Is America one of the most vile countries ever?

Asked by: Mirza
  • Probably most vile first world country.

    All the crime, corruption, their stupid amount of spending on their military which still LOSES against significantly smaller countries. They poison themselves, they have bread that has almost as much sugar as other countries donuts... It's evidently vile. It's not number 1 for worst country ever...... It is a first world modern country after all. But it's awfully high on the list.

  • Yes, it surely is.

    I shall be brief: America is responsible for the death and agony of millions of people around the world, which very few countries in recent times can compete with. Additionally, considering the relatively narrow time interval during which the American atrocities took place, it is, historically speaking, one of the most evil countries. Mind you, foreign policy counts as much as internal, for lives, be they in one country or another, are equally important. Not in the eyes of many Americans, however; but, that is rather apparent.

  • Yes, it surely is.

    I shall be brief: America is responsible for the death and agony of millions of people around the world, which very few countries in recent times can compete with. Additionally, considering the relatively narrow time interval during which the American atrocities took place, it is, historically speaking, one of the most evil countries. Mind you, foreign policy counts as much as internal, for lives, be they in one country or another, are equally important. Not in the eyes of many Americans, however; but, that is rather apparent.

  • Hanging my head

    I am hanging my head in shame. I am a europhile but I was born in the states. It is ridiculous that the number of posts against our country are so enormous and yet the very small pro American quotient makes up this entire page. This makes us look so freaking small and ridiculous.

  • Is this a spoof page?

    I'm sorry I can't see if this is meant to be a spoof page. The screaming overwhelming majority think that the great lie that is America is vile but only a few lines express that opinion. The crazy Yankees that think otherwise have all the space. Of course it's nice if your mum is also your sister and you live in an american evangelical arse end of nowhere i suppose but we have education in the eu. Have you heard of it? We also allowed black people to sit on the same bit of the bus about a hundred years before you but hey don't be held back by that. America is an ignorant third world dump.

  • This is no longer acceptable

    78% of contributors think America is vile and yet we still command a tiny portion of this page. The gun toting yanks who are now in a tiny minority have almost all the column inches. This really has to stop. We in Europe condemn you in our masses and yet you blaze and blare the minority. Apart from anything this page says 78% are against usa and 23% in favour. Is that even arithmetically possible? Shame on the vile states of america. Be ashamed of yourselves. Be ashamed of your childish bias. The nazis in Germany used the same tactics. Gas chambers for immigrants under Herr Trump?

  • I can't understand

    I am an American and I just can't understand why this page makes it look like the small number of pro American opinion massively dominates the vast, largely European, anti comments. Aren't we better than this? The Europeans hate us. Let's at least be honest. So in this case I have to say yes, we are manipulating data and us such we are a vile country.

  • Bias is disgusting

    You are the country of free speech and yet you allow the tiny tiny minority of pro American contributors to this page to have all the space? Why do your usa moderators allow this? Your country is a despicable excuse for a democracy. Your citizens are as stupid as mud and in Europe we despise you. Please do not come to our countries. We despise you. Your accents are grating. Your culture non existent. Your money is worthless. Visit somewhere else.

  • Distorted debate anyone?

    The overwhelming majority of contributors to this debate agree that the pernicious perversion known as the USA is vile and yet the overwhelming majority of the space is given to the good ole usa minority that cling to the evil perverted belief that this disgusting country is a force for good in the world. Like other contributors i cannot belive the monitors of this debate have allowed this undemocratic display to continue.

  • How can this still be in question

    How can this still be in question? The vast overwhelming majority of people here have agreed that usa is a vile abomination and yet the tiny "no" crowd have almost the full page. Really! Human rights, death penalty, health care, education, racism. And Trump?!! Would usa please leave us alone. You are lowlife scum. Do not use the word democracy for your racist tin pot dictatorship. Poor little Cuba, you don't know what you're doing. Lock your doors.

  • Quite the opposite; America is one of the greatest countries ever

    Like my country, Canada, the United States has done wrongs in its past. But it is far from the most vile countries in history. Do you really think a country as free and prosperous belongs in the same category as Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, China, the USSR, etc.? Really? And if so, how are your countries any better? America is the freest and most prosperous country in our time, and even in human history. Just because American politics disagree with you doesn’t mean you have to hurl such atrocious accusations against it.
    And judging an entire nation by a small part of its population or past atrocities that are over is ludicrous. I don’t say “Canada is the worst country in the world because its all a bunch of baby seal-beaters”, or “Germany is the worst because of Nazis”, or “Japan is the worst because it’s full of child molesters”, or “[any Western European country] is the worst because of its colonial past”. That’s just stupid. You judge countries by how they are NOW, and not just by small bunches of their populations. Like, I could comfortably say that Saudi Arabia isn’t a great place, because the government and people there have heinous policies relating to social freedoms and equality. But I wouldn’t say the United Kingdom isn’t a great place now, because it and its people are not in the business of evil polices.

    Most of the Yes arguments point to American social policy, European patriotism (not even of the posters’ own countries!), criticizing American food, and American foreign policy.

    Just because Americans appreciate small government and fiscal responsibility doesn’t mean it’s one of the most vile countries ever. In America, each citizen is treated as an individual who is responsible for their own life. Americans don’t get as many handouts as other countries’ citizens, but that’s because to give to one you must take from another. Whether it’s taxing citizens more or adding more to the national debt for future generations to pay off. So many people move to America for its low taxes; I see a lot of Canadians going there. Unfortunately, American social policy is becoming more similar to average European policy, which is baffling. European countries aren’t nearly as rich as America. Necessary change passes in America (gay marriage recently, gender equality and racial equality in the last century).

    Lots of you are talking about how Europe is so much better than America. This preference-based argument means nothing. And at least be proud of your own countries, not the E.U.

    Have any of you even been to America? Not every restaurant is a McDonald’s. There’s as much healthy food as is unhealthy in America. You’re just free to eat whatever you want, so some indulge in too much of the unhealthy.

    Every country has done bad stuff here. And America has done more good in its foreign policy history than bad, like most countries. Case closed.

  • Logically and factually speaking, the opinion statement is hogwash.

    Perhaps there needs to be a lesson on usage of terms.

    America = Any countries spanning the Americas {Continent}
    United States of America = A country in North America.

    There is confusion, as the latter with the former, thus excluding the other nations in the Americas.

    Now, mentioned before, no country is perfect or free from error, but the foundation of the United States of America is unparalleled in contrast to other nations.

    There is a reason why every nationality, race, ethnicity, and other backgrounds from every corridor of the world has travelled far to come to the United States of America, it is because it is the "land of opportunity." Want to start a business, at any time, go right ahead. (In fact, in European countries, they actually control when, what, where you do with your business). Want to access to an affordable, adequate education? Go right ahead. Want to freely express your speech, thoughts, religion, etc. without social or cultural repercussions? Go right ahead. As one can see there is more doors to be open in this nation than any other country.

    The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were one of the most brilliant figures (i.E. Statesman) in the world. The founding fathers contained the capacity to build the nation to its greatest heights, and done in a meticulous, near-perfect way; knew what was the right thing for the country and implemented, and avoided the ills of society. These are the descendants of European settlers who escaped from the monarchs of continental Europe, due to persecution and forced lifestyle. They would come to the colonial British America, in where they would revamp a new nation where you could have the fruits of the freedoms given to you, and a nation with many benefits to reap from. Overall, the United States of America since its independence is more advanced than Europe or any other developed nation, due to this unique characteristics.

    Lastly, to those outside the nation saying that "America is imperialist" or it has suppressed the rest of the world from achieving its goals. Well, its not like that, those nations were better prior to US involvement, thus the reason why many individuals leave those third-world h**-holes to come to the USA.

    Also to those born or currently living in the USA, bet that you wouldn't give up your citizenship to live in Africa or the Middle East, where you are among the minority in those areas, so be grateful that you're living in a developed country, when others would die to be in your place.

    As a final note, this response NOT a counter-claim to any opposing opinions, rather a logical and educational output on the topic; no offense or harshness targeted at anyone.

    Thank you!

  • No they are not.

    If you look into the past of every country, every nation, they have all made mistakes. And the people saying Americans are vile are only looking at the bad things. America has and still does send billions of dollars of aid to many countries. And it's not only money. America gives food, glasses, clothes, electronics, medicine and many other things. They send people over to help build schools, homes, to teach and to be doctors. When I lived in America for a year, every week they were asking for donated money, or canned food, or anything donated for more poor regions, or regions hurt by natural disasters. America has a history of helping countries rebuild after war, and supporting other countries. Also, thinking with them being the most vile country ever, think of what other countries have done, since we are apparently mindlessly judging countries and the innocent people in them. The ottoman empire, kidnapped former Christians, forcibly converted them to Islam, then enslaved them. Think about Imperial Japan, think about Nazi Germany, think about The British Empire. Think about Democratic Kampuchea. I don't think those countries are evil, because it is what they were doing in the past. You can't judge and stereotype them for it now.

  • We are not even close to being vile

    America may have not made the best decisions but look back at history and compare America to the rest of the world. First off our military isn't losing to smaller countries. Second, yes we do have a lot of food and clean water but we are also doing a lot to save other countries, American doctors are trying to stop the Ebola virus in Africa, American troops are fighting for the freedom of oppressed Muslims in the middle east, and if you even watch TV you'll see all the commercials for sending money or food over to poor countries. I could name many more reasons. America has made bad mistakes also but these mistakes do not make us vile. Have a since of pride in your country. Also if you look at other countries that do not have freedom of speech or religion or anything else, would you rather live their. In china you can only have 2 children (i think its two now). In some of the middle east women can't show anything but their eyes. In Russia people are being executed for speaking their mind. Look at the news and compare us to other countries before using such a strong word like vile.

  • Read the yes arguments.

    I don't think so, but that is my opinion and I won't even back it up with reasons, which some others have presented fairly well; however, reading through the "Yes" answers it is difficult to find one that is even coherent, much less logical or well argued. No wins by default!

  • America is nowhere near vile, not even close.

    America is probably the *least* vile countries ever. It is the country that gives the most aid to others in the world. America also offers more opportunity and social mobility, where poor foreign immigrants can start companies like Ebay that become very influential. America has gone further than any other society in establishing equality of rights, by abolishing racist laws and eradicating slavery. As for foreign policy, the US saved the world from the Nazi Regime and Soviet totalitarianism. After destroying Japan and Germany in World War II, it sought to build both of them up and are now good friends with both nations. America shows no interest in conquering or subjugating the world, and only intervenes to overthrow tyrannical regimes and stop human rights abuses.

  • Perfection is impossible, but America is closer to it than most

    What I have noticed from this Opinion topic is that there are two sides of the spectrum on the foreign acts of America: one side showing extreme hatred towards an "Imperialist America", and then the other side showing extreme praise towards "America the Vigilante." The truth is America is in the middle of these two extremes. From it's birth, the US has branded the word LIBERTY on their bicep and firmly believed that they were destined to spread democracy and vanquish tyranny. Obviously, there have been plenty of success stories of American influence. That being said, I think America dug itself in a hole by playing "police of the world", and inevitably made some mistakes (Afghanistan and Iraq).

    My statement to Mirza is that it is insane to think that America's foreign policy will be 100% successful, and then condemn them for the mistakes they make when there are literally countless nations making similar if not worse ones. America is not a perfect nation, but they sure as hell aren't one of the "most vile countries ever."

  • The Pros out way the cons

    America has changed the world in more ways than any other nation on the planet. Some are good, some are not. But no matter what, the US has done more good for the world than bad. The US stopped the spread of Communism and Fascism, helped our European allies win two of the bloodiest wars in human history, started the chain reaction that lead to the downfall of totalitarian governments and the rise of modern day democracy in places like Europe, helped found the UN, IMF, NATO, and other organizations that have brought peace, stability, and growth across the planet. Our economy is the bedrock of the world economy, we are the largest suppliers of foreign and humanitarian aid in the world and, thanks to Pax Americana, we live in one of the most peaceful times in Modern history.

  • America is the Best

    Whatever we do is for the greater good. We unlike the ancient german Nazis, do not kill for fun. We killed in the middle east because they were killing innocents which we tried rather in vain to stop. So, again, Mirza may be right, but we do not put people in misery to find sport in it. But then we go and help those people.

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