• Uses race to build his base

    Not only does that rhyme, it's true. He uses his own skin color to Garner support for his overtly racially charged agenda. His preachings is of a ABM and not a true Christian. I don't know how someone like him is still taken seriously today. It's saddening. Three more words.

  • Sharpton huge racist

    All you have to do is listen to him. You don't need me to explain. He doesn't preach love one another, he preaches hate anyone that isn't black. This country will be a better place without him and others that spread racism. They are the ones to make it harder to love and understand each other regardless of race.

  • No, Al Sharpton isn't racist.

    Al Sharpton isn't racist. He grew up in a time when segregation was still in full effect and was the victim of a lot of prejudice. The effects of that don't leave a person quickly. If he talks about inequality that black people or people of other races or gays and lesbians suffer, it is because he knows the equality first hand. He isn't racist because he points out other people's racism and I've never heard him say anything disparaging about any other race.

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