• Completely and totally.

    Christianity is a joke in general. All the time they are not practicing what they preach. They don't believe in science and are a bunch of bigots. I have no idea what they are really thinking. Do they really believe what they say? Does it matter? They are just a big joke.

  • It doesn't even follow the bible

    People just pick out the pieces that they like. Ooh, I like this one that says to be kind, but I don't want to get married to have sex. But I'll go to church on sundays! Most sundays. Some sundays. I'll go on holidays. Maybe.

    Right. American Christianity IS A JOKE

    In my opinion religion is a joke but that may be beside the point.

  • Yes, totally and utterly insane.

    No real argument needed. If you understand the word 'hypocrisy' then it's pretty plain to understand. For a nation with so much money pumped into scientific research and progression, it's absolutely unfathomable that people can still believe in intelligent design. It's also unacceptable that schools are allowed to teach such lies.

  • Western Christianity is!

    Totally different in all ways when compared to Eastern Orthodoxy the true originality of Christianity! The only reason Christianity has a bad reputation is because of the Western world used it for their own benefit! Example - the Catholics. Us in the East who are Orthodox i.E Syrian, Greek, Russian, Serbian don't do what you American "Christians" do. Start following the real faith instead of your modernized "Christianity" morals.

  • Yes. Its mad.

    Its insane that a culture of modernly advanced people still cling to such an irrational teaching. Many/most religions are partly fabricated, but the fabrications of Christianity have no benefit whatsoever. They are centered around an ego, someone who would never be accepted. Apart from that, Christianity exploits an existent religion. Even if Judaism is at fault, it, like a book which has come out, sort of deserved its own "intellectual rights". Christians are trespassing on someone else's philosophical/psychological territory. Its a false and disrespectful religion in numerous directions.

  • Its a joke

    The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so!

  • Delusional, Petty, and Aggressively Ignorant

    Christianity is a joke made worse by its followers.

    As a post-Christian, I can personally attest to the inherently paradoxical and hypocritical nature of the Faith. They operate in a childish fantasy world where they don't have to substantiate anything they say and do because they believe in the right god and are special.

    They are quick to use terms like "thin-skinned" when referring to those their beliefs and tenets offend, but are some of the biggest whiners you will ever make. For most of my childhood, I lived under a fatwa forbidding me from watching The Simpsons because my parents didn't like how Ned Flanders made fun of them. If you need actual proof of this defeatist attitude, look at seminars based around "The Insanity of God" where Christians get together in one big hugbox and act like they are the most persecuted group in the country. That they need a safe space when the whole reason safe spaces are even a thing is because of bigoted Christian rhetoric.

    These entitled brats will shout up a storm about their rights being infringed upon while saying nothing of the special interest groups and lobbyists who push for laws that fall in line with their beliefs and force others to follow suit (Christian or not). They will deny knowledge and science in pursuit of an obsolete status quo, especially where civility and treatment of others that are different is concerned.

    Christianity thrives on stupidity and when all you have to do is acknowledge Christ to ensure your place in heaven, it doesn't really matter what you do that's distasteful, chauvinistic, sadistic, etc. Just so long as you repent before the end you're good to go. It promotes a low standard of humanity that is easily manipulated by rich men in suits who only work one day a week.

    Christianity is a joke, but it's a bad joke that needs to go the way of the dinosaurs (which, contrary to Ken Ham's views, did not exist only a couple thousand years ago).

  • Boo! Boo! Boo!

    The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so! The boogeyman said so!

  • I speak from experience...

    Most people sitting the church pew dancing, singing, and running around like they haven't got any sense will probably be the same ones I wave to from the other side of divide when their punishment in hell for being so fake is upon them. It's nothing more than a show. A facade. I used to claim Christianity as my personal religion and was a fanatic until I realized the lunacy of believing such a crazy scheme. I was in the midst of a terrible meth addiction and the church turned up their nose at me and wanted money from me if I were to receive help from them in overcoming my addiction. So to western religions, I say they can suck it. I am proudly clean for 6 months now, due to overcoming that obstacle on my own within the boundaries of self-examination and growth.

  • Jesus was a schizophrenic

    Jesus returned from the dead,Moses parted the Red Sea,Jesus turned water to wine and Mary "magically" got pregnant through immaculate conception! (Sounds to me Mary was shagging Fred the farmer!) the church has enough capital behind it to stop world hunger yet they still stockpile gold! Don't get me wrong though all religion I believe is to subvert the weak Into giving up they're money and minds....In today's world religion is dying! And good riddance

  • Atheistic governments better?

    This atheistic claim that religion is problematic seems silly given the problems caused by atheistic governments, which are among the world's most abusive, oppressive dictatorships. See e.G. China, Soviet Russia, North Korea, and Cuba. A century ago maybe such a claim could be considered, but now it's apparent just how appalling atheistic governments are in oppressing their people and persecuting the religious freedom of others, only in Christian nations like the United States has religious freedom occurred; and that began as a theocratic government designed by William Penn in 1682. The U.S.A. In its original form was called the Province of Pennsylvania and based on the Bible, it designed religious freedom and the Bill of Rights (originally called Charter of Privileges).

    Christianity is unique in telling people to love their enemies, do good to those who hate them, forgive those who wrong them, and consider all guilty, including ourselves, before God. It's received a maligned reputation because the Roman Empire which persecuted the early Christians created a false Christianity called Cathoicism to better persecute the real Christians, groups like the Novatians, Montanists, Donatists, Arians, Waldenses, Albigenses, Cathar, Henricians, Paulicians, etc. It's a common misconception that Catholicism did so only after the Reformation, it martyred such Christians as early as the 4th century A.D. The Crusades were actually directed in part at pacifist Christians, look up the Albigensian Crusades.

    Much of modern science is based upon the discoveries of early Christians like Newton, Pasteur, Galileo, and Copernicus. There are a lot of problems with American Christianity, but Christianity itself remains a shining example towards which we all should strive.

  • People have the right to believe what they want to

    I someone wanted to believe in Christianity or any other religion that that is their right and should be taken seriously and far from a joke. A religion is not a joke and people should have respect for what other people believe in. If an American believes in Christianity it is no different to a Christian Brit believing in Christianity and they should both be taken seriously.

  • No, American Christianity is not a joke.

    Christianity in America is very real. It is still alive and well. Those truly seeking God, spreading his messages, and praising him for his miracles exist in every part of America. There are truly good, righteous, God-fear Christians out there. Turn to the Christian Network and take a look for a little while, and you will see faithful people, at real churches, listening to true speakers tell the word of God. The media exploits any Christian who does any small thing wrong because people who are on television are often seen as living the perfect life by most of those who are not on television. However, they too are simply people and everyone makes mistakes. God still says there is no sin too great that he won’t forgive, and there are plenty of Christians in America asking for forgiveness, and making things right.

  • No, American Christianity Is as Genuine as Christianity Anywhere Elsewhere

    Christians in America are as serious about their religion and as varied in their beliefs as their religious brethren throughout the globe. They cherrypick their beliefs the same way many others do, ignore or follow the rules that are most meaningful to them just like anyone else, and share the common, unscientific view of the world many others do.

  • Is America a joke?

    Religion controls a people. Government uses police officers etc. Amend control over the people, but religion makes it possible. A common belief enables a group of people to form, a war to be fought, and a country to function. A typical American Christian believes that it is good to demonstrate gentility toward their neighbors. This brings about a general peace. America needs to be at peace with itself. A religion doesNot need to be extreme in order to be a religion, form a group, and define the path of a country.

  • If Christianity is a joke you people are all gay

    If the world wasn't crated by God, then we wouldn't exist. Our universe wasn't created by a big bang because in the beginning was nothing so from nothing can't make anything, so God is the only answer to it, God wasn't created from nothing he is what he is, he is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. Those who appose him are crazy but if this isn't your answer you were looking for then there is one way on finding out if the spiritual world exists.

  • Religion Is About Faith & Hope

    For centuries religion has provided faith and hope to people who have none. Christianity in America can be quite different than many other religions around the world. Christians in America tend to go to church one day a week, listen to a sermon, then go on about their business for the rest of the week. This can seem quite comical to those who pray daily.

  • Christianity is damned because of its leaders!

    I believe that many so-called Christian leaders in America are a joke, but not the belief that Yeshua is the Messiah, the Son of God. They have totally changed and twisted Yeshua's teachings and ignore the fact that Yeshua is a Jew and did not come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets. This will soon change as this pagan brand of Christianity will not stand when things really get rough. Those who follow this pagan twisted Christianity will fall away from belief in Yeshua because they never understood who He really is or His true teachings. They did not take the Bible as a WHOLE and only went by the New Testament.

  • It is no joke

    I respect the opinions of everyone here, but allow me to disagree with the resolution that Christianity is a joke. Over a billion people believe in it. I admit, it has its flaws, but what belief doesn't. We are limited because we are all just human. You shouldnt be fighting over who's beliefs are better, and some, not going to name any names, fight those who believe in the same thing. Instead, we should be working toward a better future together, both religious and non religious. It's petty arguments that have no answer like this that hold us back. Calm down, folks. Stop hatin. Move forward instead.

    Posted by: O.Z

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Ragnar says2013-05-17T23:32:58.743
AnonyFeline says2013-05-18T10:12:21.783
Christianity in America is much less a joke and more misguided tragedy. Many who claim to be Christian tend to commit to actions that are quite contradictory to Christian teachings and some have been evangelized or radicalized to a point of severe religious fervor that limits their ability to reason objectively and think critically.
Spiritualthinker2 says2013-07-18T15:43:53.927
(This is part 2 to the rest of Spiritualthinker 2's comment)

American Christian faith hides behind the veil of the idea of “Love” but the majority of American Christian can't give you the biblical definition of love. The American churches' message is soft, lacking a message that is worth any substance. Things like, “Go out and be nice to others so they can see God through you.” I have never had anyone ask me to tell them about Jesus because I was so nice to them.

These actions and activities are evident in the every day walk of life. A Barna research poll recently stated that 82% of Americans proclaim to be Christians. Keep in mind that just because someone claims to be something doesn't necessarily makes it true. Actions speak louder than words. When you go to a restaurant, how many people do you see praying to God, giving thanks, before devouring their super-sized meal? I can count on both hands how many people I have witnessed this in the past 10 years.

How many American Christians have recently talked to you about your faith, and explaining what the gospel is? Do American Christians really know what the gospel is? It’s not "accept God into you heart" for salvation.

How many American Christians: 1) Choose money, sport and success over God? 2) Look up to famous people or political figures? 3) Use the name of God as a swear word? 4) Have not taken time to rest with God? 5) Have mistreated, hated or otherwise disgraced their parents? 6) Have murdered via literally or in their heart? (The bible says he who hates his brother is a murderer) And abortion is absolutely the worst kind of murder. 6) Committed adultery? I’m not even going to address Jesus’ comments about looking on another with lust is adultery. American Christians are pathetic with affairs and divorces, especially at the leadership level. 7) Have stolen anything? Software, candy, money, a girl’s virginity without marrying her? (yes that is adultery too, two birds with one stone.) 8) Have purchased bigger RV’s, better cars, and prettier houses that they cannot afford, just so they can look successful? 9) Have gossiped about others? Or 10) told lies about others to protect themselves?

How many of you actually recognize the above bullet points as the 10 commandments in order?

Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and the amount of sins American Christians commit under the “Christian Faith Insurance Policy” is appalling. If Jesus’ disciples acted the way modern American Christian faith does, we’d all be either Jewish or gentiles.

WAKE UP American Christians! Faith in Jesus is not social status. Jesus is not a game. We cannot sugar coat Jesus any more. We either need to follow Him completely, or get out of the way and get real with ourselves that we choose our worldly sin over eternal salvation and just continue to walk in the ways of evil men.

Those are the only two choices, and since the church isn’t saying it, and since you are not reading it in your bible, let me be the first to tell you that you are failing and the American church is failing you too. (I’m not saying don’t go to church. I’m saying get right with God and find a church that equips you to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.)

Repent your sins, turn completely away from them, accept Jesus as your savior, and walk with Him, spreading His gospel messages with others. That’s the only way that all of us who are made in God’s image and saved by the shedding of His son’s innocent blood, will pass through the narrow road on judgement day.

For those of you who consider yourself non-religious, or an atheist, before you laugh and move on, read the previous paragraph (link listed above). The bottom line is, your life will come to an end someday and on the other side of life is God who gave you a choice to choose Him or not. And if you don’t, He will be sure you will live out eternity away from Him, and that does not mean an eternal Las Vegas. More like all alone with nobody around, and constant torture forever. So unbearable you will cry out and nobody will be listening. You will beg for someone to tell your friends and family to believe in Jesus so they will not have to endure what you are.