• Animal Jam is the best

    Animal Jam can teach you stuff and it can customize your avatar you can also many animal. But! I play animal Jam and I am not a member and the member got all of the good stuff. But over all animal Jam is still an better game than that stupid game.

  • Everything is amazing about Animal jam

    Who can disagree with me you get more animals in animal jam in club penguin you only get a penguin and if you want to be a penguin you can still be one in animal jam the Minnie game are more fun and membership if you are non member in animal jam you can still have fun but even with a membership on club penguin all you can do is slide down s mountain and animal jam has a back story and club penguin doesn't I think I made my point I hope you know now how awesome animal jam is and how boring club penguin is good bye

  • Animal jam is better

    Because, club penguin is boring. The penguins are smaller. If we dress up very nicely the outfit is very small. There is no trading system in cp but aj has trade system. There is a huge difference between members and non-members in club penguin, but not in aj. Although aj has member only items it also has non-member items. There are lots of non member items than cp. In cp non member have to wear the same outfit, because the game does not release new outfits for non members often. Aj is more informative than cp.

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