Is advanced technology invading our freedom to think and work?

  • Yes it is!

    Pakistan's national poet Allama Iqbal says that: the machines are the death of the heart of man.
    I completely agree that technologies are ruining not only human relationships but also our entire thinking spectrum. People of the modern era are comparatively very narrow minded than our elders.
    So in a way it is ruining our entire lives!

  • Check the terms

    Just checked the terms for Apps by Facebook, Google, YouTube etc, and they ALL can basically take control of your devices and access most if not all of your private info. If you want to read about the future, read the book The Circle by D Eggars, it's scary because we are nearly there!!

  • Technology is taking over lives

    Technology is taking over our lives gradually with all the phones and tablets and everything. We are spending more time on facebook and youtube and google more than we are viewing the outside world. Instead of listening and paying attention to like for example a concert we are recording them on electronic devices instead of enjoying the moment

  • Technology is what it is

    No one can get rid of it without major problems. Many people can't survive without it. It has helped education and made research easy. Arguments can be solved with a few clicks of an iphone. Sure bad things can happen through technology but bad things happen no matter what! Long live properly used technology.

  • Technology is what it is

    No one can get rid of it without major problems. Many people can't survive without it. It has helped education and made research easy. Arguments can be solved with a few clicks of an iphone. Sure bad things can happen through technology but bad things happen no matter what! Long live properly used technology.

  • The internet kills privacy

    Since the internet appears, the world we live in seems to become smaller.
    So everyone knows everyone, what he/she has done, which kind of site he/she goes often. What we thought will be a revolution, is becoming a spy that destroys our privacy. This was planned by governments to have a better control on population. What Orson Wells wrote in 1984 is starting to happen.

  • Not everyone is that addicted to technology

    Technology is just fr making our life easier so we don't have to to all the complicated thinking. It doesn't mean our minds are deteriorating, only thing is that we must no lose focus of the basic things to know which is why we still have schools. If we didn't have schools, the new generation will have minds equal to a potato. Not everyone in the world is so addicted to gadgets that they will sacrifice anything to be able to use wi-fi.

  • Facilitation of life

    Using advanced technology is equivalent to the facilitation of life. How many of us have texting in our phone plans? How many texts are made each day? It may be hard to believe, but in real life we've become unsocial-able despite the term"Social Networking" labeling the way we communicate with each other in the 21st century. How many of us use Facebook? Twitter? How many hours of your life have you spent on the internet that you could have spent face-to-face with your friends? It's this age's fad; however, it's ruining our lives as we become dependent on searching Google and/or other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc. I doubt you have at least once thought of plagiarizing other's works found on the internet. Technology advancements birthed the existence of Music/Media/Game pirates. Everything we do kill ourselves bit by bit. Technology allows us to lie to ourselves and find excuses to use our new devices. It's more efficient to write digitally on an iPad and not on paper? Waste Paper? KILL TREES? USING THE DEVICES IS SUPPORTING THE MANUFACTURING OF THESE HARMFUL DEVICES. Radiation kills. We are using up all the resources that are not limitless. Cities are growing. There will be no more suburban areas. No place to farm. We will soon eat synthesized fruits and vegetables. Global Warming. Power Plant failures. Air pollution. Killing nature...

  • Yes it is true

    Yes because from these things people get many bad education from these things laptop ,computer,
    mobile ,etc. We get radiation rays which harm our brain and can damage it very truly said that education by technology can harm every human body so you should avoid technology use . Technology is a best use ofwork but we should use it very less.

  • You all suck

    Of course it is because people are reading less and less every day and year. I agree with what some people have said, where they still read, but is that enough? People are able to read on electronic devices now as well! That makes the other argument null and void.

  • Advanced technology is not invading our freedom to think and work, because it is just a tool.

    Advanced technology is just a tool which humans use to make work easier. On a very basic level, is it easier and faster to move dirt with your hands, a shovel, or a bulldozer? With computers, we perform calculations that would take hours or days using pencil and paper. Computers give us access to massive amounts of data instantly, speeding up our thinking process.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Advanced technology is not taking over us, but rather helping us make life easier to live.

    We have automatic sprinklers in our homes, making us a bit safer than in the earlier centuries, when one had to run down to the creek and fetch water to put out the fire in his neighbor's house. While technology can have an adverse effect on humanity, it is better if we understand it and use it to our advantage. Compare countries that have embraced the use of technology (U.S. and Japan), and countries that have suppressed its citizens from advancing (North Korea and Afghanistan). While some of these countries have other issues hindering them from moving forward, if they were allowed to freely embrace technology, they will grow.

    Posted by: JaggedGiuseppe
  • Advanced technology is not invading our freedom to think and work, because it is instead helping our abilities.

    With advanced technology comes a better ability to perform our work and increase our thinking. Yes, we now have computers that will do our simple tasks, along with some of the more difficult ones. However, as human beings, we still need to understand how the tasks are done in order to satisfy our insatiability for knowledge. Also, since computers cannot build themselves, we will always need those with the intelligence and talent to build and program them to do these tasks.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • Paralysed yet still happy!

    Technology is good! Which is certainly true for Barry West.
    17 years ago he was a fit and healthy teenager, until a road accident left him paralysed from the neck down. For the last thirteen years he has lived independently, and relies heavily on technology for his day-to-day living and to stay in touch with family and friends .He also uses the internet to help others with spinal injuries.
    “I’ve started using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, I’ve done a website as well to show people that people like myself having an injury are not sort of closed in even though they might feel alone at home sometimes.”

  • Technology is not a creature.

    We control technology. It's the same thing with the media and politics. Plenty of people fall into what society's roles are said to be, but that does not mean that we have to fall into that set guidelines. Technology helps culture advance as a whole. There are several things to be solved through technology and with such inventions that stem from technology, we ourselves our inhibiting our potential for freedom. And honestly, the lack of policing of the internet is exactly freedom.

  • Technology isn't taking over

    Without technology we wouldn't be saving lives and trying to prevent cancer!! This stuff would go on without it. We are exploring new worlds and new places. If people are over using that's on them! We need it and without it we would loose millions of things!! So what if kids don't know how to wright at first, they will learn with help from teachers! I didn't know how to wright when I was little and now I can!! This came from the help of my parents, teachers, and TECHNOLOGY!! Technology is not over running our lives it is helping us!! If we would learn how to use it and have a healthy balance of using it and going out side and doing something active it would be better.

  • What? You think tech is invading our freedom and work?

    Tech is invading our freedom to think? Of course not, before tech what did we have? Wars and slavery and you think that technology is making it worse, thanks to technology we have cures for sicknesses we have things that not only improve our grammar but also helps us work also texting is good rather than doing nothing you could be writing on youre phone which improves grammar, thank you

  • Technology is here to stay

    Technology isn't the problem its you. You have the control to put down a device, but do you? Technology is growing and if you look around no one is going to let it go. If technology was taking over our lives, you would stop using it. You are the human, you are in control of what you want and don't want. This is the new age of humanity, the age where man LETS machine take over. I find it like power tools, if you are not in control of the tool it is in control. Trust me, it will make mistakes.

  • I don't believe that technology is curbing the creativity of people

    I feel that the technology is the result of the creativity of people. We started from a wheel and now have made cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. Isn't this drastic change the result of enhancement of a human's creativity? We say that children are getting affected with it but today most of the students are preparing for IIT, for nothing else but just to contribute their ideas, inventions for making some new technology only for the betterment of the society! It is all up to a person how he makes use of technology, but technology cannot make use of a person!

  • It is good!

    I think that advanced technology helps us even though sometimes it distracts us. Technology helps us do work faster and easier. With advanced technology things as we have now everything is better. It's not technologies fault we get distracted its our fault. Itching technology can keep in advancing. With new technology comes new accomplishments.

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