• Oysters are yummy

    Why kill and oyster if oyster are needed by ad drunken sailor.

    The word oyster is used as a common name for a number of different families of saltwater clams, bivalve molluscs that live in marine or brackish habitats. In some species the valves are highly calcified, and many are somewhat irregular in shape. Many, but not all, oysters are in the superfamily Ostreoidea.

  • Yes, adoption is better

    Adoption still gives the child a chance of becoming something, so it isn't difficult to make a case for it being the superior option. It's a shame the process is as complicated as it is so that it cannot be utilized more often, adoption provides a lot of opportunities that otherwise would not happen.

  • Yes, it sure is, everyone benefits.

    Not only is adoption a good alternative; it's an excellent alternative. Many, many families are looking to adopt; why waste a life for nothing? An expectant mother who feels she has no options will feel great about having provided this gift of life to others. This is a solution to the dilemma of unwanted pregnancy that everyone can be happy with.

  • Of Course It Is.

    Of course adoption is a good alternative to abortion. One of the two involves killing a human being, while another is simply sending that person off to be taken care of by someone else. If it were me, I would much rather be in the latter group instead of the former.

  • Adoption is a great alternative to an abortion.

    Life is precious. It does not matter if this life came about because of foolish mistakes, unbridled passion, or even rape. I understand that pregnancy is a harsh reminder of mistakes or violence when it is an unwanted pregnancy, but murder is not the answer. If you would not kill your next door neighbor, your sibling, or even a stranger at the grocery store, why do you feel justified in killing an innocent child? If you cannot go through with the parenting part of being pregnant, then it is a woman's duty to go through the pregnancy and give the child to a couple who can raise the baby in a loving household. Anything less than this is murder.


    Bill Gates. George Washington. Justin Beiber. Even you would have never done anything great if you had been aborted. The thousands of children adopted every year are received from parents that may not be able to provide for the kid, in to the arms of willing parents, willing parents that can provide for their child, and who may not be able to have kids otherwise. You can't take a human's life, a human's potential, just because you are afraid of your reputation. Adoption is a way better alternative to abortion.

  • It's an alternative to parenting, not pregnancy.

    As a hypothetical scenario, if I got pregnant, I'm not going to remain pregnant against my will just because 'someone else might want it.' There are plenty of babies already available out there, why take the fetus that I don't want to give birth to?

    Pregnancy isn't a breeze like a lot of Anti-choicers seem to think. It's painful, it's costly, and if you're forced into taking maternity leave, then it's just hell. It's also risky to the life of the person carrying a fetus, right up to the birth.

    Not to mention, if the baby is anything other than white, able-bodied and neurotypical, they are much less likely to be adopted. They'll be left to rot in the system until they are kicked out at eighteen to make room for other low-priority babies. I know this is not always the case, but why put someone through that?

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GothSkunk says2013-02-22T07:59:14.973
I dislike the wording of the question. It implies that abortion is an unacceptable alternative.