• Absolutely, Amazon Prime is worth it

    I don't see how Amazon can afford to even offer Amazon Prime. I buy about a book a week from Amazon and get free shipping on all those books after paying an initial fee of about $75 a year. That is an absolutely incredible value. Plus, Amazon is linked to a whole network of small, used book stores. I don't see how Amazon's competition stay in business.

    Posted by: cs2
  • I believe that Amazon Prime is worth it if....

    I believe that Amazon Prime is a very valuable service. I believe that Amazon Prime is worth it if
    you are buying or selling a large amount of items for your own personal
    usage. Amazon prime offers free shipping,
    but users are prohibited from using this free shipping for commercial purposes.

  • Yes - the savings on shipping alone

    I am an Amazon Prime member and I have saved enough on the free 2-day shipping option available to you as a Prime member to make it worth it. ON top of that you can stream movies with ease. For me though, the most compelling reason to sign up for Prime was the free 2-day shipping. Since I order from Amazon on a frequent basis, that has more than paid for the $60 annual membership.

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