• Get Apple Products Before You Jump to Conclusions

    Many people *hear* that apple is innefecient, but it's much better than other companies. I've used many companies products and Apple by far outclasses the rest. Many people jump to the conclusion that Apple is terrible also because they've never tried it. People also don't understand how to use it. I know friends who think it's impossible to close a window, and that's why they don't like Apple. There are three instantaneous ways to close a window and you can also force quit.

  • Fact: Apple Sucks

    Only Apple fans would pay their life-savings in order to get the newest Apple product. Anyone else would take one look at the price and start looking at PC's. Their newest Macbook has a 480p camera! For the price they are charging that camera should be twice as good. And there is only one USB port. In order to use multiple devices with usb, you need an $80 dongle. Once again, for that price there should be multiple usb ports. Iphones are falling behind every second. There is no good reason to use a Mac when there is PC that is twice as good and costs significantly less.

  • Apple is a horrible company

    This is coming from someone is San Francisco, where Apples HQ is. I have tried apple and every time I try to use it I just go back to my good ol' Windows. Apple is trying to dominate and is succeeding but lets stop their revolution as they are obviously not as good as other companies.

  • Overpriced closed ecosystem

    Whilst the products have been revolutionary they have also served to de educate people in computer skills. Apple deploys a closed ecosystem which does not allow modification on both the software and hardware front. It prevents interest in understanding the processes behind the scenes. This is anti competitive. They also support low wage jobs in far from ideal factory situations in the far east.

    The wealth Apple has accumulated is obscene and I have seen little effort from the company to reinvest in philanthropic areas unlike Bill Gates and co. In fact Jobs showed a disdain towards any such behaviour.

  • I would rather buy a fifty year old car than buying Apple Products.

    One of the most known companies in the world.
    I hear a lot about Apple's products having no quality, compared to products made by ex. Samsung.

    If you buy an Ipad, all your Phones, TVs and general technology in your household have to be Apple products before you get the feeling of quality.
    Apple just ain't the thing. Why would you buy an Iphone 6 for thousands of dollars when you could buy a more efficient HTC for half the price?
    Just because Iphones and Ipads have SSDs built-in, does'nt make them more efficient, or rich on quality.
    People that don't understand this, don't care, because they THINK Apple products ARE better than other products.

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