Is AMC's The Walking Dead the best show on TV?

Asked by: Gwydion777
  • Walking Dead is great because of the suspense, drama, and best of all the zombie apocalypse.

    The show is a bit gruesome, but it is a pleasure to be seen. Every Sunday night I cuddle up and get ready for some zombies, mankind meltdown, and the conflict between Rick and the new world of zombies. I guarantee anyone who watches the show will have a great time.

  • I don't match much else. Not enough TV shows i like.

    I watch top gear (uk), Attenborough docs, and football (soccer). That is all I watch regularly these days. The Walking dead is the most interesting drama since Lost I think and better if I may so so myself. There are too many soap operas, music channels, reality shows, talent contest shows, and other tripe on TV. Good dramas are rare and good zombie ones even rarer.

  • It is not the best show on TV

    The is very repetitive with boring over dramatic dialogue. It has the tendency to kill of characters that the fan's like, making it more and more boring. Worst of all, it has a source but decides to remain very unloyal to it. If you are going to make a show based off of a comic book series, at least try to remain loyal a little. Overall it's way to dramatic and repetitive.

  • I don't think so.

    The Walking Dead was a decent zombie show when it started, but now it is just too repetitive. Every episode starts out with something from before/the beginning of the outbreak, then bores you with meaningless dialogue to pass the time. Then, zombies! The episode concludes with some cliffhanger to get people to watch the next episode. The whole 'zombie' idea has been used way too much recently.

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