• Yes, due to the legacy of slavery.

    He polls point to America splitting culturally into at least two counties. Red America is generally northern European by ethnicity and Evangelical by religion. The blue Americas are much more diverse and secular.

    As the Red American white Evangelical base continues to shrink relative to the rest, eventually they will become apocalyptic, with candidates running on the idea of 'saving America.' This will be their last bid for domination of the whole, of which they will be rebuffed at the polls. From there, they may turn to revolution = secession or overthrow of democratic government.

    As the South is increasingly a military-industrial stronghold (e.G. Boeing has been steadily moving its operations there the past 15 years), it acquired the means to militarily dominate the rest.

    Ultimately, regardless of what happens over this century, America is headed for a split.

    Break it up, dammit! Break it up.

  • Bipartisan politics and their influence through the media

    There is a deep political divide in the United States, and each party seems to be acting more and more radical every day. There are many issues that are causing this divide. The re-election of barack obama showed this. Not only was it almost a 50/50 vote, but the geographic state divide was almost a clear cut half. The Israeli-Palestine issue, the situation in Libya, the Newtown shootings and the questions they pose about gun control. Social issues like birth control and abortion, stall cell research, and marijuana also divide the two parties, and highlight opposing opinions in the population. And finally, there is the economy. Democrats and Republicans have extremely different views on how to handle the financial crisis, and their opinions vary so greatly that they would sooner risk falling off a"fiscal cliff" than give an inch to the other party. All this is going on , and meanwhile the government has a congress full of the opposing party. Basically, one of the two decision making bodies in the government is controlled by each party, and they stop each other from achieving anything.
    The media plays an important role. Each party has its respective news channels(I am not implying direct funding, although who knows), and other methods of disseminating their ideas among the population. A natural consequence of the bipartisanship is that the ideas then convey are extremely anti-opposition. Attack ads, slandering character, straw man arguments,biased reporting, and the like, are powerful tools through which the partys shape public opinion.

    These two factors, the aggressive, unrelenting, opposition hating political parties, and their inherent ability to shape public opinion through the media lead the nation on a course which ends in civil war.
    But don't trust me, I'm Canadian

  • Yes

    The government is believed to be so corrupt, that a civil war of some sort is imminent. The only way to start fresh is through force. I believe it will happen in my sons lifetime (he's 12). A lot of people go through life with blinders on, and don't see the big picture.

  • Subjugation of the Working Class

    When enough working class people wake up to the fact our monetary system is a rigged game created by a cabal of too-big-to-fail bankers, the game is over. Between to-big-to-fail bailouts and the ever growing welfare class, the average middle class citizen is carrying more and more of the load. The middle class are about to reach a critical mass of awakening; the middle class are about to reach a critical mass of tolerance for this type of criminality. The awakening cannot be stopped at this point. Be it war, false flags, or other diversionary tactics, the masses will not be fooled by the old tricks of the past. The people are fast becoming clear eyed about just how corrupt the federal government has become. Our corrupt federal government continues to collude with the military industrial complex and the banking institutions to sell the middle class into slavery. As in the movie, “A Bug’s Life”, when the Ants (working class America) realize that they outnumber the grasshoppers (federal government and power elite), a hundred to one, the gig is up!

  • No doubt about it.

    Has anyone ever wondered why so many people are moving to different states based upon political affiliation? Yes! Based upon political affiliation. This means our country is becoming more polarized ever than before. This being said eventually, this country will grow apart. At first it will be a peaceful separation between states and the union. Then eventually, both sides of the spectrum will become increasingly annoyed by each other decisions. After becoming annoyed, both sides will become aggravated. This in return will turn into betrayal. Lastly, betrayal will turn into hate, rage, and finally wrath. War will break out on a small scale and continue to grow until it is full fledged. Before you know it, so many people will dead it will be incomprehensible. If no dominant force emerges from the fog, both sides will have to come to an agreement of cease fire. In this case, there will battles between the rival countries unless a foreign entity takes over the entire continent.

  • Yes, I believe America is headed towards a split - maybe one that is more peaceful, but a split nonetheless.

    I do not believe the United States will split violently or that either half will wage war on the other half. However, it is clear that the different geographic regions of the United States have different political views. If it does split, the nations would probably be more efficient because of the lack of disagreement. Yes, I do believe the United States will split. No, I do not believe that there will be a war over it.

  • Our divergence is nearly complete.

    As a nation-state the United States will persist, but our illusion of freedom and self governance is quickly dissolving before our eyes. As a house divided we have made ourselves easy prey for a hostile corporate takeover. No amount of whining, rock throwing and dumpster fires can change the inevitable. Our corporate overlords will never let the rabble vote away their wealth and control.

  • Equal for all, but more for me, has failed.

    Think back to post WW2, back to the "economic" golden age of the US if you will. Sure, we had some recessions and economic stutters, but generally there was a common ground among the population with regards to the work force.

    You didn't strive for tenure at a minimum wage job. Moreover, you went into those jobs under certain circumstances, those being 1) you were young, 2) you were in college or 3) you needed extra income - either economic hardship or just trying to get a little extra.

    Another "given common place" among people was a general idea of a work ethic.The old "give it 110%" mentally coupled with the "if I'm 5 minutes early to work, I'm actually 10 minutes late". This is a rarity anymore to the point of borderline extinction.

    Referring back to the 50's I am not dismissing the civil hardships of minorities (races and even sex). However, it is not 1950, it is 2017. It has become socially acceptable to demonize a white male of unknown country origin or background in the US and blame him for hundreds of years of oppression, slavery and demand reparations. Don't believe me,http://m.Washingtontimes.Com/news/2017/jan/10/michael-eric-dyson-says-whites-should-keep-individ/.

    And this is not seen as racist, but as due justice. For what, well I have no idea as I had nothing to do with any of it, nor did any of my relatives, ever. Yet, the mob mentality that has been bred and fed is eating this up at such an alarming rate, no one cares what is true anymore. No one cares to research facts anymore, that's too much effort and 10 minutes is too long to not be angry at "someone or something".

    So yes, the US is clearly headed for another Civil War. I'm neither Rep or Dem, but what I've witnessed this passed election is nothing short of laughable from the Democratic party. Trump antics aside (OK he's an ass on Twitter... Ok he said "things" in the 80's and 90's.) Yes, time to move on and get over it as literally everyone has said and done "things" in their past.

    However, the Democratic party now.. Well, I'll start off with Hilary mocking Trump for saying "we'll see" when asked if he would accept the election results. Then, within 48 hours post election, she is backing Jill Stein (wtf, who came out of nowhere and had no chance, no business and iirc had no legal merit) in persuing a recount in several states. So she mocked Trump only to turn around and NOT accept the results.

    Another point, the term "hacking"... Oh my god.. This is why we are behind in the world of education. "Hacking" votes and "influencing" voters are entirely two different entities. However, trying to explain such a topic is harder than pulling teeth because people have their hands over their ears and are so focused on what is being "fed" to them by someone who said "we need to accept the election results".

  • Govt Has Already Been Over Thrown

    America has had a silent coup d'état and no one even noticed. America has been asleep while her government has been taken over by self-serving corrupt elements. Debt levels have been pushed so high any rational person would deduct they can never be paid back. Her population has been divided so disproportionately that those in need far out number those at the top.

    It sure feels like the kettle is boiling in America and Civil War could break out. To believe it's not possible is the one way to guarantee it will.

  • Peaceful transfer of power or violent revolution.

    The united states has been ruled by the same regime of power since before I was born. They made us sing nationalistic crap as children and filled our heads with idealism for democracy and freedom to justify our wars of aggression. We see the evil were told to fight abroad in our own government. The DNC leaks prove the media is state controlled and the elections are rigged. We demand a change in regime and the dethroning of the dempublican party. We demand 3rd party representation in politics.

  • Ridiculous

    There's nothing to indicate that. As divided as the sides are, we get a bunch of bigots when the scary black man is re-elected saying they want their state to break off from the nation, we say "go ahead" and they shut up and nothing comes of it. We aren't going to turn on ourselves, no matter how ugly it is.

  • There is no issue strong enough for a large group of Americans to take up arms against the other.

    It's as simple as, no matter how divided we may be on abortion, gun-control, government welfare, class-warfare etc. the vast majority of us have progress intellectually to a point where we recognize or differing ideologies, but we wouldn't take American lives to see them become law.

  • No, America is not headed for a second civil war.

    I do not believe we are headed for a second civil war. A second revolution maybe, as the gap between the rich and poor gets wider daily, but not a civil war. I don't think we have the naive politicians we had during the first civil war. The politicians of today know that the nation cannot function if it is fractured, and the won't risk a war.

  • There Will Not Be Another Civil War

    The thought of having another Civil War is ridiculous. America learned from their mistakes last time and realized that it is stupid to fight your won people in a war. This country is civilized enough to sit down and discuss our differences instead of going to war There will not be another Civil War.

  • We can't afford it.

    Even though it's obvious tensions are really high. I think people, while ready for the unpredictable, also know we can't afford it. Then there's also the risk of a take over from some other world power -hungry country if we fall into civil war. Our country is certainly divided, but it's still possible that we can be lead out of this crisis. Our politicians have been priming the public for civil war since the house congress stopped agreeing and many states disagree with federal rulings - like during the Dred Scott times that lead up to civil war. But I think it's like divorce... Finances play a HUGE roll. When the people are not struggling financially then there's less tension. Many injustices have been highlighted of late in our country, like the "Debtor's Prison" situation in Missouri, persistent police brutality in many, but not all, places in the country and degradation of specific populations like blacks and veterans. Hope for leadership is all there is right now. Beyond that, I don't see how we can afford it as a nation? So, no...No civil war, but do continue letting leadership know your 1st and 2nd amendments are to remain intact.

  • You can't even get 500 people to agree on anything,so how would they declare a war.

    I think we can better function by sitting down with our Congress and Senate and force large Corporations CEO's to cut back on those big million or more bonuses and use that money to create jobs that pay a living wage,quit sending our jobs to other countries,if not then they will not get any more taxpayers money,if they continue to build factories in other countries at cheaper labor,then let them sell the product there and if they ship it here to sell charge them 50 % tariff !!!

  • American war yes

    I think that ameica is headed tward another civil war because of all the racial tension between the races is causing tension. And this is driving us toward another civil war because of the racial tensiona nd dhhhhd hhh hhh hhh hhh hhh hhh hhh hhh hhh hh hh hh

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