• Ms. Winter is definitely the best actrress on Modern Family andn one ofn the best on all ofntelevision at the moment.

    Ms. Winter has demonstrated tremendous growth and sensitivity as an actress during her years on "Modern Family, and her talent has equaled or surpassed that of her peers, including the underappreciated and extremely talented Ed O'Neil. It will be interesting to see the roles she takes in the future and how she handles them. It is a pretty safe bet she will choose something entirely different than her current role to spread her wings and explore her depth as an actress. There is little doubt that she will rise to the challenge.

  • Yes, she is the best actress on Modern Family.

    Ariel Winter constantly delights audiences with her ability to deliver lines well and become absorbed in the world of her character. It is easy to forget that Ariel Winter is not the same as the character she plays when watching her performance Modern Family. She is also a great comedian.

  • No, she is not the best actress

    Ariel Winter is a good actress. But she can get better. Like all acting, it requires experience. True mastery of a skill lies in repetition, which she will gain as she continues her acting career. While she is a good actress, she has much still to learn about the harsh world of acting.

  • No, Ariel Winter is not the best actress on Modern Family.

    No, Ariel Winter is not the best actress on Modern Family. Nolan Gould is the best actor because of his ability to play a seemingly dim character. In reality, Gould has a genius IQ, and yet he plays Luke on Modern Family. Luke is not the smartest person in the family, which speaks to Gould's acting capabilities.

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