• It hurts overall

    People who are apathetic are overall bad for society. They don't contribute to the advancement of ideas or the advancement of humanity. Apathy allows oppression to take place, oppression is immoral. People need to care for anyone to survive or be healthy. You cant raise a child successfully if you are apathetic towards that child. You are taking away from an innocent with your apathy. You are taking away from society with your apathy.

  • In a blanket sense? No...

    Asking if apathy is immoral is pretty black and white. Apathy about what? Maybe some things are worth being apathetic about, whereas other things it's harmful to not care. It's harmful to be apathetic about the health of the planet, since we all live on it, but it's not harmful to be apathetic about... I don't know... someone's spilled milk.

  • No apathy is personal

    Apathy is more like a opinion. People have different things to be apathetic about, so how is it possible to decide if it is immoral or not. For example a person is sympathetic on cancer patients but apathetic on starving people.While another person has the opposite opinion.Who has the right to decide which one is immoral?

  • It depends on the situation

    I don't know if you mean apathy over everything or what, but there all things we just don't give a damn about. Not caring about your own child, is bad, not caring over if a historic building get torn down or not, doesn't hurt anyone. I could give you a better answer for the question if you worded it better. But obviously you were apathetic about if people would understand you.

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Thegreatdebate98 says2016-05-26T13:07:28.063
Apathy is not always a choice, especially when it is apathy that is connected to depression.
Thegreatdebate98 says2016-05-26T13:07:32.867
Apathy is not always a choice, especially when it is apathy that is connected to depression.