• America is a Great Country.

    America has the world's largest economy and its education system is the envy of the world. It is a popular country with a high quality of life. Many people visit the country and try to immigrate to the country every year. Clearly, it is a great and popular country in the world.

  • America is great.

    There are definite problems with America, I won't argue that, but there is also a lot of greatness in America as well. Overall it is a great country. It promotes freedom (usually) and there are a lot of good people here. It is a very diverse country and this makes it great as well.

  • America is a broken nation.

    There are many aspects of America that either need to be improved and / or changed; these are just a few:

    1. The people - they are egotistical beings with no concern or knowledge of other countries; they think America is the best, even though it is not. Because of their huge egos, it is no wonder why Americans appear dumb to other people of different ethnicities; they know nothing of the outside world.

    2. Politics - especially when America has a clown like Donald Trump running for president, how can America be a great country? Honestly, why even vote for people that do not deserve or stand a chance of winning in the general elections? More importantly though, American politics are a bunch of lies. America is ruled by rich, wealthy people; America is not a democracy, but rather an aristocracy. To some (like the rich), America's system is perfect, but for most, the system is completely broken. Even then, America lies to its citizens; take the pentagon papers for example. Published in 1971, the pentagon papers contained the truth of America's involvement in the Vietnam war, meaning that up until the papers were published, the government has been feeding its people lies. Americans live in a state overrun by deception; take voting for instance - regardless of what Americans think, their votes will not change anything. Much thought has been put into preserving the participating politicians' wealth and power - in other words, the public doesn't "win" and the politicians don't "lose".

    3. Healthcare - although healthcare is one of the most important "privileges" a person should have access to anytime, America fails even in this aspect. Take the doctors; they're the reason as to why we even have superbugs like MRSA today. Doctors do not listen to their patients, nor do they even treat them correctly; as a result, Americans are often the victims of misdiagnosis and medication errors (going back to my point about MRSA, doctors used to and still occasionally prescribe unnecessary drugs and medicine to their patients). Healthcare in America is also very expensive; in fact, in 2015, 25% of Americans did not visit a doctor even when they were ill simply because they could not afford to; prices for healthcare in America can be as high as $6,697!

  • America is awful

    America is one of the only countries with health care, that isn't free. Almost every other country has health care. America is one of the top countries for obesity, suicides, and abuse. We think that we have to be skinny, and make up induced to be beautiful and it is not true. America used to be an amazing country but now it has gone into the shit hole.

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  • America is absolutely a horrible idea

    First of all most Americans are either obese or starving. Second of all only the rich get to call themselves Americans. Third of all there is discrimination towards gays, blacks, women and other ethnic groups. America is a horrible place to have children. Trust me I lived here all my life it stinks. America stands for Terrible. USA stands for ugly, stupid and abusive. I wish America didn't exist.

  • Au contraire, mon petit cherie

    America is probably the worst country, the only things america are really leading in is the number of fully grown adults who believe in angels, and military spending. Neither of these being "great" attributes
    basically, if there was a big red button that said
    i would tap dance on the button

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