• Ann Coulter is cold, but entertaining

    Ann Coulter is actually somewhat amusing to listen to, because she is sarcastic and she says what she thinks without apology. I don't agree with hardly anything she says, but I admire that she says it, nonetheless. She comes off as very uncaring and hardened, not someone I want to talk to or be friends with. She doesn't do herself any favors because she has no room to consider anyone else's opinion, and people would listen to her more if she would at least consider what they are saying. She also has that smirk on her face, like she's pretending to smile, but she's really not smiling on the inside at all. If you agree with her point of view, she's not humorless, but if you don't agree with her, she's just downright annoying.

  • Yes, she is.

    If not at home, she certainly is in public. She is very serious about everything she does and says and does not seem to know how to laugh. I don't know why she behaves this way, whether it is simply part of her nature or if she behaves that way in order to protect herself from redicule in a male dominated industry.

  • Ann Coulter has her own brand of humor

    Ann Coulter has made her career by making outrageously controversial comments about people and current events. She often adds sarcastic or humorous comments to her statement. She may disagree with both conservatives and liberals on most issues, but she does have a sense of humor and knows exactly what she is doing.

  • That is a very sexist question

    I do not like Ann Coulter's politics, but referring to women we disagree with as humorless ice queens is beyond degrading. We don't talk about men this way, even if they are like Bill O'Reilly and really go over the edge sometimes. Because she is a woman, people seem to think it's okay to talk about Coulter this way.

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