Is advanced technology invading our freedom to think and work?

  • Google, Wikipedia and Me

    When was the last time you genuniely did your homework on your own? Without google or wikipedia or the internet in general? I feel like when we are confronted with a question, instead of facing it, analysing it and then finding an answer to it, we turn to SIRI. We dont think anymore... We just turn to the internet for a quick and easy solution.

  • Why, yes Watson.

    Studies have shown that 65% of people admit to spending more time on a computer than with their families. Think! These surveys primarily target adults. What about teens and kids that are growing up with this kind of technology. I mean some adults turn kids to an Internet source for information now a days.

  • Advancement in technology is making us stupid

    Technology is making us stupid. Technology is now the ‘brains’ of us. To get somewhere, to have something, no longer requires abstract, creative thinking. Cars are our means of transport, fastfood takeaways are our food source, water at our fingertips, entertainment of all sorts (TV, playstation, internet) keep us from boredom. We no longer have that desire or need to survive, to think how to get food, to find shelter. Our lifestyle lets us work, get paid, with all our needs met from money. Thinking of how to strategically catch our own food is now replaced with wondering what food you feel like for dinner. Technology is just an easy way out of the hardships of survival (which required thinking) to let us comfortably do leisure stuff instead. With all our needs met, the only way of becoming smarter is by gaining all the past centuries knowledge (which is A LOT) and which takes time, and then building on that. And that choice lies on the individual. What would you pick? Comfortably keep living as there is no pressure of dying anymore or actually choose to learn more though unnecessary knowledge and discover new unfound things. Only a few in this world are scientists, the rest? Probably the person reading this, yes the person comfortable sitting and enjoying their pleasure on the internet.

  • Family is our world

    When people use technology alot they forget to spend time with their family or friends, they get sleep patterns and their brain gets damaged.
    …….Just because of technology relationships get destroyed and families can also get separated, people get lost in their mobiles and don’t care about their family or anyone else! Technology means the world to those people and they can’t live without it.

  • Man dies from playing an online game with no breaks

    Doctors say the cause of death is heart failure and it gave up because it was too tired to carry on. Technology limits our imagination and our knowledge all becomes dependent on google for answers. Yes technology is not bad if we use it correctly and time manage it correctly

  • Look what you're typing in now.

    Technology encumbers the mind from freedom, creativity, imagination and so forth in a subtle way. You may not have detected the folly of it yet, but mankind foolishly is now depending on their devices for entertainment. From there, they believe applications on their mechanism are "awesome", when really, their creativity and imagination is not exposed because they application or website exhibits enough of it. Technology limits thought as well. Instead of thinking why this is this or why that is that, they instead google the answers to questions instead of spend time thinking about it theirselves. That's not how life works, guys. Don't always depend on others for assistance because that source may not last forever and it's better to think about it for yourselves. You have a brain, use it, damnit.

  • Technology such as the internet is weakening us.

    Researcher Wan-Sen Yan from ResearchGate says that "Compared to non-addicted subjects, subjects with severe Internet addiction (10% of the sample) had worse family functioning, lower extroversion, higher neuroticism, and a history of more stressful life events." This shows that if one if addicted to the use of technology, he/she will suffer in the end.

  • Just look around you.

    Everything we see and do nowdays involves technology. Don't you think it is such a shame that we are so dependant on technology for survival? Imagine a world without it. Well that would be hard, wouldn't it? Children no longer play like they used to as there is not that interaction between them which gave them imagination. No, it appalls me to observe children dully looking at their phone screens, texting or simply taking pictures of themselves and not interacting physically at all. This is such a loss for the human race. In addition, advancing technology also reduces our freedom to think as EVERYTHING is made easier for us, we live so much more comfortably. Furthermore, many cultures and traditions are lost because of it as we now have available sources at the click of a finger, hence why should we bother? It has definately also reduced human freedom as we are tracked easily. Now with our phones or through the media people know everything about us so what freedom is there?

  • Advancement in technology

    And did you know that technology advancement is also the cause of many health issues.Children have stopped taking part in physical games and are stuck to their mobile phones and i pads,and they are also glued to the internet.Now you can see that how technology has ruined our precious relationships.

  • It isn't in control

    Technology is like a glove, its useless without a humans using it or in technology's case, a human programming it, people decided not to put it down but it doesn't mean they cant. This relies on the persons psychological strength. People need to learn to develop the skill to lose habits because technology addiction can be considered as habit

  • Advanced technology is not invading our freedom to think and work, because it is just a tool.

    Advanced technology is just a tool which humans use to make work easier. On a very basic level, is it easier and faster to move dirt with your hands, a shovel, or a bulldozer? With computers, we perform calculations that would take hours or days using pencil and paper. Computers give us access to massive amounts of data instantly, speeding up our thinking process.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Advanced technology is not taking over us, but rather helping us make life easier to live.

    We have automatic sprinklers in our homes, making us a bit safer than in the earlier centuries, when one had to run down to the creek and fetch water to put out the fire in his neighbor's house. While technology can have an adverse effect on humanity, it is better if we understand it and use it to our advantage. Compare countries that have embraced the use of technology (U.S. and Japan), and countries that have suppressed its citizens from advancing (North Korea and Afghanistan). While some of these countries have other issues hindering them from moving forward, if they were allowed to freely embrace technology, they will grow.

    Posted by: JaggedGiuseppe
  • Advanced technology is not invading our freedom to think and work, because it is instead helping our abilities.

    With advanced technology comes a better ability to perform our work and increase our thinking. Yes, we now have computers that will do our simple tasks, along with some of the more difficult ones. However, as human beings, we still need to understand how the tasks are done in order to satisfy our insatiability for knowledge. Also, since computers cannot build themselves, we will always need those with the intelligence and talent to build and program them to do these tasks.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • Technology is a Choice

    Technology is not invading freedom if someone thinks that it is then they don't have to use technology. Technology is a resourceful source that can help in many situations that they didn't have back in the old days. People don't use technology just foe social media or texting friends, people use technology for that and help if needed with homework, etc. People can have technology it is not invading our freedom to think and work.

  • Technology has taken over

    Although technology has been said to ruin the minds of the young, it is really just changing the way they think. Technology isn't necessarily a bad thing, it helps us with our lives and speeds up progress. Only if people choose to misuse it, they will experience the bad side of technology.

  • Is this motion ligit?

    Freedom is a hollow word unless a defined limit is given to it. Freedom lets say in this case is to be creative, be able to invent and be able to perform tasks. Moving on to my first point- creativity: Technology doesn't intrude here but it provides the basement. Can you make the Guggenheim Museum if the thought of cladding had not come first? Technology inspires the next new technological advancement. To be able to invent, electronic devices allow research to be documented, software allow us to try and in NO WAY abstains our path to invention. Allow us to work- seriously, how can technology hinder work? No one will know better than anyone who works that every job requires technology. Computers, iPads, software etc.

  • Technology is changing our way of working and thinking, not invading it.

    People today may think that technology today is invading our working and thinking, but honestly, it is just making it better. Most people just are not used to the news ways of working and thinking, so they are logically resorting to their instinct of being afraid of concepts they are not completely knowledgeable about.

  • No i dont think so

    It is upto our view or way to use a thing either in a positive way or negative way. As it is said that every coin has two side ; so everything has positive as well as negative aspescts .Why do we always see the negative aspect we oftenly say to think positive then why not apply it evrywhere??? We should use it in a positive way. And moreover it has helped as a lot in daily as well as professional life. We can take many examples like vedio chatting it helps us to connect with relatives far away and we can have meetings with those sitting on the other side of earth instead of wasting our time and money just to travel for a single metting .So i strongly believe that it not invading our freedom to think and work.

  • It isn't in control

    Technology is like a glove, its useless without a humans using it or in technology's case, a human programming it, people decided not to put it down but it doesn't mean they cant. This relies on the persons psychological strength. People need to learn to develop the skill to lose habits because technology addiction can be considered as habit

  • Paralysed yet still happy!

    Technology is good! Which is certainly true for Barry West.
    17 years ago he was a fit and healthy teenager, until a road accident left him paralysed from the neck down. For the last thirteen years he has lived independently, and relies heavily on technology for his day-to-day living and to stay in touch with family and friends .He also uses the internet to help others with spinal injuries.
    “I’ve started using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, I’ve done a website as well to show people that people like myself having an injury are not sort of closed in even though they might feel alone at home sometimes.”

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