• It's always right.

    I love how all the "no" people are just making excuses because of the lack of contraceptive. It's the woman's choice. It's in her womb, her body, her state of mind. I agree with the above about being raped, I wouldn't want to be forced to have a child. It's not a human being until it's born, that's why we don't count it's months until it's born. If we did, everyone would be 9 months older.

  • You have no control over some one else

    I think the choice for abortion should be both the woman's and man's choice

    If you are going to force the man into paying child support, he should have some say in the choice for abortion

    Abortion is not wrong because a fetus is not conscious and has no ability to fend on its own

    perhaps instead of abortion we can just say we will give birth to the baby and let it fend for itself, its the same principle as a wild animal

  • It is always the woman's choice.

    Abortion is the right thing if the woman is not ready or able to have a child. Which is better? Having a child when a person cannot sustain it or aborting a fetus that is not yet a child? There is no right answer here. This should always be the choice of the mother. Abortion is hard for everyone involved but a woman does not have to be punished by not being allowed to have her own choices.

    Posted by: Dade
  • Well, there are a few cases in which I can agree, while there are some in which I can disagree.

    Abortion, as contraversial as it is, has pros and cons.
    The world is already overpopulated and with teens procreating at the rate in which they are, it's going to be devastating to future humans.

    Also, rape is a problem.

    If abortion is > 3rd trimester then I disagree with it.

  • Yes we all the right to do so

    Some kids that are born with a disability are later on bullied. This can lead with a suicide attempt. 50% of murder has dropped between 1973-2001 because babies who would've been born into poverty were not given the chance to do so. Motherhood should also not be a punishment it should be a choice someone makes.

  • It all depends

    I think that abortion is okay as long as its because of rape, why would you want to have a reminder of a terrible occation. Abortion is ok if continuing with the pregnancy or conceiving will end with the mother dying. Another reason would be that there are birth defects running in the family.

  • Yes, in a very rare circumstance abortion can be right.

    Abortion is typically not the right choice for an unborn child, even if the child will be disabled, such as with Down Syndrome, because making such a choice is devaluing humans with disabilities, as was done by Nazi Germany. However, in very rare circumstances, a woman's life may be at risk by carrying a baby to term. When this is the case, we have to weigh the value of a life that is already being lived against a life that has not really gotten started. In rare circumstances, most of us would agree that the woman's life should be preserved, regardless of what's necessary.

  • Hell Yes It Is!!!!!!!!!

    I believe that abortion can be the right thing to do. A rape victim should not be forced to raise a child that she did not willingly participate in conceiving. I do not care if your religion takes a pro-life stance it should not have control over the life of someone else.

  • It could be.

    Well, if they are too young and can't support it, it's better to get the abortion than to have to drop out of high school and get a job. Education is the most important thing in this world. You should have it when you are with a good job, and fully settled in and have lived your life and done all the things you want to do before having a kid so that then, you have no regrets about having the kid.

  • Rarely.

    Abortion is often not the right choice, but "ever" is a strong word and I think that in some cases abortion is a proper decision. For example, if the mother's life is threatened, if she has been raped, or if the baby is going to be born so severely disabled there is no chance of a good life, then abortion might be the right decision.

  • No its not

    Abortion is really wrong because your killing a human being , something that you had time to lay down in the bad and make . If you know you didn't use a condom , some common sense should come to your mind , that you might be pregnant. Abortion is really wrong they should make it legal.

  • No no no no no!!!!

    Here is what i think okay? If murdering a human being, a grown man or woman, is wrong then what is the difference in killing a fetus yes they can't fend for themselves but so what. Its wrong and every one needs it DO NOT have an abortion you are killing a child that could have cured cancer this needs to be illegal if you are not ready to have a baby you need a condom and if you do get pregnant you need to put it up for adoption

  • My Opinion On Abortion

    I don't care if I am raped or whatever. I will never get an abortion unless the baby and I won't survive. It's not just a cluster of cells, you can detect a pregnancy a week after being conceived. There's always adoption. If you can't keep your legs closed, that's your fault. A baby shouldn't be punished for the mom or dad's actions. Rape or not. In some countries you can abort babies up until the birth. Tell me they aren't a baby then. It's not just about religiousness, I don't have this opinion because it offends God. I know what is right and wrong. Abortion is wrong. If you decide to have a child, who you thought about aborting, just imagine telling them that you thought about killing them. ABORTION IS MURDER.

  • Abortion is NOT okay

    Many people believe it is okay to get an abortion because the child is not a human being because it hasn't been born yet. From the moment of conception the baby inside of you IS a human being. It's like calling a plant a river. Abortion is murder. It is (most of the time unless you get raped) the woman and her partner's fault for not taking their precautions to make the baby. The whole point of "doing it" is that a child will result in the end. Plus, there are many other options that you can choose instead of murder. 1. Own up to your mistake and raise the child. 2. Put it up for adoption. A lot of people don't want to do this because they think the child will end up like little orphan Annie, but if you are worried about that, then do your research before you just drop off the baby at a random location.

  • Just be careful.

    Use contraceptive and be careful instead of getting pregnant and being judged by the society. But if a women is raped, then kill the rapist instead of killing/aborting an innocent baby who has a same beating heart like we do. And after giving birth, you can give the baby for adoption.

  • It's bad fur u

    It's really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really bad for u

  • Killing Babies is Fun and Religion is dumb

    Statistics sat that you can suck my butt. Babies are evil and must be sacrificed in the name of our lord and savior, Satan. Hitler was good and so is murder. Christianity is stupid and forces itself onto other people. Now Believe in me as your prophet or I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the word of God that humans are monkeys and the Earth was created yesterday. F*** Christians, Catholics, Jews, Blacks, Asian, and everyone accept me. WHITE POWER!

  • Killing Babies is dumb and religion is dumb

    Statistics say that you can suck my butt. Jesus was a hippo and God is fake. Hail Satan and hitler and Stalin!!!!!!! Christianity is stupid and killing people is not only good but right. The word of god is that people are monkeys and evolution is real. Stop enforcing your beliefs on other people. Believe me or I will KILL YOU!!!!

  • A baby is a baby since the conception

    A baby is a baby since the conception and its not fair that you are taking away the right of a baby of live. It should be illegal because its murder. What if your mom would have been selfish and decided to abort you? What if the kid you are aborting was meant to be the someone great? But he or she didn´t have the opportunity to be something. In the abortion centres they don´t tell you this but after a woman aborts she has tons of problems in her life because deep down she knows she is committing murder. Also, in the abortion centres they don´t let you see the ultrasound because you can perfectly see the babies organs. One dat a woman came to my school to give a conference about why abortion is wrong, after a while she told us that she aborted 3 kids and then ended working in planned parenthood. She told us that the first day she worked there they took her to a room to see if the abortion had been successful. First, they took the two arms, then the two legs and finally they took the head! She said that the baby´s mouth was open like if he was screaming for his/her life. Then they threw the baby away! It isn´t fair how those people (if we can call them that) take away the human dignity away from a non born child.

  • Abortion is Bad

    Abortion is bad because you are murdering the unborn child. You have many other options before abortion. You could have the child but give it up to adoption. You could have safe sex and not be an idiot. Or you could take the Morning After Pill and you won't be pregnant.

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