• Obama care simply put

    The beginning of the end, i believe enough is finally enough. Middle American cannot afford Obama anything anymore, we are losing money at an alarming rate and everything is more expensive (gas, insurance, food etc). Here in NY, (libtard nation) its so bad, Bloomberg is just as bad, welcome to total government takeover of our basic rights

  • A Trigger Will Be All It Takes.

    The bitterness and tensions between left and right, baby-boomers and millennial, the anti-Trump and pro-Trump forces continue to escalate. In some ways, it is like situation leading up to WWI. The trigger that touched it off was the asassination of the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife. I believe a trigger set off a complete civil rebellion in America will take place if President Trump is ever impeached as the left is seeking desperately to do. There is in fact a silent majority that is quietly seething over the hateful behavior by Democrat politicians (and some Republicans), the Hollywood elite, most of those in the media, and the deep state. If they ever succeed, I do not think they realize how this will lead to their own demise. It will first begin with such actions as a mass refusal to pay taxes, a full boycott of left-sponsored enterprises, etc. Then when the. Left-dominated government attempts to impose itself upon those in resistance, hostilities will quickly become inflamed leading to a complete schism of our country.

  • Systematic targeting of our middle class citizens

    Extreme division and government policies that favor immigrants and minorities over hard working, tax paying citizens . These policies are not limited to the two tiered auto insurance laws and welfare system where illegals dont have to carry auto insurance but the legally licensed driver does. The illegals also qualify for assistance based on their illegal status that hard working white citizens simply cannot access because of different laws for us than them. In our own country,OUTRAGEOUS!!!

  • The question is which civil war

    We have the greatly polarized and active extremes both in our political parties and in individuals. This is only exacerbated by conspiracy theories and outright hate for all members of the opposing party.

    We have the racial divide where white and Christian supremacists versus minorities that seems to be heating up with our newest president and attorney general.

    We have the interests of the wealthy taking increasing control of the government and wanting to rush us into a second gilded age and turn the country into a plutocracy or new aristocracy. At the same time they destroy the economy as they steal from the common man using artificial financial bubbles.

    We have the threat of automation which has the potential to wipe out 40%+ jobs just in the next two decades, let alone the losses if a true AI came to be. The number of people who lack options even to survive, let alone better themselves and their families, will create massive social unrest.

    The potential is there on multiple fronts for a civil war or rebellion in the near (though not immediate) future. We have to step carefully to avoid that future since the powers that be would either allow a fight that didn't threaten their power to sweep up the remains, or turn WMD on the populace to take direct control if their power was threatened.

  • U.S.A. is divided

    For decades, there has been a movement toward complete globalization. Those supporting the New World Order realized the USA had to be weakened from its status as the dominant world power. The election of a Populist Nationalist is a condemnation and repudiation of the globalist principles. Neither side is willing to compromise.

  • Judicial faultering poor information circulation military industrial complex

    No trust in law enforcement at highest levels. Supreme Court representing vector for abuse and perversion of constitution. Blackmail and corruption rampant. Poor circulation of information, corrupt media, causes macro scale populace to divide. Failure of state possible. Open foreign influence on one recent presidential candidate vectoring through non-profit. Known funds likely tip of iceberg. I consider the experiment nearing its end. Cowardice and self serving behaviour has caused a cascade failure across many systems. Poorly educated populace unable to constructively communicate and arrive at consensus. This writer suspects deliberate sabotage.

  • We shall see

    The reality is we can't affect Chang until we are all willing to. N o t h I n g f o l l o w s th is message bless America! Long Live America! Real Americans please stand up & let's build our country and all of it's citizens up. Do your part to make all of America great and stop trying to destroy America from within. We have enough enemies without fighting amongst ourselves. USA U

  • The left of politics "white social warriors" are actually responsible.

    The constant cry's of white racism from the political left. Without acknowledging black racism and harping on about historic events, only keeps the wounds open. They are marginalizing white America and justifying attacks on them in the minds of minority groups. America will never heal as long as the socialists keep trying to put rite that which cannot be changed, history. It is unchangeable let it be.

  • Liberals vs conservatives. Oppress a people long enough they will rise. I feel civil war is inevitable.

    Divide and conquer that's what the global elite are doing to us. Black vs white, liberal vs conservative, women vs men, atheist vs Christianity, government vs us all. All these issues have been socially engineered in an effort to destroy us from the inside. The powers that be a forcing all kinds of garbage on the people. They wish to destroy all sovereign boundaries so that they may easily make us all peasants. Does anyone else see this? We are living in a very dangerous time.

  • Debating racism in the media.

    The biggest issue to date is very simple. Racism. From a police officer doing his job to the confederate flag. Every sign points to racial division abroad. The issues we have as a nation are being misconstrued thanks to both the politicians and the media. Certain hate groups both from white and black Americans are advancing their agendas because of the respones being fueled by todays media. It needs to be said that if people would stop paying attention to everyone elses race etc. and pay more attention to themselves we would be in a better America period. QUIT FORCING PEOPLE TO ENGAGE IN CONFLICT BECAUSE YOU, THE MEDIA, CANNOT GET A STORY RIGHT

  • GOD bless America

    GOD bless America! Long Live America! Real Americans please stand up & let's build our country and all of it's citizens up. Do your part to make all of America great and stop trying to destroy America from within. We have enough enemies without fighting amongst ourselves. USA USA USA!

  • United we stand, divided we fall apart!

    If we have civil war, the sick cartel that is ruining our country will come in and take over and build something else here that I am not sure any of us are going to like so much, especially if you value privacy and freedom. I think some of us are just mislead (all of us really)! Our biggest enemy are the sociopaths that are running this country into the ground for their own sick agenda (democrats and republicans alike..., check voting records to see which ones). We are smarter than these crooks would like us to believe. Believe in yourselves, and don't let these people take anything more from you, because we all matter and we definitely don't want to be at war with one another, because that is exactly what these crooks want!

  • I don't think so.

    I don't think the U.S. Has come to a point where there are two clearly defined groups that oppose each other so much that one would be willing to attack the other. While we do have Republicans and Democrats constantly arguing in the government, I don't think that that issue has become a civil war problem.

  • The last refuge of the incompetent

    Although the polarizing effect of today's two-party antagonistic politics has the nation fairly evenly divided, the majority of Americans appear to hold fairly apathetic political views - and in fact, cannot even be bothered to show up at the polls. Voting turnout in the Presidential elections is under 60%; lesser races see even lower participation.

    As long as federal money continues to make life easy for the lower class, popular uprisings are very unlikely; a very good thing, because the last thing America needs is the casualties and far-reaching social and political damage that a civil war would cause. Not that it would last very long, shotguns against tanks and helicopters.


  • America is nowhere near the point of distress it needs to be at to rebel.

    For a civil war or a rebellion to occur, people need to fear that their very lives are being threatened. A civil war or uprising is a huge deal and it would take something really special to escalate the need to do something to the point that is required for such a thing. Even with the current issues, we're not at that point yet.

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