• It increases misguided policy

    Everyone here is missing the point completely
    it's not just that it gets intercepted by the corrupts in Africa.
    The government itself gets dependent on the help they will receive when they make a mistake. James Shikwati, who heads the Inter Region Economic Network, a Kenyan NGO, says drought aid to his country in the 1990s "killed production" in many areas and increased dependency. Aid can also encourage misguided policies. Mr Shikwati says this has been the case in Ethiopia, where farmers are not allowed to own land. Instead of introducing reforms, he notes, the government appeals for aid. When donors respond, Mr Shikwati says, "they are subsidising a government policy that makes it difficult for people to be productive". It's from BBC news
    and it's correct
    it is making people suffer more from the temporary help they are going to receive.

  • Africans have grown to depend on foreign aid.

    Now Africans have grown to depend on foreign aid rather than doing things for themselves. The help that we get has made us very dependent, thus we are lazy to do anything for ourselves. Further more, foreign aid has been a path used for exploitation of our minerals. All the countries that help know that they will benefit from that.

  • Yes, direct aid does not help much.

    The most effective kind of aid is when nonprofit organizations and volunteers go to Africa and help people set up more effective communities, provide education, and "teach a man to fish" rather than just giving a handout. One of the problems with Africa is that much of the aid given is provided directly to governments rather than people, and since the leaders are rich and corrupt, the help never makes it to those in need.

  • Better live for Africa

    Because aid give them possibility to better live. With aid they can buy fresh food and water which give them energy to life. If we give them some money we don't lose too much but we give them most important things. All people have to help Africa in their poverty.

  • They do not have anything to eat

    How can they work on themselves if they have nothing to eat? Most of they can not even write or read so how do you expect them to earn on themselves? We should help them in education and give them a food aid.That is why I think that helping is important.

  • Economy&business in africa

    Money which we give them help for the short period of time. If they develop, they will have money, occupation and food. Plantantions, tourism and diamond mines should develop. If we help them to develop, they will have money for a longer time and they will be richer. We could save their lives

  • Help is not needed for these countries.

    These countries need to be independent and work on their own infrastructure by themselves. If we don't stop giving them aid how can we expect them to ever move on as an independent country? We need to stop giving them aid so that they can become independent countries and we can stop having to pay millions of dollars every year, and so the bills will go down for the rest of our country. And that's all I have to say about that.

  • Yes, in most situations

    Most of the time the aid is intercepted by corrupts, but when it does not the money going to the people would increase dependency upon this aid. Sending aid to Africa in most situations would just make it worst, and at best create dependency on other countries. We need to help them work for themselves, sending money will not help but actually hurt.

  • Only if Despots Get Hold of It

    Aid to Africa only does more harm than good if despotic leaders get a hold of it. Eventually, foreign investors will have to make Africa the next China as labor costs rise in Asia. Africa is the last next huge labor pool over the next 20 years, so aid to Africa by charitable organizations won't be such a big deal.

  • Blehhhhhh blehhhhh blehhhh

    I don't believe that aid is doing more harm than good in africa, but only if it is changed. AFrica needs a lot of help, but the flawed way that the other countries are doing it will not do a thing. THings need to change and that should be something we can all agree on.

  • No, aid to Africa is not doing more harm than good.

    No, I don't believe that foreign aid is doing more harm than good in Africa. Foreign aid has always been a politically-charged issue, because of the fact that countries like the U.S. are sending foreign aid to places like Africa which don't give us anything in return as far as trading or support goes. However, when looking at Africa and the countries receiving aid, the detractors who are against aid say that the majority of aid being sent to these countries are being intercepted by the corrupt leaders of the country, when most of the time these claims are flat out false.

  • If Even One Person's Life is Saved, Aid is Worth It

    Aid to Africa isn't doing more harm than good. People's lives are being saved while at the same time citizens are becoming educated in modern concepts of math, science and medicine. There are corrupt regimes who will take the aid and use it for their own gains. But not everyone is like that.

  • No, Aid to Africa is Not Doing More Harm than Good

    While it's true that not all relief organizations are created equal, aid to Africa does save lives. It is impossible to put a value on those lives. There may be more effective ways of handling the aid to Africa and better ways of making sure that it is not abused, but until those ways are implemented, we must continue to believe that caring is better than not caring.

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