• Yes, Anthony Weiner is a pervert.

    Anthony Weiner made a mistake years ago, and embarrassed his wife greatly. It now appears he has learned nothing from it, as he continues to send lewd messages to women, one of which included his child. This behavior is definitely perverted and he likely has a real problem that he needs to address.

  • Yes, Anthony Weiner is a pervert.

    Yes, Anthony Weiner is a pervert and obviously has some issues he needs tor work through, considering he has been caught in a sexting scandal for a second time. When one is a public figure, one has to be very mindful of how technology and social is used in regards to their personal brand. When one is just a decnt human being, one should take into consideration the feelings of close loved ones. Mr. Weiner apparently hasn't considered anyone or anything else but his own desires.

  • I agree that Anthony Weiner is a pervert.

    It has become clear that Anthony Weiner has a serious problem, an addiction in fact. Sexting has consumed him and for it to be such a problem as to his having little shame or concern that it has gotten out into the public shows that. The true perversion is his lack of concern for his wife, family and public office by continuing to sext regardless of the consequences.

  • He is not a pervert

    I think perverts are people who do things that are way outside of societal norms, and Weiner's actions with the sexting are not out of the norm. He shouldn't have done it while married, but that makes him more a bad dude than a pervert. Hopefully there isn't more evidence that he did worse things.

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