy you didn't choose to allow happen, and in the case of your life at risk, you are more or less using self defense. So I don't think abortion is necessarily a selfish act no, it all comes down to why it's happening.

  • As much as it hurs me to say.

    No it's not selfish. I would never get an abortion and I wouldn't suggest to people to get abortions, BUT if they make abortions illegal women will just go and find some other way to get it which could put her in life threatening danger. I think if you willingly have sex UNPROTECTED then you need to have that baby and support it and if you don't want the chance of getting pregnant than don't have sex.

  • Abortion is not Selfish.

    Abortion is not a selfish act. The reason that abortion is not selfish is because if one is not prepared to raise and take care of a child, it would be selfish to bring such child into the world. Of course there is always the choice of adoption but one would have to be prepared to carry the child to term which would require money, for doctors and other financial burdens to have a healthy child, which is not always possible. There are also cases where the child has the potential to be born with a severe disability or deformity where the child would suffer through life and die at a young age, and in such cases it would be selfish to have the child at all.

  • Not at all.

    It is the decision of the woman. It's her body and will have a huge effect on her life. Individuals will all decide differently; some people just don't need or cannot cope with a child in their life. It's not selfish to think of your own well-being, in fact it's important to. As long as it is not seen as the way out of repetitive and constant carelessness, (at which point it becomes selfish, I believe), it is a positive thing that helps women to live their lives according to what will make them happiest in the long run.

  • It is not selfish or murder

    It is completely selfish to remove a pack of cells that is less than 3 inches long because it is totally alive. Just because it's a fetus that can't feel, breathe, or think makes it a human being. Don't forget that having a heartbeat doesn't make you alive. Screw logic, right? A tiny pack of cells without a heartbeat= a person.

  • Trying to make

    A woman to carry something around inside of her own body for nine months without her consent, purely because of your own personal beliefs, is SELFISH. A fetus is a part of woman's body; it cannot survive without her and is entirely connected to her. A woman has sovereignty over her own body, and therefore whether or not it is right for her to foster a potential life is HER DECISION

  • Wanting to force

    A woman to carry something around inside of her own body for nine months without her consent, purely because of your personal religious beliefs is SELFISH. A fetuses is connected to a woman's body and cannot survive without her. Therefore it is a part of her body and HER DECISION whether or not it is right for her

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