• Of course it is

    I think that affirmative action is very much morally justifiable. It makes sure that there is an equal laying field. Affirmative actions ensures that all people have an equal opportunity and a fair shot at something, no matter what their age, race, or sex is. I have no problem with it and don't see how someone could.

  • Needed to maintain an equal society

    I believe that overtime we may not need affirmative action. But right now, it is strongly argued that affirmative action is needed to maintain a diverse society. Despite the flaws in it's system, there are many valid points which come from affirmative action and it's benefits to society and individuals. Therefore, affirmative action is still needed to right a past wrong.

  • Yes, of course.

    It is a completely naive view to take to say affirmative action no longer has a place in society. Every sane person would agree that people should not be denied opportunities based on their race or gender. People who live in poverty are denied these opportunities because people do not realise how hard it is to break out of the poverty cycle by themselves. If you have grown up never having seen someone in your family get a job, how are you supposed to know being employed will improve your life? If you can't attend school everyday because of the health effects of living in an uninsulated house, how are you going to get the education required for a decent job? And finally, if you aren't white, how do you single-handedly overcome the racism existing in many workplaces? It has been shown that in many places, a fully qualified black person is less likely to be appointed than a white person with a criminal record. To say that affirmative action denies privileged people opportunities is moronic. Those who jump through the right hoops do not deserve more than those who are disadvantaged. An example - my teacher at school is black, and her best friend at school was caucasian. They both applied for medical school, getting the same marks on the test. My teacher got in because of special considerations for groups often discriminated against and her friend did not. Today, she has not continued with medicine, but her friend who first of all did not get into medicine now lectures in heart surgery, travels the world, and earns more than $1 million a year. This may seem like a one-off case but it is not. To suggest that affirmative action denies opportunities to privileged groups is in no way reflected in society. If this was the case, why are there so few doctors of ethnic minorities? Surely if affirmative action is irrelevant, 95% of CEOS would not be male. But they are, and to say affirmative action is immoral, or irrelevant, is ludicrous.

  • For the foreseeable future, yes.

    AA is necessary until an equal society has been achieved. We see that racist and sexist discrimination takes place when employers review applications; subconsciously preferring to choose candidates whose name suggests that they are first white, and second male. Females and PoC have been shown to be selected less if their name identifies them as such.
    It seems to me that some deeper social issues need to be tackled before AA could considered up for revision.
    As a sidenote: White racism does NOT exist, at least not in the western world, and those who say they are victims of it are an insult to the victims of real racism.

  • Yes it is, it counteracts injustice.

    Affirmative action policies are justifiable as long as they are reasonably put into place. They are justified because they are used to counteract unjust aspects of society that have been created and perpetuated by racism, socioeconomic inequality, and lack of opportunities for minorities. It is preferable to create a more equal society, and that is what affirmative action sets out to do.

  • Discrimination by race, sex, for any reason is not tolerable

    Alternatively, a similar approach that focuses on helping those who are economically disadvantaged should better help those minorities who are really disadvantaged. However, this will not serve the agendas of high class minorities who simply want an unfair advantage for themselves . The last thing they want is for the minorities who are truely disadvantaged to get ahead of themselves.

  • Affirmative action is no longer a fair concept

    No, affirmative action is not morally justifiable in today's world. There is no slavery and the working generation to has had the opportunity to gain an education and compete evenly with everyone else on the same playing field. Affirmative action would give one group an advantage over another and this is morally wrong and not justifiable.

  • It is racism

    As one wise man once said: "I have a dream that one day my children will not be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character." I would be interested to hear MLK's view on affirmative action, as it goes against everything he stood for.

  • Age, race, sex

    "Affirmative actions ensures that all people have an equal opportunity and a fair shot at something, no matter what their age, race, or sex is"...Therefore, no matter what, we shouldn't include age, race, or sex on any list of qualifications. Affirmative action is reverse discrimination. Instead, we should include income and area of residence as a way of filtering for AA.

  • Discrimination to correct discrimination? MADNESS!?

    The very notion of AA is horrifying, denying opportunities to those who would have gotten it purely by their own merit? I'm sorry i think not. A friend of mine got 95% for his international matric exam and could not get into his chosen university because it was filled with people who got in through affirmitive action? Im sorry this sort of thing is far from moral.

  • The question is bogus because justification and morality are two different things.

    Affirmative Action is obviously immoral, because the morality of an action is not determined by the sex, race, etc. Of the victim. Everyone agrees that discrimination is immoral. So the question should ask whether AA is justifiable.

    The question of justification is irrelevant. Punishing people based on sex, race, etc. Is immoral and should not be tolerated in a modern society. Eye-for-an-eye justice has not been considered justifiable since the Bronze Age. At that time xenophobia and genocide were also deemed justifiable. There is no way such an immoral law can be justified in a modern society. It is ridiculous.

  • Not anymore, no.

    I think that in the past, affirmative action had a place in the world and was the right policy to put into place. As time has gone on, it is no longer something that we should use, since it reverse discriminates against people who have done nothing wrong at all.

  • Affirmative action was only justified in the past.

    Twenty or more years ago, affirmative action was necessary in order to account for wrongdoings done in that past. However, in recent years, acts of serious racism have declined greatly. By making it easier on minorities you are only punishing well behaved majority persons who had nothing to do with the crimes committed in the past.

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