• Alcoholism creates myriad problems.

    Alcoholism a real social problem because people make terrible mistakes under the influence of alcohol. They encourage others and pressure them to drink -- such as at college parties, they also induce harm with health effects. And finally they threated to tear family and friends apart with fights -- both verbal and physical.

  • Yes, alcoholism is a real social problem

    Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of people in the world. Those who deal with alcoholism have a life-long battle to attempt to control the urges to drink. Those who cannot control their alcoholism face many problems with the effects of their drinking, as do the people who come in contact with them directly and indirectly. Alcoholism contributes to many social problems such as car accidents caused by DUI, companies with workers who call in sick due to drinking, and families who deal with the stigma that an embarrassing parent or child on a drinking binge can cause. There is also the financial problems of the physical effects of drinking. The countless trips to doctors and emergency rooms, and the high cost of treatment for liver transplants for people who have destroyed their livers due to too much alcohol consumption.

  • Yes, alcoholism is a real social problem.

    Yes, alcoholism is a real social problem and there are few people that would argue against this. It is clear that alcohol addition destroys lives and communities. The real argument is how society should combat alcoholism. The answer does not lie in prohibition or excessive sin (excise) taxes, but in education.

  • Yes, alcoholism is a real social problem.

    I definitely think that alcoholism is a real social problem. I think that some people really need to get help on their issues with alcohol. I also think that society seems to put a great emphasis on alcohol being a main part of socializing. People should stop making it so important.

  • It's A Personal Problem

    I believe alcoholism is a personal problem, not a social problem. Alcoholism should be looked at like a medical disease or maybe a genetic condition, since we don't know exactly what causes it yet. I think taking it on as a social problem is pointless. We do need to tackle this problem, but through proper medical care, both body and mind.

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