• The weapon supplier of the world

    A country made from Genocide and slavery, Bravo
    they are the modern imperialist. All they care about is selling weapons. They don't care about what their weapons do (both within and outside the country)
    I often find them less knowledgeable. More precisely they are stupid and spoiled.
    They have all the latest tech, still doesn't want their children to learn Darwin's theory.

  • Because of all the killing, piracy, and the conspiracies against many in this word

    The USA is hated because of the illegal wars, piracy, killing the innocent people and call them for terrorists at the main time trying to hide the truth of them selves as terrorists to this world by using the media wars and conspiracies world wide , and destroying other civilizations. First atom bombs in Japan, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many more, killing children and unarmed people, being cowards hiding behind weapons instead of fighting as men, and we shall not forget the conspiracy made in the 11 of September that was made by the US government it self, by killing many people of their own and then to use it as an excuse to take over the world.
    I'm one of the people who hate the USA, and its nation, and its government.

  • America is by far the most hated nation on Earth.

    America is by far the most hated nation on Earth. This is primarily because of America’s
    policies around the world. America has
    played the world’s enforcer and watchdog for decades. America has also colonized and exploited
    multiple countries around the world.
    This has caused the rise of terrorism and the hatred of America.

  • The US people-Terrorist Supporters

    I can think of many reasons on why America is the most hated country but one will try to list them here.

    Funding of Irish IRA Terrorists, and they cannot blame the government on this one, it was the people through a group called NORAID (NOT NORAD) that did that. This above all is why i hate America and Americans....

    Arrogant and fat, When the 8% of Americans that ARE aware that there is a WORLD outside of their borders and when they visit said countries, they in turn they act arrogant, brash, bad mannered and disrespect the host countries people and culture....MITT THE TWIT anyone?

    America has no culture or any real history now most of the rest of the world has had wars with each other, however we in the real world and in modern days generally get along, however the american people are the aggressors and wish to destroy other countries culture and history for the reason that they have none of their own.
    American history is an Oxymoron

    Mc-donalds and Burger King (hence forth known as Mc- CR*Polds and Burger-Fling) the worst food on the planet and the funny thing is yanks think we British have the worst food..Hmm I beg to differ yes English food is generally bland and crap compared to say the French, HOWEVER hen again our Chefs are TRYING to teach the yanks how to cook......Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver being the prime example.

    Next lying and distorting history through their poor education system and Hollywood films' U751 being the prime example. In the film it was portrayed as the yanks whom first captured Enigma and the Brits were seen as evil cowards.Well a little history lesson for you. The yanks knew NOTHING about Enigma until the British told them and it was the BRITISH with HELP from the POLISH intelligence that first captured Enigma.

    Yanks thinking theY won WW1 and WW2 on their own....Typical yanks really...........The Americans did not join WW1 until the LAST THREE MONTHS and WW2 joined in just before half way and even then the BRITISH had to PAY THEM...6 billion loaned at 2% compound interest per year (in other words interest on the interest but not on the reducing debt but on the initial LOAN) It took the brits until 2006 to pay off, a simple google search bears this out.

    FRIENDLY FIRE. Not one single American soldier can shoot straight. Look at all the friendly fire kills on Blue on royals...

    Cr*ppy US Marines.....12 weeks basic training is poor to say the least. Our ROYAL Marine COMMANDOS (whom are our REGULAR FORCES) receive 32 WEEKS basic and 64 weeks basic for officers............

    When their country and policy with the edition to their people are condemned for their blind aggression...Their first answer is. Well the British did it! My answer to this would be that is the reasoning of a CHILD, a metaphor of copying and jumping of bridges is rather appropriate here.

  • Parochial attitudes and Cultural Imperialism

    There seems to be a general expectation that it is "wrong" to be "Anti American". That in itself speaks volumes. It may be "wrong" in the US but the rest of the world is entitled to its alternative viewpoint. And this alone tells us all we need to know about why truly "THINKING PEOPLE" have no time at all for the values of the US.
    PS How many people living in the US understand the difference between "The US" and "America"? That in itself tells you much about their egocentric and therefore unacceptable attitudes

  • From the things I've seen, yes

    Several countries teach their children to hate Americans. This is what makes me believe we are the most hated country. That kind of hate runs deep. I think a combination of bad politics and Hollywood smut gives us a bad image. Unfortunately, our country as a whole can't do much about Hollywood movies because of Freedom of Speech and we are lied to by many political candidates. So everyone in America is basically in the same boat with things we can't control. But some people make do with what they have, and try to keep good faith and morals. Not everyone is the same here, just as every person is different no matter where you go. Other places should try to understand that, but for now they do hate us as a whole. It is a terrible thing to teach hate.

  • Yes I agree that US is the most hated nation on Earth.

    For the Arabs, they hate US because of invading their countries and supporting Israel.

    For some Central and South Americans, they hate for similar reasons. Because US interfered in their politics.

    For the rest, the cultural imperialism from US is too obvious.

    Its about time that the world has 2 or more superpowers or better, none at all

  • Yes, dont flatter yourself

    America is wasteful, deceitful and aggressive. When these problems are addressed by society America puts on theatrical press conferences stating how pious and good they are and from now on they will recycle plastic bottle everyday and they think that the world suddenly jumps into ecstatic praise for their good deeds. I can't speak for the rest but southern Africa hates you.

  • We Get A Lot Of Blame

    I see America getting a lot of blame from everything from using to many of the world's resources (i.e. water), having too many prisoners, being unhealthy and having loose morals. I do think America is very hated because we are very selfish people. Other countries have cultures that stress the importance of the group but US has a very individual-focused culture that rightfully earns us a lot of hate.

  • Of course.

    The idea that the international community hates the United States is quite true. The reason for their intense dislike is numerous but I will try to keep it condensed as much as possible.

    Foreign Policy: The USA has a history of a very aggressive foreign policy in the last 50 years. From the second Indochina war to the war in Libya the USA has constantly involved itself in international conflicts. This method of interventionism not only causes festering resentment among other nations but also makes other superpowers wary of our attitudes to their neighbors. Trying to be the global police is one of the key reasons for so much hatred towards the USA.

    Culture: No one can deny that American culture has become widespread especially among developing countries like India. From American music to the fast food industry it is understandable why many cultures dislike us. From a nationalistic aspect a foreign culture gaining ground in a native country can be seen as threat to the nation's identity. This instinctively causes resentment and outright outrage among foreign countries and it's citizens.

    Religion: The United States is seen as a bastion of zealous evangelical Christianity although this has changed in the last few years. As Europe becomes more secular in correlation with the oriental world it is not hard to understand why many nations dislike us just for this fact. This is especially true in the middle east where Islam dominates the region.

    With these three points I believe it is reasonable to conclude that America is indeed one of the most hated global superpowers in the world. It's religion, culture, and foreign policy are all main sources of long standing resentment among the international world.

  • Not at all

    America is not the most hated nation in the world, no matter what some may think, in fact, in Asia most hate China far more so.

    The Europeans hate out of jealousy, and the Muslims hate out of spite. The rest do not hate, but love. God bless the America forever

  • No! No! No!

    I'm Russian and even trough Russian anti-american propaganda i not agree that US is the most hated nation. All nations have their pros and cons and I think main cons of US (as well as in Russia) is their government foreign policy. American people should not be responsible for the actions of American politicians! They are so cute and smart NATION. We should to cooperate with them and solve our problems together.
    -from Russia with love lol-
    P.S. We have no right to assume that some nation is better or worser.

  • No! No! No!

    I'm Russian and even trough Russian anti-american propaganda i not agree that US is the most hated nation. All nations have their pros and cons and I think main cons of US (as well as in Russia) is their government foreign policy. American people should not be responsible for the actions of American politicians! They are so cute and smart NATION. We should to cooperate with them and solve our problems together. USA! USA! USA
    -from Russia with love lol-
    P.S. We have no right to assume that some nation is better or worser.

  • Could it be mostly false jealousy?

    Post WW2 US had the highest standard of living across the classes. True or not, this was advertized across the world through film and later TV. Just about every working class family in the developing countries that managed to get a redundancy of income, mimicked the US supposed life style (Arabs included). This imported hatred by local proxy. Yes they have "helped" where it was best left alone. Only need to look at Halliburton involvement to suspect a hidden agenda. Most have no idea about the politics, it's the image they hate. Some of this hate is mixed with a good dose of envy, especially if your view of the US is watching sitcoms through an old grainy 14" TV in a third world hovel.

  • British, England most

    Well we did conquer three quarters of the land mass of the globe at one time, invaded all but a few countries at some point in history and have many territorial disputes in far flung corners if the globe today. That puts us at difference between counties like Argentina (Falklands) and Spain (Gibraltar). Our close rivals France, Anglo Saxon relatives Germany, all have deep history relating to each other regarding conflicts. Those Aussies and Germans are our main sports rivals so there is a bit if a hate/banter. Then we are divided ourselves as rivals! Scots naturally hate the English, Welsh dislike the English, and the Irish hate the English!

  • America, needs to turn things around

    There are worse Countries out there. Even though I do not agree with a lot of what the U.S has become, other Countries are more corrupt than the U.S. The U.S needs a whole new makeover. Get rid of all the corruption in the Government and get some decent people in there.

  • Of course not; the idea is ridiculous.

    Certainly there is plenty to "hate" like the ridiculous torture policy of our previous government, but I believe that most people understand that this is not the norm even with the power our religious zealots continues to have. With countries like Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc. Who regularly exercise horrific torture on their own citizens, it simply isn't possible to be more hated than they. I travel a lot, and in every country to where I have traveled (more than a dozen of them), I find that people are warm and friendly. Being a bit of a political junkie, I frequently talk politics with them and even during the W administration they were generally very specific in their distinction between disagreeing with or even hating a particular administration's policies and in their love of the US and the people of the US.

  • Nope, Hungary is.

    America has lots of reason not to be hated for. Instead, everybody hates Hungary, from Slovakia to Armenia or from South Africa to Israel and just for good reasons. In Europe, all the neighboring countries had a lot to suffer in the past, the native populations being oppressed and forcefully subject to magyarization. Even now, in EU and the modern democracy, Hungary is full of xenophobia, extremism and antisemitism. They've extradited to his home country a proven Azerbaijani criminal who murdered an Armenian student, they are burning Israelis flags and the author (former Parliament member) receives no penalty, they are constantly inciting the Hungarian minorities in the neighboring countries to provoke unrest and violence.

  • NO, America is not the most hated

    Of course America is not the most hated nation on Earth. If that was true, why are so many immigrants trying to come in to better their lives? How can America be worse than say, Iran? I believe America has It's problems, just like any other nation, but it would be hypocritical to say It's the most hated.

  • Iran, North Korea Top the List

    America is not the most hated nation on the Earth. Otherwise, illegal Mexican immigrants wouldn't flock across the border on a daily basis. The repressive regimes of Iran and North Korea are probably the most hated nations on Earth. Israel is also hated, but only by the rest of the Middle East.

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Anonymous says2013-07-27T22:23:17.837
No one is citing any proof that the U.S. Is the most hated country on earth. But, I believe it, despite the lack of statistical evidence here. I had the misfortune of watching, closely, how the U.S. Destroyed Libya. That alone convinces me that the U.S. Is the most hated country on earth. And now it's been arming the foreign terrorists that have invaded Syria, and call themselves the "FSA." It's disgusting. My tax dollars are being used to murder.