Is Andrew Jackson one of the most overrated American presidents?

  • Genocidal racist policies

    His treatment of Native Americans is still a national shame even today! He is celebrated for extending the vote to "all citizens" but his concept of citizenship was confined to white males. Besides the aforementioned Native Americans, he did nothing for African Americans whom he was happy to see remain slaves, or for women of any nationality or ethnicity!

  • He is the MOST overrated American president.

    His nickname, "old hickory," suited him well. He was tough as leather and cruel to minorities. He supported slavery and displaced many native Americans from their land and homes. Because of him, they were starving and had to leave the reservations to find food. Instead they found they were the target of a bullet. He was a horrible man.

  • Yes he was.

    The president abused his power to remove the Native Americans from their lands in Georgia despite the Supreme Court order that they can reside there. He was a good military general but during his presidency, he has done questionable things. Presidents should be judged on their actions and willingness to obey the American Constitution.

  • Yes Andrew Jackson isn't even in the top 10

    Andrew Jackson is one of the most overrated American presidents and he should not be on the 20 dollar bill. If you were to ask 100 random people on the street to tell you what Jackson did as president I am sure that 99 of them will not know. The simple fact that Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act makes him one of the worst presidents.

  • What Did He Do Again?

    I think he is highly over rated. When you talk about great presidents and the things that were done for this country he never gets mentioned. He didn't make a great impression or leave any kind of history to constantly be remembered. He was not one of the great ones. He will never be.

  • He Wasn't The Best Founding Father

    Jackson is not even in the same caliber as Washington or Jefferson. Plus, one needs to consider the amount of Native Americans that lost their land and were forcibly moved under his tenure. That being said, he is definitely in a higher tier than some other presidents, like Chester Arthur or George W. Bush.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Old Hickory Was One of the Greats

    There's a reason he's on the twenty. AJ was the pinnacle of what makes a strong leader - resolute and willing to make tough decisions. He prevented the dissolution of the Union when South Carolina threatened to secede during the Nullification Crisis. He often gets flack for arguably contributing to the Panic of 1837 which occurred after his presidency, but his presidency was actually good for the economy. He passed internal improvements and treaties that expanded international trade. Indeed, during his presidency there was an overall economic expansion. Furthermore, he was the only president ever to eliminate the debt completely.

  • I don't think so.

    No, I do not think that Andrew Jackson is one of the most overrated American presidents. The main reason I say this is because I can not remember learning anything about Andrew Jackson in my social studies and history classes throughout my school days. I know very little about him, actually, which makes me think he might have been underrated.

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