• Yes abortion is moral

    The question of abortion has always to be considered a matter of freedom of choice for individual women. There are too many issues that the choice of abortion entails to make it a decision that has absolute say over all situations. The free choice of having an abortion has a large impact on a woman's ability to determine her own life. The mere fact of becoming pregnant can present so many difficulties to a woman's ability to make choices about her future. Men have this freedom to walk away from something that does not promote their own self interests, because they do not have to carry a baby, nor take care of it unless they choose to, but women do not have many options that are self interested unless they have the option of abortion. It is a matter of making woman legally the equivalent of men regarding the choice of having a child or raising it. Women cannot truly have the same opportunities that men have unless they have control over their reproductive roles.

  • I think so

    It's moral in the sense that a woman should be able to do what she chooses with her body. It's wrong to use abortion as a means of birth control in most cases but there are times when it's in the best interest of everyone for the woman not to have the child.

    It's always a hard subject as there are good arguments on both sides, but saying a woman is immoral for having an abortion is wrong.

  • Choice

    Yes, abortion is moral. Not in all cases like if the woman really was stupid and didn't protect herself but if the woman was in danger in any way when the child was conceived or if the pregnancy itself will hurt the mother to be then she should be able to have an abortion.

  • The moral is a barrier

    If abortion was going against the principal moral then why do doctors go against what god had decided. I a disease was meant to kill you because god had said so, then why do you go against that. If abortion was going against the principals of wrong, then doctors don't have morals.

  • Abortion is moral, because murder is wrong only when the individual has quality in life.

    The only reason why humans feel sorry for the murder of another person is because there are people who still have affection for that individual. If no one has affection for a murder, nobody will care, and same goes with abortion. It's only moral if it doesn't impact other people (apart from the victim). The reason why people hate abortion so much is because it classifies as murder, despite it not affecting them in any way.

  • Murder is murder

    If a pregnant woman were to get hit by a drunk driver and the baby inside of her die and the mother still live the driver would still get involuntary manslaughter because we have the fetal homicide laws. The fetal homicide law says that if someone kills a fetus involuntary or voluntary, they are subject to manslaughter punishment. What is the difference between that and abortion?

  • It's neither moral nor immoral, it is simply your choice.

    The fetuses are completely oblivious to what's going on inside the womb, that's just a holding place for them to grow and develop more. The brain is not fully functioning when the baby is in its fetus stage, its only objective is to find food to survive. Killing a baby while inside the womb is the choice of the mother and it always should be. Does she think she's ready to be a mother in this tough society? However no matter what people will always be for abortion and against abortion it just depends on the person. Why bring a baby in this world if you're a crack addict? You know, get yourself together before you wreck your baby's life. And don't give me that adoption crap. Anyone who births a baby would want to be apart of their child's life no matter what not see it get raised by a family of strangers.

  • Abortion is your choice

    If you believe that abortion is immoral, than you are right in thinking that. But if I believe that abortion is immoral, than I am right in thinking that. Abortion is completely based on personal opinion and views. And as human beings, we have to respect the views of other people, and what other people view as immoral or moral.

  • Abortion should be legal with limits

    Fetuses start to feel pain at 20 weeks old so abortion should be practiced before that time is up and also republicans don't want to give the baby good medical once it is born. The only time republicans care about it is when it reaches military age.
    Nobody has a clue what the woman could be going through or the fetus. The woman could be poor or have bad health which can affect the fetus. The fetus could have a hereditary disease, could be a rapists son, or have some other problem that can follow it for the rest of its life. If the mother was irresponsible and the mother and fetus were in good health, would you really want it to live with this kind of person? There are other children that need to be adopted.
    It is a proved fact that a fetus is NOT A HUMAN BEING!!!!!!! IT IS A BUNCH OF CELLS!!! Pro life people need to get that drilled into there head. There is a reason for separation of church and state for very good reasons.

  • It's the mother's choice

    Why on earth should a woman have to carry a child for 9 months and give birth to it when it may endanger her health or cause complications? What if that child is not going to have a stable home for it when it's born? Do we really need more children in care or on the streets? Often a child's success n life is based on its upbringing and without a solid home to care for a child they can have many problems.

    When it is aborted a foetus isn't a life yet. In legal terms, murder can only occur if you kill a 'reasonable creature in being' and this is defined as a person who has been expelled from its mother and has an independent circulation. Therefore killing a foetus is not murder, but preventing the birth of another person into a world of 7 billion when it cannot be cared for. It is the destruction of some cells that are not a life, in the same way you might have have a growth removed if it was causing you health problems, rather than leaving it there as it slowly kills you. Think of the person who is already alive, rather than the cluster of cells.

  • The 2013 massacre

    Killing children is never moral. Simply the way they kill them is inexcusably inhumane. There are four ways that unborn babies are killed. Look at this quote from an information site

    (1) The suction method.

    During an early pregnancy, the doctor can insert a tube through the opening of the mother’s womb, and connect it to a suction apparatus. The vacuum on the apparatus is so powerful that the fetus is instantly broken up into a mass of blood and tissue, and quickly passes through the tube, and is collected in a bottle.

    (2) The forceps method.

    Sometimes the doctor dilates the mouth of the womb, and inserts a spoon-like instrument with sharp edges (called a forceps). He reaches in with this tool and scrapes out the baby (and also the placenta). Sometimes he has to cut the baby into several pieces in order to get it out. The larger parts are cut into smaller pieces and spooned out piece by piece, and then discarded.

    (3) The Caesarean-type method.

    Larger babies may require an abdominal operation. The womb is cut open and the baby is lifted out. It usually squirms and moves its arms and legs; it tries to breathe; the heart often continues to beat; but the organs are not sufficiently developed, and so within a few hours, it usually dies.

    (4) The chemical method.

    The doctor sticks a large needle through the wall of the mother’s abdomen and into the womb. A strong, salt-water solution is injected. The baby thrashes around for a few moments, and then soon dies. Within twenty-four hours, labor starts, and the dead body is delivered.

    Abortion is nothing but barbarianism in the Twentieth Century! No wonder some nurses are rebelling. They are expected to finish the work of abortion, by taking the crushed, bloody mass of the fetus, and then disposing of it.

    Would you call this a woman's choice?

    Posted by: ibla
  • No, stop making excuses and live with the consequences of your actions.

    People talk like pregnancy is something that just happens to women and they can do nothing about it except terminate an existing pregnancy. They may throw out the fact that birth control can sometimes fail, so even responsible women can end up pregnant. They ignore that there is a fail-safe way to avoid pregnancy, avoid sex. When a child is conceived, the parents have (albeit sometimes unintentionally) committed to caring for that child, whether it be raising it, giving it up for adoption or some other method. Since a fetus cannot be safely removed from the womb and given the chance to develop somewhere else, the woman's stuck with it until birth. Yeah, it sucks, but actions have consequences. Take them like a woman.

  • It's wrong to kill a baby

    It's wrong to kill a human being. They don't have nothing wrong, its a girl's fault that she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend. They should thought of it before getting an abortion. They need to be sure they want to have the kid. They need to realize that they are killing a baby in their womb

  • Fetuses Have the Right To Life

    First I’ll show the right to life.
    1) All human beings have the right to life.
    2) Fetuses are human beings
    C) Fetuses have the right to life.

    Let me anticipate 3 objections:
    1. “Fetuses are not conscious and therefore, have no right to life.”
    Answer: Unconscious born human beings have the right to life so therefore, unborn human beings must also have the right to life. We don't give up our right to life when we are in a coma or are asleep.

    2. “Fetuses can’t feel pain and therefore have no right to life.”
    Answer: The right to life is not contingent upon the capacity to feel pain. People who have congenital analgesia have the right to life. Congenital analgesia is a condition where one cannot feel pain.

    3. “Fetuses have no past experiences and therefore have no right to life.”
    Answer: Probably the best objection of the three but it ultimately fails by looking at someone who has had their memory wiped by Alzheimer’s disease and is currently in a coma. We would say that they have the right to life. Despite the fact that they don’t have past experiences, it is immoral to rip their limbs off. By logical extension, it is immoral to rip the limbs off a fetus who is in a, for all intensive purposes, analogous situation.

    People who create a fetuses are responsible for them. They ought not kill them.

  • Would you kill a person because you didn't want them there?

    Women kill infant children because mostly they just didn't want them. Only LESS then one percent of women who get abortions is because of of rape and even that is terrible. What did the kid do? Its not dead tissue like they all say, its a living breathing thing. Even as a zygote it is alive, said any biologist. Have you ever thought of adoption? Also 99% of them get an abortion just because they don't want to care for it. Have you thought of them? And what about failed abortions, because of them they have birth effects. Why punish the child if you didn't even care to wear a condom?

  • No, abortion is not moral

    I cannot conceive how anyone could feel that abortion is moral, just or ethical. There can not be a physical line drawn that states when a fetus becomes a human being. If the fact that as long as it is in the mother's womb, it is part of her body and she can dispose of it at her will, then that would justify the termination of the baby as it was being born, which is a hideous thought.

  • Murder is murder

    Murder is illegal and should not be justified because of pressures by society. In the case of rape, it is wrong for one to take something precious from you, just like its wrong to take a precious life from a baby. Abortion is wrong morally, emotionally, and.... In all. God bless.

  • To put it simply,

    Abortion does nothing but negatively impact our society, here's proof. Here's a link for pretty much any argument that the pro-choice side has. Also if you are objective and fair enough then the names will not deter you but rather the content of these sites. I doubt any pro-abortionist can debunk any of these.

    That child has no conscious or memories. ---> http://health.Howstuffworks.Com/pregnancy-and-parenting/pregnancy/fetal-development/alertness-in-the-womb.Htm<--

    There's no biological proof that a fetus/embryo or zygote is "human" enough --->http://www.Spuc.Org.Uk/education/abortion/human-development#motherbaby<---

    "regardless of biology, killing a fetus is ok because..." --->http://bnonn.Thinkingmatters.Org.Nz/simple-argument-against-abortion-anyone-can-understand/<---

    "statistics show that abortion has lowered crime" --->http://www.Hli.Org/condoms/404?Task=view & also http://www.Lewrockwell.Com/lott/lott64.Html<---

    "These arguments are made only by men therefore it's wrong women are the ones who get pregnant" --->https://www.Facebook.Com/womenagainstabortion?Fref=ts<---

  • No It's Not

    Banning abortion is also immoral because it goes against the right to bodily autonomy. No person should be required to sustain another person without their consent. It's still in the vast majority of cases a very selfish choice. If she can't raise the child put the child up for adoption.

  • In Most Circumstances, No.

    Unless there are complications with a pregnancy which endanger the health of the mother or child, abortion is morally wrong. When women begin using abortion (which should be a last resort) as their go-to form of birth control because they don't want to be responsible, this is just morally repugnant.

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