• Yes i think it's okAY

    I think that animal testing is ok because it saves a lot of peoples lives and we can use lots of different products because of it. In addition the animals aren't mistreated .They have stuff to play with and they're given pain killers so I don't understand why so many people think it's wrong. I mean I adore animals and I think that it's ok.

  • Helps save lives

    Youve already heard this argument. But if you were on your death bed, would you not kill a rodent to save your life? Animal testing has already proved to be effective, let's support it and help society move foward. We are not doing it maliously it's for a good cause.

  • Animals aren't like us.

    We humans can think and invent using our brains and resources around us. Animals are not as self aware as we are. Testing on animals is so much better than testing on humans. Would you rather sacrifice the life of one rat, or 100 humans?

    Most animals don't even die from the tests, and are looked after and treated kindly. Chimps have ropes and things to play with, and dogs are walked regularly.

    Does this not seem fair? Animals are treated so kindly when they are test subjects, and save peoples lives. It would be foolish to stop testing on them because some people 'think' they are treated with cruelty.

  • It saves lives

    Do you want to put our child, a loved one, or yourself on a surgery bed and give them to a doctor who has only practiced surgery type demonstrations on only foam or on a computerized program? I would trust a doctor who has had practice on actual tissue and cadavers aren't always available. The animals they test on have no use otherwise. Not all of them were wanted as pets and would have been killed in nature in a more violent way. Animal deaths in the wide are more vicious and violent than in a lab. Animal testing should be done, but it should be done the right way where there is minimal to no pain to the animal and a successful cure or medicine is created

  • It's a good thing

    Animal testing is beneficial for a multitude of reasons but the main reason is if we got rid of animal testing who would we test the products on. We cannot test on humans because it's inhuman and a form of torture. This subject itself is a double edged sword. We cannot please the public with testing on animals or humans.

  • I Disagree Completely With Animal Testing!

    I understand that some of you are saying it is necessary for animals to be tested on for things such as medicine and life saving treatments but did you know animals are being tested on for things as shocking as post it notes and shampoo? Maybe, maybe not but the fact remains that animals are being relied on way too much for our daily used products, now you may argue the fact that cosmetics is needed and could well be important but testing on animals and hurting animals can be avoided there are brands who do cosmetics such as LUSH that make cosmetics without harming or testing on animals so why can't they? I guess all i'm trying to say is avoid it as best you can use animal testing as a very last resort instead of a near enough first for everyithing

  • Small price to pay for such large leaps

    Thanks to animal research, primarily in mice, cancer survival rates have continued to rise.
    Herceptin – a humanised mouse protein – has helped to increase the survival rate of those with breast cancer; it could not have been attained without animal research in mice.
    Thanks to research on animals leading to the development of Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapies (HAART), AIDS is no longer the death sentence it was 30 years ago.
    While Fleming discovered penicillin without using animals, he shared the Nobel Prize with Florey and Chain who, by testing it on mice, discovered how penicillin could be used to fight infections inside the body.

  • Animal testing has contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments

    In 1988, 350,000 people contracted the polio virus. The Polio virus left many of these people with paralysis and permanent disabilities. Following the introduction of a vaccine for polio this disease has almost been eradicated from the world, with only 223 cases reported in 2012. This breakthrough would not have been possible if animal testing had not been available

  • It is right in so many ways

    What if a virus got out of the lab. If it was tested on humans it would have figured out how to kill while if tested on animals it needs to figure out how the human body works. So yea i think that it is right in a lot of ways

  • Animal testing is not cruel

    The animals you see in videos arent actually what it's like in reality animals are given toys to play with, dogs are walked regularly. Lots of people think this is animal cruelty but in fact it actually isn't. It can also help cure deadly diseases too and save many peoples lives

  • It Is Not Right

    Saying that it is ok to kill animals purely based on the fact that it will save human lives is counter productive. For one thing you kill more than you save and another what gives us a right to say humans are more important than any other species on the planet. We all breath, we all live, and we all FEEL. This justification would be in the same catergory as sexism or racism, because we try to generalize and try put certain species/genders/races in front of others.

  • This is absolutely wrong!

    When will a person have to use a medicine that an animal has to? Never! Because animals are different. I can't believe people are actually confident with cures tested on animals, just because it is tested on animals that means it will work on humans?! Absolutely in human and wrong

  • People are willing to be experimented on

    Experimentors are willing to pay people a lot to be tested on in place of animals. Well why would anyone want to be tested on? Because they are in need of money, example: the homeless. If more people would be tested on in place of animals, there'd be less poverty, less animal suffering, and more accurate results.

  • It isn't actually needed

    We have humans that can agree to let doctors and scientists test on them, why do we need to test our medicine or cosmetics on unwilling animals, that are clearly in pain because of the cruel methods these people use? Besides, why not test them in a laboratory?
    It's Unnecessary, and cruel.

  • Animals have feelings too.

    Imagine somebody opening up your head and taking DNA, how would you feel? Wouldn't it feel painful? The world has basically been taken over by us, humans. So now, we think we need the most space and we have rights over animals. They are also living beings so they can't be used by other beings.

  • No ew no

    Animal testing is horrendous..Lives cannot be taken to save other lives..No researcher has the right to take an animal life if he cannot give life..And it is not justified just by saying that it is for human progress and safety.Killing to give life.Is absurd.Even though it is an animal life.

  • No no no

    Animal testing is horrendous..Lives cannot be taken to save other lives..No researcher has the right to take an animal life if he cannot give life..And it is not justified just by saying that it is for human progress and safety.Killing to give life.Is absurd.Even though it is an animal life.

  • We need to respect the animals that helped us not make them suffer and than kill them.

    For many years before the car was invented horses and other animals helped us get around. They also helped us plow our fields and produce the food we eat. In return, we pour acid into their eyes, cut open their heads, and gas them. That is no way to treat those who helped us when we had nothing.

  • No way in a million years!

    Animals suffer, over one million animals are burnt, crippled, poisoned and abused every year. How would you like to suffer? Animals testing is wasteful as scientists have already created humane, modern and effective non animal research methods, that are cheaper and more accurate than animal tests. The world doesnt need another eyeliner or soap that should come of expense of an animal life

  • Are humans better?

    Animals won't nothing to do with the cosmetic craze. Do humans need a new shampoo so bad an innocent life should be killed? Less than 5% of tests done on animals actually work on humans. We are not the same. Our brains and lives are different. Would you kill a child for the sake of a new lipstick?

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thegrinstead says2015-09-14T15:16:33.863
People need to like animal testing or else i will be more mad then i already am i am so p oed so don't get me more p oed thankes