Is an administrative leave an appropriate response to the aforementioned comment posted on Sgt. Jeffrey M. Rothecker's social media account?

  • Administrative leave is the minimum acceptable response

    Sgt. Jeffrey M. Rothecker of the St-Paul police department used social media to encourage citizens to violence against a specific group. Let's step back and take a look at this. Since when are police officers supposed to encourage violence against citizens? They are supposed to discourage acts of violence. Second, the Sergeant's comments clearly violate the spirit and professionalism of top notch policing. Finally, the comments barely conceal racist (perhaps extremist) views. The citizen's of St-Paul deserve much more from their officers. Admin leave should be a prelude to an administrative review and termination. No more trash on the force.

  • I think it is normal for an admistrative leave be given to officers over the limits

    I agree with the administrative leave given to Sgt Jeffrey M. Rothecker because our law enforcement officers should be an example to our population. The youth look up to them and they should be able to act as the best of our citizens. The administrative leave is not really a penalty, he still is working and has a paycheck.

  • Frightening and disgraceful

    Its amazing the amount of people who will defend a cop who is telling people to run down others with their cars. His comment about a "jury trial" and telling you to say "I felt threatened" are also pretty telling. How horrifying that this man is given the right to take peoples freedom and aim his weapons at YOUR son and daughter with the statement "I felt threatened" in the ready. There are NO standards left in police departments if this man keeps his badge. Just Frightening.

  • Absolutely not. He should be fired.

    Encouraging violence is the opposite of a police officer's job. He should be serving and protecting the people. This is unacceptable. Rothecker is not fit to be a police officer. He really should be fired, but I understand if the police department decides on a lesser punishment. Administrative leave is not nearly enough.

  • He should have been fired, not been given paid leave.

    Administrative leave is the same as paid vacation, in my honest opinion. Sgt. Jeffrey M. Rothecker's comment on his social media account was extremely unprofessional, and should gotten him fired. His message told people how to avoid being charged with a crime if they struck someone during the Martin Luther King Day march and rally Monday on a bridge linking St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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