Is America doomed this next election? There seem to be alot of distrust and worry about the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Asked by: ForGrowthOfMind
  • The United States is pretty much doomed at this point...

    The major problem with the United States government (and to any Americans out there, our government) is how there is corporate interest in it. Corporations pretty much control the government, and the American people's voices are not heard. If America is to survive, things need to change quick or else... Well, you get the point, we don't survive.

  • Perhaps, as a country we are seriously divided

    I'm not going to dive into my own beliefs here of what I consider right or wrong. But what I can say without a doubt is that the core of this country is changing, and I feel you have many fighting to keep it the way it was and the other half clawing for "progress".

    Post election, either candidate that stands in front of us will have a daunting task. Congress will fight either one, the people will fight either one. It will be up to the winning candidate to prove their worth, and it will be a difficult road.

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