Is academic performance the best indicator of potential for success in life?

  • Say yes to success!

    The absolute measure of success is through tenacity and hard work. If you're a go-getter or over achiever who thinks outside the box, you are show yourself, and everyone else, that you are capable of overcoming any obstacle and stopping at nothing to be the very best you can be.

  • Because it is your stepping stone to find your own career. It also tells what you are up to in life.

    People who struggle academically may be easier to work with, as a result of having better social skills. As this is often the case, people who are intelligent are not necessarily better at understanding people. When people go to work places, social skills are just as important as academic levels.

  • It just determines your capability of studying a defined course

    When you are thinking out of the box you are going to see your real capabilities not just what is defined. Creativity is the main stance you need to have. Every one is built for something special and you need to know that in your life and work towards fulfilling your desire.

  • Academic Performance leads to success to whatever endeavor a person may take

    If a person is academically performs well, I think it would be an edge or a perimeter that such person will be a successful one someday. Specially, if he is being monitored closely by the parents. Given much considerations on feelings towards failure in school or decision making. A person with high level of academic performance tends to look for an attention.

  • Working Smarter, Not Harder,

    Though I'll agree that nothing can be achieved without hard work, schooling is ultimately what makes you successful. Except for rare, almost impossible circumstances, you can't make a living off of solely a high school education. Sure, you can support yourself, but there's almost no way to support a family (without assistance) on $10-20,000 a year. Getting good grades, even in tough circumstances, means more about a person's character then how much weight they can lift or how many burgers they can flip in a minute. Getting those good grades throughout high school, undergrad, and grad school (If you choose this option) will not only get you jobs, but it will lead to the American Dream.

  • Not the best indicator

    The best indicator of success is HARD WORK, SACRIFICE AND PERSEVERANCE. There are many successful people who do not own a degree. They just work really hard and aimed for one vision = SUCCESS. With this, they sacrifice and do whatever it takes to be successful and reach what they have been dreaming of. However, this does not mean that one may not study hard, we need proper education still.

  • What other metric are you going to use?

    How can one assert that academic performance does not sufficiently predict one's POTENTIAL for success in life? Bear in mind that life does not equal the labor market. Though, I think we can all agree that if you work in HR or are an employer, if there's a (relatively) standard metric in discerning how well a recent college grad will perform in the private/public sector--grades mean a lot. As one who works in HR in the public sector, I can speak from experience by saying that when sifting through potential applicants, 21st century hiring and applicant software allows employers to immediately weed out those who perform substandard in their undergraduate program of study. We simply don't look at those who are sub-par students, why? Because your academic performance exhibits a plethora of information about you--not simply what you learned but: work ethic, punctuality (if you do well in college, chances are you frequently attended class), drive, etc.. I can honestly look at a resume loaded with extracurricular activities--clubs, sports, Greek letter societies, community service, etc. And not feel bad about turning one down if they have extremely average grades. To me, all of the extras are icing on the cake but don't exempt one's poor academic record. If you're a busy person in the academy and don't focus too much on your studies, chances are you're gonna be a busy person, period, and potentially not focus on your job. College is your job if you're a full time student and by doing poorly it shows employers you have better things to do; I'll let you focus on those instead of coming to work for me.

  • Yes it does

    It helps with finding a better job and building a character with tenacity and courage. The best student is probably the one who has put the most effort and time in studying. Besides school keeps children who are actively engaged in it away from bad habits like gambling, drugs and porngraphy and teaches them good manners.

  • Education alone helps a person to succeed in life

    Success in life depends only on education because sportswomen like PT.Usha are not being recognized now because there are other sportswomen who are able to perform well than her.
    People like SIR.C.V.Raman are being spoken till now because education has given him a place in people's mind. Therefore a person has to depend only on education to succeed in life.

  • It is "indicate", not "determine"

    Academic performance measures quantities of qualities of a student. The written exams text students' ability to master knowledge. The oral exams provide another means to train students' courage and ability to demonstrate their ideas accurately. If a student wants good grades, he or she has to be both industrious and intelligent. Thus, academic performance measures the qualities that are crucial to students later success.
    Also, the word "indicateā€ allows other possibilities that contribute to a successful life.

  • Not everyone fits the mold

    Everyone is expected to be a good student. To some people, getting an A- is like getting an F, while to some people getting a C- is like getting an A. Some people are better suited for academic success, others are better for trade school or no college at all.

  • Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset

    Even if your academic abilities are poor it doesn't just stop there. You can still cultivate your mind to let it grow. A person with a fixed mindset will live his life thinking he's dumb. A person with s growth mindset will take the chance to improve and sort of become intelligent.

  • It is bad

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  • It is bad

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  • It's not necessary

    If one is good in other fields rather than studies so it doesn't mean he could not get success in life. He could get success if he do some hardwork in that field in which he is interested. Study is not only key of success. We have many examples regarding it.

  • LITERALLY people should realize this

    Being academically qualified

    Doesn't mean that you will certainly achieve success. There are still many factors that will decide whether one will succeed or not - be it good character, good leadership skills or being morally upright. For example, if you are those who have bad attitude but academically qualified, the employer will most likely not employ/hire you

  • EQ not IQ Indicates Success

    I'm forty-three years of age, having a Masters degree, having had good grades all of my life. I have not been able to get a job that pays more than the average high school drop out. I often see people whom I have trained skyrocket above me in promotions. I have never in my life been promoted. Of late, I have been reading how EQ is far more important than IQ in determining whether someone is successful in life. Perhaps high schools should incorporate social skills classes? Yet, even that would be just another grade, unless put into practice in real life.

  • Academics don't cover everything

    I'm not talking about EDUCATION, here. I'm talking about ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE. Your education (home, school, experiences) will influence how good you are in life. Your academic performance is not ample enough to actually evaluate how well you will do; I would go so far as to say that it doesn't even indicate how well you'll do.

  • Every child is special in one or the other way

    Everyone should understand every child has a special quality in them and parents are the one who should help them to find it. Academics are also important but not the only key to open the door of every job. Children should be inspired to do something new and special so that they will always feel proud and will not regret in future.

  • Our current education system is nothing more than liberal mental masturbation

    People attracted to academia are mostly liberals who do not want to practice discriminatory thought. When you are tenured and have no profit motive forcing you to be right you get the liberal cesspool we have today in colleges. Instead of empowering students with the knowledge to become their own person they espouse useless socialist communist garbage enslaving an entire generation to servitude to the parasitical government tit.

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