• Alcohol a serious problem

    Yes, alcohol poisoning is a serious problem. Alcohol in general is a serious problem. Alcohol may be the most deadly legal drug there is. People overindulge all the time and face very few consequences for their choices. The overindulgence causes serious health problems for the individual, but also causes great harm to the community.

  • alcohol does damage

    No one thinks alcohol is a problem unless you are one of the millions struggling with alcoholism. Once alcohol has its grip on you it is no different than someone addicted to cocaine or crack. You can drink until your body is poisoned, which unfortunately many college freshman learn the hard way. It is a very serious problem.

  • Yes, alcohol poisoning lacks public awareness and can cause life-long health problems.

    Alcohol poisoning is a short-time consequence of heavy alcohol abuse that can lead to enduring health problems, mental health problems or even death. In the college community especially, young people lack awareness of alcohol poisoning as a consequence of short-term alcohol abuse such as binge drinking at a party or at fraternity rushes.

  • Alcohol is addicting.

    Alcohol poisoning is a very serious problem because it can lead to death. It is an especially serious danger for young people who don't understand the power of alcohol and do not use wisdom when drinking. If someone is prone to alcohol addiction, alcohol poisoning can ruin their body and ruin their life.

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