• No Obligation to Tell Truth in News Media

    Without truth in the news media, we do not have an informed electorate. Without an informed electorate, we cannot make intelligent decisions to vote for what is best for our us and our country. With no obligation to tell the truth in the news media, misinformation has "dumbed down" every, single citizen who does not make the effort to research the truth of the news report.

  • In many ways.

    I do think that America often has the tendency to cater to the lowest common denominator. We promote a policy called no child left behind, that hurts our education system and makes it harder for the smarter students to be challenged. I think the cost of higher education has a lot to do with the perceived lack of intelligence. If education were more attainable, we would have more educated people.

  • Yes, America has become ignorant to the rest of the world.

    America has consumed itself in wealth and power so much that many things are being forgotten. "Dumbed down" doesn't even have to relate to school. It relates to family values and government. Over the years, many people have resorted to sex and drugs to replace the family who abandoned them or they just never had. We have no sense of family anymore and that proves how far we've dropped from family unit to rebellious individual.

    In addition, the government has kept more and more secrets from the public. What sort of government keeps things from its people? Its stupid and selfish to think that we're not getting stupider and more anti-social. Be honest with yourself. We all know it. Or have we gotten such fat heads that we've forgotten even this?

  • Not at All.

    America is by no means "dumbed down." Our higher education systems are flourishing, our technologies and industries are leading the world in innovation, and our scholars perpetually seek newer and better ideas. It may seem that certain pockets do drag our society down, but taken as a whole, our country has intellectual freedom to research, invent, and pursue dreams. How can that be interpreted as being dumbed down?

  • America is Not Dumbed Down

    America is far from being dumbed down these days. Technology is moving at a faster pace than ever before. People in America also have more resource to accomplish daily tasks and goals than they did in the past. Some people actually have a hard time keeping up. We are far from dumbed down.

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