• America is very sexist

    When we are looking into the sports of America, there are rarely any women's sports that are recognized as much as male sports. Softball and Baseball are a big one. Baseball is watched around the country and celebrated. Softball is barely recognized when there are girls that would be eligible to play baseball better then some of the men in the baseball league. Why shouldn't eligible Women be able to play Mens sports?

  • Yes,America is a sexist society.

    It's obvious that America is still a sexist society.Most positions of power are held by men and women only make a fraction of the pay of men.Decision making jobs in government are held by men so women are impacted indirectly because men rarely look out for their best interests when they are handing down laws that are supposed to impact men and women equally.

  • Obviously! America is very sexist

    If you look at the media: newspapers, twitter.... America is one of the less sexist societies of the world. But there are so many problems, that it seems ridiculous to list them all. Women have less pay than men (on average), they get ridiculous portrayals in the media, stupid twitter remarks about their appearance.... Only one woman is a head of a major (I mean very big) technological company...

  • Women are paid less than men. It sucks.

    Men are stupid, if they think they are the superior gender! Literally, if we wanted to continue the human race, we could kill all of the men, and store jars of sperm. Men can't try that. They can't store what we have. They would need us to keep the human race going. If you think about it, women are superior. Men can be so dense, and self centered!

  • Why I believe America is Sexist

    I am a woman in America and I believe it is very sexist You will rarely even find songs that aren't about how women are just sex objects in the media. It has gotten so bad that I get horribly pisst off at it, I am seriously considering moving to another country as soon as I can.

  • So sexist I cannot find a job.

    I think this is a very sexist country to reside in. I am 36 and can absolutely not find work. I learned a skill over four years ago, with two very young children. I also stayed up late reading complicated textbooks to do this.
    I went on one interview that was particularly bad. They gave me an I.Q. Test. Said my score was 'too low' and kicked me out of their Atlanta, Georgia office without speaking to me. I am still unemployed, but at least I wrote 1 book. I believe to this day the reason I am without work and the true reason I was not considered for the above mentioned position is because I, unfortunately, am female; thus many people consider me to be inferior in intelligence.

  • Um Objectification Anyone?

    Teenagers regularly get 10 hours and 45 minutes a day of media consumption a day but we have a media capitalism with white middle aged heterosexual men dominating. So women begin to think that body image is the most important thing so they lose all of their internal political efficacy. As of 2011 67 countries had female prime ministers or presidents but not America. America still has a culture of violence towards women as well. It's not as bad as say Saudi Arabia but we treat women badly in a different way, but that doesn't make it any better.

  • One of the worst in the world

    Spreading legs is the only way for a woman to succeed in the US. Women that have great careers in this country also have influential fathers, husbands or lovers. No other way around it. I would spend all day arguing my point, but I don't think the word limit will let me.

  • America is, in many ways, sexist.

    Though many other countries and governments may not treat each gender equally, America has a tend to be sexist and have the male gender become more and more "dominant". Studies have shown that women still make 30% less salary than males, even though they may work harder. Women should be treated equally to men. Many people still consider the male as the better gender. Males and females think differently, and just because they do, doesn't mean that the male is the dominant gender.

  • Yes, it still is in some ways.

    The good thing is that there are laws against sexism in the United States. However, that doesn't mean it is completely eradicated. There are still glass ceilings in place in some areas, and there is still unspoken prejudice that keeps women out of places where the power is brokered and the decisions are made.

  • There's,sadly, sexism in the salad bowl

    Thinking about it America is a bit sexist. If you read the pros comments then you'll see that there are a lot of sexism mostly seen on the internet, but it doesn't stop there! It's in our children too! Listen to what some girls have to say with the male friends "You can't hit me because I'm a girl!" To me, I kind of believe that a male hitting a female is wrong, but come on! What kind of a reason is that?! Not only that but do you see how some girls act around there guy friends? They act as if they are the dominant ones saying 'I can kick your *buns* anytime!' sometimes towards a male. They go even farther saying that girls go through more physical pain when guys need to put up with their loud and rough playing friends. Not only is it girls though, I believe that when guys think of girls they think of them as weak, always picking them last for a team sport (unless that girl shows great athletic abilities). And finally, the one that might take the cake in my argument, is the 'fight' between girls vs. Guys. Now let's not lie, people at least must've heard this once in their childhood. When kids think of teams they sometimes say GUYS VS. GIRLS! And when one of the teams win they say Girls/boy rule and girls/boys drool! Sounds sexist to me, how about you? Though, even if America is a bit sexist it is trying to make people equal.

  • America Not Sexist

    Overall I would have to say that America is not a sexist society. For the most part I feel that gender equality is firmly based in society. I do believe that there are a few men who cling to this problem and they can be found, but there are many women who occupy the same positions and make the same wages as men.

  • America is not a sexist.

    Although some instances of sexism remain in America today, it would be wrong to call the society as a whole sexist. Many other cultures are far more sexist than American society. Women enjoy almost total equality in America, and in some cases they are even treated better than men are.

  • America welcomes any kinds of people

    I don't think america is sexist country. In the Unites States we welcome people with different mind sets who wants to things their way. For example we can see all different genders working at any corporate here. In other words women and men get equal right and are treated with the same respect.

  • I'm sorry if you think it is.

    Many people think the U.S is a very sexist countries, but in reality it is one of the least sexist countries on this planet. In other countries women are raped and beaten and no one cares. Terrible things happen to women in other countries and most women here don't seem to care. Here they are much more worried about rude words and showing a woman the wrong way in media. Meanwhile other women are being raped and if they resist they are punished.

  • America is sexist... Against men.

    A Fact List.

    Women do not have to sign up for the draft in order to vote, enter federal programs or receive student loans. (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Selective_Service_System)

    Male genital mutilation is not protected at birth, I'm talking about circumcision. Comparatively it is illegal to mutilate women's genitalia period. (https://www.Law.Cornell.Edu/uscode/text/18/116)

    Men get longer jail time and harsher punishments for the same crimes committed by females. (http://www.Ifeminists.Com/introduction/editorials/2002/0423a.Html) <<<not the most reliable source, but it was from a feminist website, I couldn't resist.

    Women can choose parenthood, Im talking about abortions here. A women gets pregnant and he can get an abortion. The father has no legal say in the matter at all. (http://caselaw.Findlaw.Com/us-supreme-court/428/52.Html)

    Women can call unwanted or coerced sex rape, and be taken seriously. Similarly if a man had sex that was coerced, or unwanted later, he would not only be taken less seriously but would be condemned by a large majority of his fellow men. (http://www.Debate.Org/opinions/polls/is-female-on-male-rape-not-taken-as-seriously-as-male-on-female-rape) <<< This is from this site. Male rape victims are not taken seriously, especially if the perpetrator was a female.

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