• I agree with the one party system.

    We are Americans and we should be united. Candidates that run for office would have to run on issues that they think would be good for America and it's citizens. Then the voters would have to start paying attention to what the candidates are saying and then make a decision on who to vote for. It would require the citizens to do their homework before they vote.

  • Democrats VS Republicans is mostly irrelevant because of all the greed and corruption that is ruling the hearts of politicians these days!

    Like others have said in previous comments; the main differences between the two parties lie along social issues and domestic policies.

    You can bet on it that most politicians will say anything it takes to win the vote and get them into office; even if they know that they cannot achieve their campaign promises. What they say when campaigning is seldom what is carried out when they enter their elected office. Sure, at first, they will make great strides in those directions, but then they have to battle with legislature to achieve their goals and that is where they get their hands tied.

    The bigger question is how we can adopt a political system that can overcome pointless legislature manipulative wrangling tactics and finger pointing and all the corruption and greed that hinders our system (two examples are filibusters and bill packaging to secretly pass laws camouflaged into the fine print)? How do we overcome the lobbyist, who may represent a well funded organization from secretly bribing their power and influence into the political arena? How do we hold politicians accountable for lying to the people about their real motives, but secretly lining their pockets? It is no big secret now that the Iraqi invasion was not staged for WMD, but rather two ulterior motives- oil and political restructuring in the middle east. What about domestic corruption? It is no secret that the government allowed banks to have variable interest loans in the first place. When banks started doing this with little government oversight, it started a huge real estate collapse that eventually led to recession, further denial and finger pointing of the government to the banking industry and further wall street scandal, prosecutions, and cover ups?

    Folks, we have a bigger underlying problem than the two party system. It is called political corruption and greed that has diseased our political and justice systems to the point of ineffectiveness. Get rid of the disease and the systems will heal in time.

  • Like any other

    I only say yes for that. The rest would really be a no answer. Yes, like any system, the two-party ain't perfect, but compared to countries that have other systems, it itself is much better than the countries that have those systems. Two-party systems ofter stability and a voice for many issues pertaining to the people. It's closer to George Washington's ideal of no parties. He warned against parties for this reason.

  • One Party System

    I feel as a country we should do away with the party system, because it only divides us as a people and as a nation. Democrats vote democrat, Republicans vote republican, and the other parties vote for themselves as well. If we really are the United States, than why can't we vote united?

  • Completely Corrupt on both Sides

    Politicians, whether left or right, are out for themselves. They are for We The Lobbyiest, not for We The People. They are helping facilitate the tyrannical agenda, that is quite apparent to many. There is really no such difference between the two. The differences are a complete act and actors they are. If there were any difference in party, Obama would be impeached. The division between them if for our benefit to buy into. United We Stand.

  • Both sides are corrupt

    Any documentary on politics you view has a slant or agenda. They never address both sides or both arguments. For every 'truth' you uncover, there is another one that was never mentioned. Both democrats and republicans are not out to serve the greater good. All of the actions taken are for money and power disguised under convincing rhetoric.

  • Two wolves and a sheep between them.

    No matter how much you vote and choose both parties have only one thing in mind, how they can advance their own power and exploit you, the sheep between it all. You cna't continue to believe in the falsities that are blatantly obvious, no matter who you vote on either side it'll be the same lies, different face. It also encourages a society of blind fanaticism and un-observant voters. Leading to the broken system we have, not many people even know there are more than two parties.

  • Two parties, same policies

    What real choice is there in our two party system as we have it today?

    The only difference between the Republican and Democrat parties lie in the social issues
    Pro life vs Pro Choice
    Anti gay rights vs gay rights
    Taxation of the middle class more heavily vs taxing of the upper class more heavily
    Privatized health insurance vs Health insurance for everyone.
    Etc etc etc.

    The list continues to go on for the differences these two parties have when it comes to social type issues, which even though they are important they leave much to be desired in a varying style of governance viewpoint.

    Both parties are pro war and interventionism
    Both parties are pro corporations and heavy corporate subsidies which the American people pay a pretty penny for (much more than what people pay for in taxes because of welfare (approximately 50% more)
    Both parties largely support the NSA and their mission to spy on everyone, whether it be foreign leaders or our own citizens.

    Basically what I'm trying to say is that there is no real difference in leadership when it comes to how America interacts with other countries/nations, and what policies we enact to deal with foreign "threats" that often have the blow back of affecting the American people without achieving much actual results.

    America deserves a party that stands up for individual liberties, a stronger middle class, and a more responsible way of interacting with other nations around us and our environment while fighting corruption here at home and stopping unpatriotic using of the peoples for profit (see drug war) (see privatized prisons) (see minimum wage payed by corporations that doesn't measure up to cost of living).

    I wish we could see a better America.

  • There is Mindless Voting

    Some vote for the party, not the person. That one person is not guaranteed to work for all the party's goals. And what about all the people in the middle, the "independent" voters who agree on some issues but not others? You should vote for the person who best supports your views, not the party.

  • We need some middle ground!

    These two parties constantly argue. Possibly, if we had multiple parties that were more moderate we would have less turmoil. The latest government shutdown was caused by democrats and republicans not getting along. Plus neither party represents an individual's political ideals. Many people when voting for president vote for the lesser of two evils and that is not how I want my government ran.

  • America's two-party system is not flawed because this system provides constitutional and democratic stability.

    I disagree that the America's two-party system is flawed. A two-party system means there are only two parties in the elections for the people to vote. This system gives more accurate results in comparison to the other multi-party systems. The Soviet Union failed a one-party system. Moreover, it also provides more political and democratic stability to the country.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • No, I do not believe that America's two party system is flawed, it is working in the exact manner for which it was created.

    The two party system gives Americans the ability to have checks and balances in place. Granted the system may not appear to have been working properly recently, but a closer look will prove otherwise. Were it not for two parties and their constituents having different values and priorities, it is entirely possible that America would not have fared as well as it has. Recent economical climates shows that the American system is working.

    Posted by: S Rivers 78
  • I believe that there should be a no-party system.

    What I believe is that there shouldn't be any political parties, why, because all political parties in turn wind up doing is causing a bias that says "I'm voting for (Republican/Democrat?" And if you ask why it's usually them telling you that they would never vote for the opposing party, therefor leaving us with a political system based on the childish idea of boy/girl cooties, which in other words they basically go off and say "eww (Republican/Democrat) cooties." The reason I believe that a no-party system would be so much better is because you would have such sheep brains people would be forced to think about what their voting for, rather than them deciding between red and blue.

  • I do not feel that America's two-party system is flawed.

    I do not believe that it is the system that is flawed. I believe it is the people in the system themselves that are flawed. Politics in general has become a popularity contest instead of a government. When government first came about it America it was supposed to be for the people by the people. The problem now is that the government no longer works for the people, it is now the people that work for the government. More like a dictatorship then a democratic republic.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • Tyranny of the Majority more important than anything else

    It may seem like the system is gridlock, or fails to work, or does nothing that is quantifiable in major quantities. However, for those reasons, it succeeds. The only reason the two party system idea came about is to represent the two major ideas of political thought. Those that believe we should change and be open minded (liberals). And those who believe change can be too risky, and there is only objective truth, not relativity (conservatives). Some of you may find problems with those definitions, but they are close to accurate. The two party system represents these two, major, distinct views of political thought. A one party system would champion only one idea, that of the majority. The result would be that the minority would be repressed and denied the ability to initiate changes they want to make. Or even worse, to have to conform their view to the majority. Russia's one party system failed because it did not see other points of view and examine itself, thereby leading to decadence, corruption, and the downfall of the system. Those who advocate a one party system are usually in the majority, and would be happy with the changes made by the one party. Because the majority must be hindered in achieving domination of the country, two parties are needed for America. That is why I say no, the system is not flawed. In fact, the gridlock and lack of change show (except on major, super important policy initiatives that are backed by pressing need) that the system works perfectly.

  • Federalist Paper Number Ten

    Parties give everyone a chance to express issues that they find important. James Madison wrote Fed paper #10 on this, he believes in factions. Our rights to express ourselves are given in the first amendment and if we were stuck with a single party, it wouldn't be fair to other American's.

  • It's keeping us together

    We are the country perfectly balanced with two parties. One cannot have more power without the other refusing. It creates a balance that no other country has been able to perform. The connection between Congress and the President is strong enough in which both parties must compromise, and not one party could get its way.

  • Gridlock Can Be Good

    While I agree that oftentimes, there seems to be an excessive amount of gridlock between the two parties, this can be a good thing at times. Many of the Founding Fathers who were Federalists explained in The Federalist Papers why they designed the Constitution the way they did. They designed the Constitution with political parties in mind, knowing that greed and human factors would come into play. Therefore, by having the two party system, our rights as citizens are protected. If it were a single party, any law would be able to be passed and to be passed quickly. Any body who has this kind of power could easily infringe upon our rights. Think about if we had a third party or even more multiple parties. People already complain that there is enough gridlock and confusion in government with the current two parties. Just imagine the confusion and standstill that would go on in government if that were to happen. Therefore, the two party system accurately represents that majority American ideals and protects our liberties as citizens at the same time. I'm not saying it is perfect, but with mans errant nature, no government will be perfect. I believe the two party system does the best job and that is why I am in favor.

  • Not a fan of minority rule

    The benefit of a two party system is that the parties must strive to appeal to a little over half of the voting body. When you fracture the voting base, then you only need to appeal to a greatly reduced percentage in order to get enough votes. Secondly, the US isn't prohibitive of other parties. New parties can form at any time. It is up to the politicians to appeal to their base.

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