Is America to blame for many of the world's problems?

  • America is the root of some evil!

    Firstly is the problem that America can not even get past the differences in their clearly bad two party system as the country is made of both democrats and republicans so if you do not compromise then nothing will get passed and it will not be the best for the American citizens.

    Secondly is Americas long list of stupid policy's most notably their policy on migration and their foreign policy. The policy is hypocritical stupid as most Americans aren't American but European, Asian and African. Next Trump(ah yes I said his name but you elected him thorough your flawed electoral college and jerrymandering so I get to use him against you)brought about something called the Muslim ban which stopped people from majority Muslim countries from coming into America which no over country would able to get away with or would do. There is a quote from a man named Nelson Mandela and it goes “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” this shows how if the government basically says its alright to discriminate against a group then people will think its okay and will do the same just because many people still listen to the government even if some oppose it. This is just like how many people were against black people in apartheid countries or the Jews in Germany. I'm not saying it will go that way but that's the kind of thing that happened at the start with Jews having to wear a star of David on the clothes and then ghettos.

    Next foreign policy, it's bad because America uses its power time and time again to cripple a country if it doesn't do what the want like Iran and North Korea with their economic sanctions. As America wasn't bothered by the dictators until they wanted to build nukes which they have themselves and continue to build more and project power across the globe. Also the multiple incursions into the middle east for oil.

    Anyway I did write more but this is my third time writing this because I keep clicking on other things or actually hit the back arrow meaning the page goes back deleting my interpretation.

  • America is selfish

    Cultural differences exist across borders, and because monoliths are mostly fantasies, often within them, too. That said, America, in particular, is culturally perplexing, and even confounding, to a lot of the rest of the world. I am not, as Americans are wont to do, laboring under the delusion that people in other places spend all that much time thinking about us. We are all, as a species, just trying to get through this thing called life. The conservative American notion that people with far better healthcare, civil rights laws and gun control “hate our freedom” is a wishful imperialist delusion. Worse, it’s not fooling anybody at this point.

    That said, if all the world’s a stage, America is a prime player: a rich, loud, attention-seeking celebrity not fully deserving of its starring role, often putting in a critically reviled performance and tending toward histrionics that threaten to ruin the show for everybody else. (Also, embarrassingly, possibly the last to know that its career as top biller is in rapid decline.) To the outside onlooker, American culture—I’m consolidating an infinitely layered thing to save time and space—is contradictory and bizarre, hypocritical and self-congratulatory. Its national character is a textbook study in narcissistic tendencies coupled with crushing insecurity issues.

  • America is a teenager and like most teenagers they think that adults are stupid and don't understand anything.

    I believe the problem with America is that too many of them believe in their own propaganda without giving thought to it. I'm from Ireland and I live in France and in both of these countries people call out bullshit when they see it. In America everything is a business. Everything is an opportunity to make money or an opportunity to create the illusion of security. People surround themselves with like minded people and then repeat their mantras until they become as good as facts. People watch propaganda on TV and believe it. Guns, Christian values, consumption, identifying anyone who doesn't think like yourself as an enemy and a threat. You always know how America is going to react to a given situation and it's usually with violence; a quick fix, stamp out the problem. Most Americans seem unable to conduct analytical thought. The electoral college voting system is going to be the downfall of Western civilisation as it gives simple minded people, who don't understand the world and refuse to try to understand the world, a foothold in politics and access to mlilitary power. The fact that almost half of all Americans believe that the world is between 6 and 10 thousand years old should be ringing alarm bells. Many Americans make up their own reality and then act as though it is true. They ignore truth in favour of something they prefer. They are programmed to fear anyone who doesn't conform to their model of what a person should act, behave, worship, dress, love ... Of course I'm not talking about all Americans. You know who I'm talking about, those who will call me a libtard for my comment. Yet doesn't to be liberal mean to have liberty, freedom , isn't that what you all believe is so precious?
    America is the opposite of free in my opinion. I just hope that Trump will do enough damage to show you the errors of your ways. It won't though. You'll forget it as though it were a Hollywood movie about global warming.

  • America legit goes round bullying countries just because they think they own the world

    Well this is my opinion everyone can have theirs. America just goes around the world messing up countries. Libya for example. My friend once lived there for a year, and got a free flat and a free bag of rice every week. Now? Everyone wants to come to Europe because America wants to start a war with them. You think Obama is amazing? First black president? Well who do you think started all the wars in the world. Like China for example. What has China ever done to America? They don't want to go to war, yet America wants to go to war with them, and hundreds of people die because they have dignity for their country.

  • America is bad

    America has done lots of good things in the world. McDonalds, Starbucks etc. but they have crippled the economy in many countries other than themselves and also haven't elected Kanye as president. WHY THE F*CK HAVEN'T YOU ELECTED KANYE. IT IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM. Also, I am just posting this for the banter

  • Not all but many

    America's quest for power is a problem in the world. America can't come to grips with the fact that it is no longer a world super power, and so they try to stay active around the world. They look for oil, spread 'freedom' and think that they are still super powers. But that's not true, they are in debt, and can't continue these unsuccesful wars, without the right to start them. America shouldn't be allowed to start anymore war. Now America is trying to devolve themselves even that is causing problems. If they hadn't gotten that involved in the first place these problems wouldn't take place, nor would they have caused problems then. America can no longer afford a superpower state of mind, and need to start acting like a normal country such as canada or korea, instead of being as active as countries who can afford it such as germany

  • Simplistic liberal drivle

    What a stupid argument to say te US is to blame for the worlds woes. It is in fact the liberal and politally correct wimps out there who have allowed the rise of islamism and the erotion of solid core christian values in the world. Islamists will do anytthing to remove (read murder) christians from any regions in the world. Don't believe me yet? Take a look what is happening in any troublesome country in the world, and you will find christians systematically murdered to restore an area to the so called muslim faith.
    Western countries like the US have developed, built, designed, and made possible EVERYTHING we use and have in the age we live in. Some one has to take the lead to stop the threats and preserve what we hve left.

  • We don't stand alone in that responsibility

    America, while powerful, is still many years younger than it's siblings in Europe. Places like France, Germany, Russia, etc., have had plenty of time to create enough problems for us (America) to build on. Every country contributes something to that writhing mass of problems. For example, North Korea uses the same technique against the United Nations every time to get resources and whatever else they ask for (threatening us with nukes). In fact, America is rather expected to fix a lot of these problems and, being young, we usually only make it worse. Since we are seen as important by the other countries, we are expected to meet their expectations (the world's police force and all that). Unfortunately, we're a people that don't really know what we want. Since we are the land of the free, we have a big pot of cultures, religions, morals, and media sharks all mixed together. We are a time bomb that trips over it's self trying to solve the world's problems. Our intentions are good, but most of us don't want to fix a problem that isn't ours. The media usually just blames it all on us when we mess up trying to help people or problems.

  • A passionate but not uncritical american hater

    I would classify myself as particularly or at least strongy hostile towards individual americans.Most americans are in fact inherently neither 'good" or 'evil' they are just human like most other nations or people.However ,it is both flabbergasting and outrageous(to say the least )that a substantial number of americans,being both exuberantly optimistic an dwithout any visible serious adversary are more thant content to live in their unreal american bubble'while provocatively diaplaying a singularly abhorent and repulsive casulness not to say frivolity towards the often horrific suffering of the victims of their various goverments policies,whether liberal or conservative or liberal ,republican or democrat>i fact those liberals disporting themselves as 'anti-imperialists' as often the worat most contemptible hypoctical scum.They excoriate george and his administation for the barbarity and immorality of the iraq war yet they were the most callous.Despicable demonisers of the serbs during the equally if not more despicable andimmoralwar against the serb people.

    American foreign is in principle not different from all most other great powers.THe British at the summit of their own imperial supremacy wre guilty of barbarities which probably exceed by a cosiderable margin those commited by the american terrorist criminals .However there is fundamental material difference .The british constructed the most omnipotent global empire since the rome under Augusuts and the Antonines but their power on the the europe continent was substantially vitiated by first Napoleonic FRance and then by Bismarck's germany>i stark contrat today the Usa is not constrained any credible adversary.In addition the British both then and now are a highly internatioanally oriented well informed people in constrast many americans are pathetically uninformed ignorant and insular boors.

    Some of the worst mass murdering regimes like the indonesiam,turkish and saudi arabian are american suppliant and in the case of the iondonesian fascist Suhart o regime ameroican creations.A substantial proportion of amercans display a callous lack of civility and compassion for the the health and general well being of the peoples that will most definitely be affected by the refusal to ratify the Kyotop protocol and an outrageous midless acquiesence in the criminal refusal to recognise the International criminal court. At the hague.

    It is however also an undeniable that wihout the USA the war against Hitler would not probably not had been won.It is also a fundamental fact that the american constitution is probable one of most splendid tribute to human progressive anti-aistocratic anti-monarchical republican liberal egalitatianism andi it inpired millions of champions of libert internationally.This maked the most american goverments even mote despicable since they constituressingularly repulsive betrayal of the own founding fathers principle.

    In general Americans are SCUM

  • Scapegoating a world pwer

    When people need something to blame they pick an easy target . The era between WW1 and WW2 in Germany the Jews, west coast of the US During WW2 the Japanese population there, the cold war communist. America has one of the worlds largest powers makes it a scapegoat when we need something or someone to blame but ignore intervention by other countries like china when it is very likely they helped the army overthrow the government or Russia in the Ukraine. If the U.S. wasn't the power is is now or just after WW2 returned to isolation we blame another world power

  • Complete Bull crap.

    How can you blame something that hasn't been in existence for barely more than 200 years??? The people who say ths are rarely experienced adults and usually youths who somehow come away from history lessons thinking that America causes things to happen, not intervene when called on. It's so idiotic and I can't stand people from my own generation some times.

  • Humanity today is the problem.

    People in this world fight over the most ridiculous things. Like oil,money, power,land,religion, race,etc. I say peace is better than war. If war did not exist the world would be a better place. People need to put aside their differences. Because war is holding the human race from enlightenment. Please is the answer.

  • Most people saying this have little evidence.

    Most arguments that blame the US for everything can be chalked up to a point even further back, so they're usually just stopping at a certain point for some unknown reason. Sure, American foreign policy can be blamed for a number of problems, but a majority? Not even close. It can sometimes get annoying when people blame the US for intervening in conflicts, while simultaneously chastising them for not intervening.

  • Simplistic liberal drivle

    What a stupid argument to say te US is to blame for the worlds woes. It is in fact the liberal and politally correct wimps out there who have allowed the rise of islamism and the erotion of solid core christian values in the world. Islamists will do anytthing to remove (read murder) christians from any regions in the world. Don't believe me yet? Take a look what is happening in any troublesome country in the world, and you will find christians systematically murdered to restore an area to the so called muslim faith.
    Western countries like the US have developed, built, designed, and made possible EVERYTHING we use and have in the age we live in. Some one has to take the lead to stop the threats and preserve what we hve left.

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