• I do not know whether animal testing is humane or not. Nevertheless, I am convinced that using animals for scientific or medical purposes is beneficial.

    Animal testing is very controversial topic which generate a lot of discussions. Nonetheless, I considere it very supportive for human society. First of all, proponents argue that using animals for researches is necessity. Scientsts simply do not have another choice. Besides that, animal research helps scientists recognize whether the new medicine is safe or not for human use.

  • Animal testing is humane.

    Animal testing is humane because if our society didn't have animal testing we would die. My teacher asked me, "Would you rather have your Grandma or your Mom die from a product because it wasn't tested on or have a rat die?" Animal testing helps because it shows scientists if the product is safe for human use.

  • Yes and no.

    I could probably never be someone who tests on animals, it would break my heart to see and do. However, I understand why it is there. Testing on animals does more than just help humans, but it helps the animals too. We have to test a new animal treatment on them as well.

  • Animal testing is humane.

    Everyone uses some kind of animal products, and it would be impossible to live without killing some kind or other organism. It is necessary for us to consume animal products, and testing medicines on animals can be beneficial for humans. If we can use these tests to help people, it is ethical.

  • Animal Testing is bad

    Becasue it is very bad and it could kill them. God did not put animals on this earth for us to test them. He put them here for us to enjoy ! Only certain wildlife animals did he intemnd for us to kill and that is for food. So that is why i say that animal testing is wrong!

  • Are you blind..

    I understand that animal testing has given us some of the medical understandings we have today but honestly, what the fuck? So what is called "humane" animal testing? The poisonous gas chambers they are thrown into? The chemical burns they are purposely given? How about the crowded cages? Or the fact that they practically torture them to death In pointless ways like so ego full women can wear pounds of makeup? I don't understand how you can't see this stuff.. Yea sure it may be somewhat beneficial but take a step back and look at the big picture.. You are literally killing millions upon millions of animals that ARE NOT YOURS! They were here way before us and are supposed to be here way after us! It makes me sick that the human race has no heart or even remorse as to what they're doing.. Animal testing is just wrong in my opinion.. Sick and twisted and wrong.

  • Animal testing is in humane

    Everyone uses some type of product, whether it be for hair or for other reasons. How would humans like it if they were the test dummies. Would be terrible... Right! Toxic chemicals that we are unaware of could harm the animals. We do not own the animals nor did we ever. They are being abused. To every day people they do not think that they are being harmed. But boy are they wrong! How do we know what goes on behind closed doors. Even though it is impossible to live without killing some type of organism, we could stop and not bring it to its grave faster than it should. None of this is beneficial to humans. If you are a pet owner how would you like if they were harmed. Animals could re act bad to a product. It is literally like eating a peanut if you are allergic.-Jasmine

  • Dissecting Animals: The Real Truth

    Animals are beautiful creatures that don't deserve to be killed. It's time that we BAN this right and animals should not be killed because of that. IT'S TIME TO END THIS STUFF NOW OR ELSE YOU'LL GET THE BEST OF THE ANIMAL SOCIETY!! DO NOT KILL, LET THEM LIVE NOW! This is Destiny and I 'speak for the animals'.
    Even AN ELEPHANT has been dissected. A POOR INNOCENT ELEPHANT! Do you want an elephant to kill YOU? Stop all this CRAZY SHENANIGANS! It's fine if the animal is dead, but cut it ALIVE? NOW I know why lions sometimes want to kill you I'm not even in MIDDLE SCHOOL and I know how DISGUSTINGLY DISGUSTING it is! And you'd probably think why a 5th grader wants to talk about it!
    Thank you for making me read this article.

  • It's not their fault if humans die!

    If a scientist comes up with a medicine for PEOPLE then its people that should be risking thier lives for thier species. The rat, mouse, bird or cat does not care about what happends to us because were the ones abusing them and treating them like we own them, but they don't belong to us.

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